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2D density model of the Chinese continental lithosphere along a NW-SE transect

References Chen X., Lu H. F., Shu L. S., Wang H. M., Zhang G. Q, 2002: Study on tectonic evolution of Junggar Basin. Geological Journal of China Universities, 8 , 3, 257–267. Chen Y., Badal J., Zhang Z. J., 2009: Radial anisotropy in the crust and upper mantle beneath the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and surrounding regions. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 36 , 289–302. Chen Y., Badal J., Hu J. F., 2010: Love and Rayleigh wave tomography of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and surrounding areas. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 167 , 1171–1203. Chen Y

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Characterisation of newly emerged isolates of classical swine fever virus in China, 2014–2015

–119. 6. Gong W., Wu J., Lu Z., Zhang L., Qin S., Chen F., Peng Z., Wang Q., Ma L., Bai A., Guo H., Shi J., Tu C.: Genetic diversity of subgenotype 2.1 isolates of classical swine fever virus. Infect Genet Evol 2016, 41, 218–226. 7. He C.Q., Ding N.Z., Chen J.G., Li Y.L.: Evidence of natural recombination in classical swine fever virus. Virus Res 2007, 126, 179–185. 8. Hu D., Lv L., Gu J., Chen T., Xiao Y., Liu S.: Genetic Diversity and Positive Selection Analysis of Classical Swine Fever Virus Envelope Protein Gene E2 in East China under C

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Distinguishing Smilax glabra and Smilax china rhizomes by flow-injection mass spectrometry combined with principal component analysis

References 1. Pharmacopoeia of Peoples Republic of China, 2015 ed., National Commission of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, China Medical Science and Technology Press, Beijing 2015, pp. 18, 308-309. 2. R. Yoon, S.-H. Yang, J.-W. Suh and S.-M. Shim, Fermentation of Smilax china root by Aspergillus usami and Saccharomyces cerevisiae promoted concentration of resveratrol and oxyresveratrol and the free-radical scavenging activity, J. Sci. Food Agr. 94 (2014) 1822-1826; 3. C.-L. Lu, W. Zhu, D

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Nonlinguistic Factors that Affect the Degree of Foreign Accent in Second Language Mandarin

References Bergeron, Annie & Pavel Trofimovich. 2017. Linguistic dimensions of accentedness and comprehensibility: Exploring task and listener effects in second language French. Foreign Language Annals 50(3). 547–566. Bowles, Anita R., Charles B. Chang & Valerie P. Karuzis. 2016. Pitch ability as an aptitude for tone learning. Language Learning 66(4). 774–808. China Education Centre Ltd. 2016. HSK Speaking Test. (accessed 21 December 2017). Derwing, Tracey M. & Murray J. Munro

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Cross-National Comparative Study on Legal Education and Admission to Practice Between China, India and Pakistan

References 1. Abramson, K. (2006). Paradigms in the Cultivation of China's Future Legal Elite: A Case Study of Legal Education in Western China. APLPJ, 7, 302. 2. Aggarwal, A. P. (1959). Legal Education in India. J. Legal Educ., 12, 231. 3. Ahmad, T. (2009). Legal Education in Indian Perspective. 4. Arthurs, H. (2001). The world turned upside down: are changes in political economy and legal practice transforming legal education and scholarship, or vice versa? International Journal of the Legal

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The Mesoproterozoic ‘seismite’ at Laiyuan (Hebei Province, E China) re-interpreted

-sediment deformational structures. [In:] M.E. Jones & R.M.F. Preston (Eds): Deformation of sediments and sedimentary rocks. Geological Society, London, Special Publication 29, 241-254. Duan, J., Liu, P. & Wan, C., 2002. Mesoproterozoic and Neoproterozoic seismite and its rhythm in the Yan-shan area, North China Platform. Acta Geologica Sinica 76, 441-445 (in Chinese with English abstract). Ettensohn, F.R., Zhang, C. & Lierman, R., 2011. Soft-sediment deformation in epicontinental carbonates as evidence of paleoseismicity with evidence for a possible new seismogenic indicator

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The Belt and Road Initiative: The Cornerstone of the New-Fangled Financial Institutionalism Led by China

), ‘AfDB announces US$ 2 billion fund with China,’ AfDB Press release, 22 May, Abidjan: African Development Bank. Retrieved from [accessed 18 Jan 2019] AfDB (2018), Annual Report 2017 , Abidjan: African Development Bank. AIIB (2015), AIIB Articles of Agreement , Beijing: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Retrieved from https

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Public spending mechanisms and gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the agricultural sector (1970–2016): Lessons for Nigeria from agricultural policy progressions in China

; Hartwich et al ., 2010 ; Ojiako et al ., 2016 ). Past studies indicated that, in Africa, spending in the agricultural sector has remained comparatively low (5.4–7.4%) while, in Asia, it was much higher (8.5–10.5%) than in Africa (Lele, 1991, Eze et al ., 2010 ; Apata, et al ., 2011; Eboh, et al ., 2012 ; Arndt et al ., 2015 ; Karamba and Winters, 2015 ). Nigeria and China provide an interesting distinction with respect to performance and policy, especially in the agricultural sector. After several decades of Nigeria earning multiple billions of dollars from

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Genetic Variation of Korean Pine (Pinus koraiensis Sieb. et Zucc.) at Allozyme and RAPD Markers in Korea, China and Russia

. (1988): Quaternary history of the temperate forests of China. Quaternary Science Review 7: 1-20. LIU, Z. and G. R. FURNIER (1993): Comparison of allozymes, RFLP, and RAPD markers for revealing genetic variation within and between trembling aspen and bigtooth aspen. Theor. Appl. Genet. 87: 97-105. LYNCH, M. and B. G. MILLIGAN (1994): Analysis of population structure with RAPD markers. Mol. Ecol. 3: 91-99. MIROV, N. T. (1967): The Genus Pinus. New York, Roland Press Company. 602p. NEI, M. (1978

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