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Masoud Moradi, Mehdi Fazlzadehdavil, Meghdad Pirsaheb, Yadollah Mansouri, Touba Khosravi and Kiomars Sharafi

References Akbal, F. (2005) Adsorption of basic dyes from aqueous solution onto pumice powder, Journal of colloid and interface science , 286(2), pp. 455–458. Arslan, A. & Veli, S. (2012) Zeolite 13X for adsorption of ammonium ions from aqueous solutions and hen slaughterhouse wastewaters, Journal of the Taiwan institute of chemical engineers, 43(3), pp. 393–398. Bandosz, T.J. & Petit, C. (2009) On the reactive adsorption of ammonia on activated carbons modified by impregnation with inorganic compounds, Journal of colloid and interface

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Ante Vučemilović, Mirko Hadžija and Ivan Jukić

Tribomechanically Activated micronized mineral zeolite, in Croatian]. Research study. Zagreb: Ruđer Bošković Institute; 1999. Vučemilović A. Učinci zeolita na nokse [Influence of zeolites on harmful substances, in Croatian]. [MSc thesis]. Zagreb: Faculty of Natural Science and Matematics University of Zagreb; 2001. Zakon o prihvaćanju Konvencije za zabranu kemijskog oružja [Chemical Weapons Convention Adoption Act, in Croatian]. Narodne novine 1995;(4). Weil CS. Tables for convenient calculation of

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Ali Gharib, Manouchehr Jahangir and J. Scheeren

: General. 256, 3-18. DOI: 10.1016/S0926-860X(03)00406-X. Okuhara, T., Mizuno., N. & Misono, M. (1996). Catalytic Chemistry of Heteropoly compounds, Advances in Catalysis . 41, 113-252. Gaare, K. & Akporiaye, D. (1996). Modified zeolites as catalysts in the Friedel-Crafts acylation. J. Mol. Catal A. 109, 177-187. DOI: 10.1016/1381-1169(96)00023-4. Neves, I., Jayat, F., Magnoux, P., Pérot, G., Ribeiro, F.R., Gubelmann, M. & Guisnet, M. (1994). Acylation of phenol with acetic acid over a HZSM5

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Fabian N. Murrieta-Rico, Vitalii Petranovskii, Oleg Y. Sergiyenko, Daniel Hernandez-Balbuena and Lars Lindner

References [1] Filippov, P., Strizhak, P.E., Vlasenko, N.V., Kochkin, Y.N., Serebrii, T.G. (2014). Adsorption-Desorption Dynamics of Alcohols on H-Beta and H-CMK Zeolites Nanocrystallites Studied by Quartz Crystal Microbalance Method. Adsorption Science & Technology , 32(10), 807–820. [2] Afzal, N., Iqbal, A., Mujahid, Schirhagl. (2013). Advanced vapor recognition materials for selective and fast responsive surface acoustic wave sensors: A review. Analytica Chimica Acta , 787, 36 – 49. [3] Arnau, A. (2008). Review of Interface Electronic

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Elwira Tomczak and Wladyslaw Kaminski

References Gomonaj VI, Golub NP, Szekeresh KY, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zięba J. Badania nad przydatnością zakarpackiego klinoptylolitu do sorpcji jonów Hg(II), Cr(III) i Ni(II) z roztworów wodnych. Ochr Środ. 1998;4(71):3-6. Erdem E, Karapinar N. Donat R. The removal of heavy metal cations by natural zeolites. J Colloid Interf Sci. 2004;280:309-314. DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2004.08.028. Sprynskyy M, Lebedynets M, Zbytniewski R, Namieśnik J, Buszewski B. Ammonium removal from aqueos

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Yusuf Hassan, Rosa Klein and Perry T. Kaye

. Molbank. 2004, 1, M388. 4. Masaharu, S.; Yasuhiko, A.; Makoto, N. One pot synthesis of β, β- disubstituted α, β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds. J. Org. Chem. 2015, 80, 8830-8835. 5. Ziua, W.; Guodong, Y.; Jing, Q.; Meng, G.; Liping, C.; Anxin, W. An efficient method for the selective iodination of α, β-unsaturated ketones. Synthesis. 2008, 22, 3675-3681. 6. Climent, M. J.; Corma, A.; Iborra, S.; Primo, J. Base catalysis for fine chemicals production: Claisen-Schmidt condensation on zeolites and hydrotalcites for the

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G. Mecheri, S. Hafsi and N. Gherraf

production by hydrothermal method, High pressure research, 2001 , 20 , 307-310. [10]. Mekatel, E.; Amokrane, S.; Aid, A.; Nibou, D.; Trari, M., Adsorption of methyl orange on nanoparticles of a synthetic zeolite NaA/CuO, Comptes Rendus Chimie , 2015 , 18 (3), 336-344. [11]. Peng, C.; Liu Z., Preparation of nanosized SSZ-13 zeolite with enhanced hydrothermal stability by a two-stage synthetic method, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials , 2018, 255 , 192-199. [12]. Ling, R.; Chen, W.; Hou, J., Preparation of modified MFI (ZSM-5 and silicalite-1

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Elwira Tomczak and Władysław Kamiński

. Effects of chemical and physical properties of influent on copper sorption onto activated carbon fixed-bed columns. Carbon , 41, 1635-1644. DOI: 10.1016/S0008-6223(03)00193-3. Chojnacka K., Chojnacki A., Hoffmann J., Górecki H., 2004. The application of natural zeolites for mercury removal: from laboratory tests to industrial scale. Minerals Eng. , 17, 7 - 8, 933-937. DOI:10.1016/j.mineng.2004.03.002. Davis L., 1991. Handbook of genetic algorithms. Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York. Duffus J

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Andrzej Olajossy


A mature concept of separation of natural gases, which usually contain methane and nitrogen, is the presented in the paper. As a result of ion-exchange with metal cations: Na, K, Mg followed by high-temperature roasting, clinoptilolite becomes a zeolite molecular sieve, that has kinetic diameter of 3.7 Å. As a result high-methane gas can be obtained 95 vol% methane, that can be directly sent to the gas network. The methane recovery exceeds 95%, whereas the outlet methane in nitrided gas losses are below 3 vol%. An idea was put forward to use the obtained nitrogen in enhanced oil recovery technology.

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Mirosław Grzesik and Teresa Witczak

References Lipin´ska-Łuczyn E., Perkowski J.: Analiza rynku monomerów metakrylowych, Przemysł Chemiczny, 1998 , 77(10), 363. Izumi Y., Urabe K., Onaka M.: Zeolite, Clay and Heteropoly Acid in Organic Reactions Kodansha/VCH, Tokyo, 1992. Izumi Y.: Hydration/Hydrolysis by Solid Acids, Catalysis Today, 1997 , 33, 371. Kozhevnikov I. V.: Heteropoly Acids and Related Compounds as Catalysts for Fine Chemical Synthesis, Catalysis Reviews - Science Engineering