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South Africa’s Financial Development and its Role in Investment

References 1. Ali, L., Shamsi, A. F., Panhawar, I. A., & Bashir, R. (2013). An Empirical Investigation of Relationship between Financial Sector Development and Domestic Private Investment in Pakistan. Global Management Journal for Academic & Corporate Studies, 3(1): 176 -185. 2. Dutta, N., & Roy, S. (2009). The Impact of Financial Development on Domestic Investment: A Quantile Regression Approach. Indian Macroeconomics Annual, 6: 107-130. 3. Fedderke, J. W. 2005. Technology, human capital and growth (No. 27

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An Exploration for the Motives behind Enhancing Senior Banker’s Level of Organizational Resilience: A Holistic Case Study

organizational change: types, consequences, and management strategies . Journal of business and psychology, 18(4). Borekci, D., Rofcanin, Y. & Sahin, M. (2014) . Effects of organizational culture and organizational resilience over subcontractor riskiness: A multi-method study in longitudinal time setting . European business review, 26 (1), pp. 2–22. Burnard, K., & Bhamra, R. (2011). Organisational resilience: Development of a conceptual framework for organisational responses . International Journal of Production Research, 49(18), pp. 5581–5599.

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An Insight into Operational Urban Development in Hungary in the Light of Regulation-Based Urban Development

. Budapest: Scolar. 2009. Bevezetés. In: Aczél, G.–Bajnai, L. Az akcióterületi terv módszertana és a városfejlesztő társaság . 2 nd , revised ed. Budapest: Scolar. 5–6. 2007. Városfejlesztés. Budapest: Scolar. BARTA, Gy. 2009. Integrált városfejlesztési stratégia: a városfejlesztés megújítása. Tér és Társadalom 23(3): 1–12. BENEDEK, József (2006). Területfejlesztés és regionális fejlődés [Settlement Development and Regional Development]. Cluj-Napoca: Presa Universitară Clujeană BOOTH, P.–BREUILLARD, M.–FRASER, C.–PARIS, D. 2007

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Rural development within the context of agricultural and socio-economic trends – the case of Finland

References Armstrong, H. & Taylor, J. (2000). Regional economics and policy. 3 rd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. Bollman, R. D. (2006). The Demographic Overlap of Agriculture and Rural Economy: Implications for the Coherence of Agriculture and Rural Policies. In Diakossavvas, D., Ed., Coherence of Agricultural and Rural Development Policies (pp. 95-112). Paris: OECD. Breman, B. C. & Pinto Correia, M. T. (2003). Coping with Marginalisation and Multifunctional Land use in

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Income Redistribution and Socio-economic Development

). „Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation“. Batoche Books, Kitchener (2000). Retrieved August 28, 2013, from BROWN, C. V., JACKSON, P. M. (1990). Public Sector Economics. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. COSTANTINI, V., MONNI, S. (2008). Environment, human development and economic growth. Ecological Economics. 4(64), pp. 867-880. CULLIS, J., JONES, P. (1992). Public Finance and Public Choice. London: McGraw - Hill Book Company. CULLIS, J

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Regional development of Saldanha Bay region, South Africa: The role of Saldanha Steel

References Afrin, S., 2013: Traditional vs. Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: In: Pursuit of Supporting Sustainable Development. In: Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development, Vol.4 (20), pp. 1-6. Amin, A., 1999: An Institutionalist Perspective on Regional Economic Development. In: International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol. 23, pp. 365-378. Amin, A. and Thrift, N.J., 1995: Globalisation, ‘Institutional Thickness’ and the Global Economy. In: Healey, P., Cameron, S., Davoudi, S

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Social Disparities in the Regional Development and Policies of Romania

Transformation with Community Capitals Framework. Community Development, 37(1):19-35. EUROSTAT (2010) European regional and urban statistics. Reference guide, European Commission. Golopenţia, A. [1939] (1999) Gradul de modernizare al regiunilor rurale ale României, în Sociologie Românească 1939, 4-6:209-217, republicat în Golopenţia, A. (1999) Opere Complete. Vol. II. Statistică, Demografie şi Geopolitică. Bucureşti: Editura Enciclopedică, Editura Univers Enciclopedic. Lutz, W. (1995) Literate Life Expectancy. POPNET 26 (Winter): 1-5. Laxenburg, Austria

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The pressure of natural and anthropogenic factors on the status of soil from central development region

References 1. Hotărârea de Guvern nr. 1157 / 13.10.2008 cu privire la aprobarea Reglementării tehnice „Măsurile de protecţie a solului în cadrul practicilor agricole. 2. Iojă, Ioan-Cristian , (2013). Metode de cercetare şi evaluare a stării mediului, Editura Etnologică, Bucureşti. 3 Ionela Popa, Ion Ioniţă, (2016). Land degradation within the Bahluiet catchment, AJ, Present Environment and Sustainable Development, volume 10, no.1. 4. Lupaşcu Mihail , (1996). Agricultura Moldovei şi ameliorarea ei ecologică, Chişinău. 5. Moraru

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Impacts of International Migration on Socio-Economic Development in Bangladesh

5. REFERENCES Adams Jr, R. H., & Cuecuecha, A. (2010). Remittances, household expenditure and investment in Guatemala. World Development, 38(11), 1626-1641. Akter, S. (2016). Remittance Inflows and Its Contribution to the Economic Growth of Bangladesh.[Online]Availablefrom: Bangladesh bureau of statistics (BBS), (2016). Report of The Survey on Investment from Remittance 2016 Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) (2017).Bangladesh labor force survey

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Fiscality - A Relevant Factor Influencing Regional Development in Romania and the European Union

References 1. Andrei T., Stancu S., (2008), Econometric methods used to study the informal economy and regional development, Informatica Economica Bulletin no. 3, pg. 120-128 2. Cziraki D., Regional development in Croatia 3. Dascalu I., Cojocaru A. (2011), Perspective comparate privind taxarea, nivelul castigului si sustenabilitatea in Uniunea Europeana 4. Dornean A. (2015), Financing regional development through european funds. A review of the effects in Romania (2007-2013), Eurint Proceedings

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