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Jānis Vīksne, Māra Janaus and Aivars Mednis

-2), 154-158. Vīksne, J., Mednis, A., Janaus, M. (2000). Breeding duck numbers and breeding success at two Latvian Ramsar sites, Lakes Engure and Kanieris, in 1999. OMPO Newsletter , 22 , 25-39. Vīksne, J., Mednis, A., Janaus, M., Stīpniece, A. (2005). Changes in the breeding bird fauna, waterbird populations in particular, on Lake Engure (Latvia) over the last 50 years. Acta Zoologica Lituanica , 15 (2), 188-194. Vīksne, J., Laubergs, A. (2007). Mākslīgās ligzdvietas meža pīlei

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Mirosława Pietryka, Dorota Richter and Jan Matuła

. Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 39: 143–151. S tat S oft , I nc . 2014. STATISTICA (data analysis software system), version 12. S tempniewicz L. 1990. Biomass of dovekie excreta in the vicinity of a breeding colony. Colonial Waterbird 13: 62–66. S tempniewicz L. and W ęsławski J.M. 1992. Outline of trophic relationships in Hornsund fjord, SW Spitsbergen with special consideration of seabirds, In : K.W. Opaliński and R.Z Klekowski, Landscape, life world and man in the high Arctic. Instytut Ekologii PAN, Warszawa: 271

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József Gyurácz, Péter Bánhidi, József Góczán, Péter Illés, Sándor Kalmár, Péter Koszorús, Zoltán Lukács, Csaba Németh and László Varga

-flanked Blue-tail in Hungary] . Cinege 15: 13-15. (in Hungarian with English Summary). Lukács Z., Gyurácz J. 2013. A fenyvescinege (Parus ater) őszi vonulása Tömördön [Autumn migration of Coal Tit in Tömörd] . Cinege 18: 24-27. (in Hungarian with English Summary). Lukács Z., Farkas R., Frühwirth A., Gyurácz J. 2015. Autumn migration of blue tits (Parus caeruleus) at two Hungarian study sites . North-Western Journal of Zoology 11 (2): 225-233. Ma Z., Cai Y., Li B., Chen J. 2010. Managing wetland habitats for waterbirds: an international perspective

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Rafał Ulańczyk, Czesław Kliś, Damian Absalon and Marek Ruman

conditions and ice cover. Aquat. Ecol. 44, 571–584. 10.1007/s10452-010-9327-7 Genova S.N. Belolipetskii V.M. Rogozin D.Y. Degermendzhy A.G. Mooij W.M. 2010 A onedimensional model of vertical stratification of Lake Shira focussed on winter conditions and ice cover Aquat. Ecol. 44 571 584 Gwiazda R., Woźnica A., Łozowski B., Kostecki M., Flis A. 2014. Impact of waterbirds on chemical and biological features of water and sediments of a large, shallow dam reservoir. Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies, International Journal of Oceanography and Hydrobiology, Volume 43

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Thomas A. Neubauer, Mathias Harzhauser and Radovan Pipík

tableaux synoptiques. Allais, Paris, 1-344. Dunker W. 1848: Über die in der Molasse bei Günzberg unfern Ulm vorkommenden Conchylien und Pflanzenreste. Palaeontogr. 1, 155-168. Elezaj Z., Tmava A., Pashko P. & Vaso P. 2010: The Neogene of the Dukagjini Basin. Muz. Olt. Craiova. Olt. Stud. comun. Ştiinţ. Nat. 26, 1, 291-295. Figuerola J. & Green A.J. 2002: Dispersal of aquatic organisms by waterbirds: a review of past research and priorities for future studies. Freshwater Biol. 47, 483-494. Fleming J. 1822

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Katarina Denac, Primož Kmecl, Gregor Domanjko and Damijan Denac

arvalis density. – Ardea 90: 213–217. T ryjanowski P., J erzak L., R adkiewicz J. (2005): Effect of water level and livestock on the productivity and numbers of breeding White Storks. – Waterbirds 28: 378–382. T scharntke T., K lein A. M., K ruess A., S teffan –D ewenter I., T hies C. (2005): Landscape perspectives on agricultural intensification and biodiversity – ecosystem service management. – Ecology Letters 8: 857–874. U radni list RS (2004): Pravilnik o izvajanju komasacij kmetijskih zemljišč. – Uradni list Republike Slovenije št. 95

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Marcel Uhrin, Štefan Danko and Hana Latková

: Detection of an influenza virus in wild waterbirds migrating through Slovakia in autumn 2004. Acta virologica 49: 287-289. SA Bohucká M & Juráčková J 1983: Zimovanie myšiarok ušatých v intraviláne Michaloviec a rozbor ich potravy v zimných sezónach rokov 1974-75, 1976-77 a 1982-1983 [Wintering of the long-eared owls in intravilan of Michalovce town and food analysis in winter seasons 1974-75, 1976-77 and 1982-1983]. Highschool project, 20 & annexes [Depon. in Highschool of Pavol Horov in Michalovce]. [In Slovak] QP

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P. Oyarzún-Ruiz, P. Muñoz-Alvarado and E. Raffo

diagnosed in shorebirds and waterbirds, and would not correspond to accidental records. In the present study 14 species of helminths were identified, from which there are new records for the chimango caracara in Chile, and also for Neotropical raptors. Capillaria tenuissima, P. spinosa and P. depressum were previously reported in this host species. Pterothominx sp., B. falconis, C. obvelatus, Synhimantus (D.) sp., S . (D.) nasuta, Synhimantus (S.) sp., Skrjabinoclava sp., P. adunca, C. rudolphii sensu lato, Stephanoprora sp. and P. mutabilis , are all