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Real Estate Appraisal in Central-Eastern Europe: Comparative Analysis of Poland and Slovakia

Co., pp. 229-249. S chultze R., 2007, What does it Mean to be a Self-Governing Regulated Profession? , Journal of Property Tax Assessment & Administration, 4 (3), pp. 41-53. W akeling J., C ameron N., 2011, The Implications of Enhancing Appraisal to Meet the Requirements of Revalidation, as Perceived by Appraisers: a Qualitative Study in Scotland , Education for Primary Care, 22, pp. 377-85. Ż ak M., 2012, Wycena nieruchomości (Real Estate Appraisal) , Wydawnictwo C.H. Beck, Warszawa. Internet sources: , [access

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Situational Methodology as Multifaceted Pedagogical Tool of Influence on the Formation of Socio-Ethical Values of Future Managers-Economists in Higher Schools of Ukraine and Germany

References 1. Абдульханова-Славская, К. (1980). Деятельность и психология личности [Activity and Personality Psychology]. Москва: Наука (in Russian). 2. Андреев, В. (1996). Педагогика творческого саморазвития [Pedagogy of Creative Self-development]. Казань: Центр инновационных технологий (in Russian). 3. Андрієвська, В. (1999). Професія і особистість: проблеми рольової ідентифікації [Profession and Personality: Problems of Role-identification]. In: Федоришин, Б. Теоретичні проблеми психології професій

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The social role of the physician in classical Polish medical sociology. A reconstruction of the views of Magdalena Sokołowska

REFERENCES 1. Merton R, Reader GG, Kendall P. The student – physician. Harvard University Press: Cambridge; 1957. 2. Becker H, Greer G, Hughes EC, Strauss A. Boys in white. Student culture in medical school. Chicago University Press: Chicago; 1961. 3. Mamford E. Medical sociology. Patients, providers and policies. Random House: New York; 1983. p. 334-41. 4. Blame D. Health profession. In: P. Donald, G. Scambler (ed). Sociology as applied to medicine. Bailliere Tindall: London; 1982. p. 214-215. See also: Freidson E. Profession of medicine

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Work-Related Identity of Clinical Research Sector Employees in Poland Against Professional Transformation of the Industry

References Abbott, A. (1988). The System of Professions, An Essay on the Division of Expert Labor . Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press. Adair, J. (2000). Anatomia biznesu. Motywacja . Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Studio Emka. Allen, N.J. and Meyer, J.P. (1996). Affective, Continuance, and Normative Commitment to the Organization: An Examination of Construct Validity. Journal of Vocational Behaviour , 49 : 252–276, Alvesson, M. (2000). Social identity and problem of loyalty in

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An image of nurses and nursing in Poland in the media and in the opinion of various social groups. Systematic review of scientific literature from the years 2010-2017

PIŚMIENNICTWO 1. Krasnowolski A. Zawody zaufania publicznego, zawody regulowane oraz wolne zawody. Geneza, funkcjonowanie i aktualne problemy. Kancelaria Senatu, Biuro analiz i dokumentacji. Warszawa; 2013. 2. Domański H, Sawiński Z, Słomczyński KM. Prestiż zawodów w obliczu zmian społecznych: 1958-2008. Studia Socjologiczne. 2010; 4 (199): 79-119. 3. CBOS Prestiż zawodów. Komunikat z badań, BS/164/2013. Warszawa; 2013. 4. Brenan M. Nurses keep healthy lead as most honest, ethical profession.

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Freelance Journalists’ Ethical Boundary Settings in Information Work

trovärdighet” [Editorial: The indulgence of the journalist union threatens the trustworthiness of freelance journalists], Scoop (2009)4. Klaidman, S. & T. Beauchamp (1987) The Virtuous Journalist . New York: Oxford University Press. von Krogh, T. (2009) Medieetik [Media ethics]. Stockholm: SNS Förlag. Koljonen, K. (2009) “Five Viewpoints to Change: The Key Relations of Journalism and the new Chapter in the Journalism Profession”, Paper presented at the 19th Nordic Conference for Media Research. Kovach, B. & T. Rosenstiel

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Nurses in Poland — Immediate Action Needed

://,1,5.html Heinen, M., van Achterberg, T., Schwendimann, R., Zander, B., Matthews, A., Kózka, M., Ensio, A., Sjetne, I., Moreno Casbas, T., Ball, J., & Schoonhoven, L. (2013). Nurses’ intention to leave their profession: A cross sectional observational study in 10 European countries. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 50(2), 174-184. doi: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2012.09.019 Liang, Y. W., Chen, W. Y., Lee, J. L., & Huang, L. C. (2012). Nurse staffing, direct nursing care hours and patient mortality in Taiwan: the longitudinal

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Data Journalists Using Facebook
A Study of a Resource Group Created by Journalists, for Journalists

Social Network Analysis. London: Sage Publications Ltd, 167-179. Gynnild, Astrid (2014). Journalism innovation leads to innovation journalism: The impact of computational exploration on changing mindsets. Journalism, 15(6), 713-730. Hedman, Ulrika, & Djerf-Pierre, Monica (2013) The Social Journalist: Embracing the social media life or creating a new digital divide? Digital Journalism, 1(3), 368-385. Johansson, Elena (2015) New tools for the old practices? Journalistic profession in the context of interactive participation

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Expected Learning Outcomes: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Higher Education in Interior Architecture and Interior Design for the Thailand Development

Council (2558). Architect Council regulations regarding the ethics of the architectural profession 2558. Bangkok; Architect Council Building Control Act (3 rd ) 2543 B.E. (2543,May,15). Government Gazette. Book 117 Section 42 ก. Building Control Act (4 th ) 2550 B.E. (2550,October,16). Government Gazette. Book 124 Section 68 ก. Building Control Act (5 th ) 2558 B.E. (2558,August,27). Government Gazette. Book 132 Section 82 ก. California College of the Arts. 2018. Interior design program learning outcomes . Online https

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Born or Made? An Overview of the Social Status and Professional Training of Hungarian Interpreters in Romania

profession: What do Romanian university programmes have to offer? Studio Universitatis Babeş- Bolyai Philologia. I.TTT(3): 95-122. Horvátli, L 2005. A romániai magyarok kétnyelvűsége: nyelvismeret, nyelvhasználat, nyelvi dominancia. Regionális összehasonhíó elemzések. Erdélyi Társadalom 3(1): 171-198. Kopczyński, A.-A. Kowaluk. 1997. Nature or nurture. Are conference interpreters bom or made? In: R. Hickey-S. Puppel (eds), Language history and Linguistic modelling. A Festschrift forjacek Fisiak on his 6Cfh birthday. Volume 11. Berlin: Mouton

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