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Righi Assia Fatiha, Righi Kada, Anouar Khelil and Juli Pujade-Villar

.W., Larson S.J. 1999. Testing water quality for pesticide pollution U.S. Geological survey investigation reveal widespread contamination of the nations water resources. Environ. Sci. Technol. 33 (7): 164-169. Gbolade A.A., Adebayo T.A. 1994. Protection of stored cowpea from Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) using plants products. Insect Sci. Appl. 15: 185-189. Glitho L.A., Ketoh K.G., Nuto P.Y., Amevoin S.K., Huignard J. 2008. Approches non toxiques et non polluantes pour le contrôle des populations d’insectes nuisibles en Afrique du Centre et

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Kamila Myszka and Katarzyna Czaczyk

test system for the disinfection of bacterial biofilm. Water Sci. Technol., 1999, 39, 219-225. Havelaar A. H., Application of HACCP to drinking water supply. Food Contr., 1994, 5, 145-152. Herald P. J., Zottola E. A., Attachment of Listeria monocytogenes to stainless steel surface at various temperatures and pH values. J. Food Sci., 1988b, 53, 1549-1562. Herald P. J., Zottola E. A., Scanning electron microscopic examination of Yersinia enterocolitica attached to stainless steel at

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Abdel Wahab M. Mahmoud and Sahar S. Taha

-382. DUNCAN, B.D. 1955. Multiple Range and Multiple F-Tests. In Biometrics, vol. 11, pp. 1-42. EICHERT, T. - KURTZ, A. - STEINER, U. - GOLDBACH, H.E. 2008. Size exclusion limits and lateral heterogeneity of the stomatal foliar uptake pathway for aqueous solutes and water-suspended nanoparticles. In Physiologia Plantarum, vol. 134, no.1, pp. 151-160. EL-GHAMRY, A.M. - EL-HAMID, A.A. - MOSA, A.A. 2009. Effect of farmyard manure and foliar application of micronutrients on yield characteristics of wheat grown on salt affected soil. In American

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Małgorzata Kasprzak and Zbigniew Rzedzicki

. Technologia. Jakość, 2006, 47, 124-132 (in Polish; English abstract). 22. Karolini-Skaradzińska Z., Bihuniak P., Piotrowska E., Wdowik L., Properties of dough and qualitative characteristics of wheat bread with addition of inulin. Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci., 2007, 57, 267-270. 23. Kasprzak M., Rzedzicki Z., Application of everlasting pea wholemeal in extrusion-cooking technology. Int. Agrophys., 2008, 22, 339-347. 24. Kasprzak M., Rzedzicki Z., Effect of pea seed coat admixture on physical properties and chemical composition of

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María de la Paz Moliné, Natalia Jorgelina Fernández, Sandra Karina Medici, Diana Fasce and Liesel Brenda Gende

-645. 8. AOAC. 2000a, Official method 920.180 Honey (Liquid, Strained or Comb) preparation of test samples, Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC International, 17th ed. Washington, DC. 9. AOAC. 2000b, Official method 969.38 Moisture in honey, Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC International, 17th ed. Washington, DC. 10. AOAC. 2000c, Official method 962.19 Acidity (Free, Lactone, and Total) of Honey, Official Methods of Analysis of AOAC International, 17th ed. Washington, DC. 11. AOAC. 2003, Official method 958

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Rocco Labadessa, Luigi Forte and Paola Mairota

. D., Bealey, C. E, Beaumont, D. A., Benham, S., Brooks, D. R., Burt, T. P, Critchley, C. N. R, Dick, J., Littlewood, N. A., Monteith, D. T., Scott, W. A., Smith, R. I., Walmsley, C. & Watson, H. 2009: The UK Environmental Change Network: Emerging trends in the composition of plant and animal communities and the physical environment. Biological Conservation 142: 2814-2832. Moretti, M., de Bello, F., Ibanez, S., Fontana, S., Pezzatti, G. B., Dziock, F., Rixen, C. & Lavorel, S. 2013: Linking traits between plants and invertebrate herbivores to track

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Tomáš Chuman

References Act No. 44/1988 Coll., on the protection and utilization of mineral resources (The Mining Act) Ash, H.J., Gemmell, R.P. & Bradshaw, A.D. (1994). The introduction of native plant species on industrial waste heaps: a test of immigration and other factors affecting primary succession. Journal of Applied Ecology, 31: 74-84. Beneš, J., Kepka, P. & Konvička, M. (2003). Limestone Quarries as Refuges for European Xerophilous Butterflies. Conservation Biology, 17(4): 1058-1069 Borgegård, S. O

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Zofia Stępniewska and Weronika Goraj

T. N. (eds.). Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 15-31. ISBN 1613-3382. Hardoim P. R., van Overbeek L. S., van Elsas J. D. 2008. Properties of bacterial endophytes and their proposed role in plant growth. Trends in Microbiology, 16: 463-471. Henneberg A., Sorrell B. K., Brix H. 2012. Internal methane transport through Juncus effusus: experimental manipulation of morphological barriers to test above- and below-ground diffusion limitation. New Phytologist, 196: 799-806. Henning K., Villforth F. 1940. Experimentelle

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Zaid Nabas, Malik S.Y. Haddadin, Jamal Haddadin and Ibrahim K. Nazer

References 1. Adebiyi F.M., Akpan I., Obiajunwa E.I., Chemical/Physical characterization of Bigerian honey. Pakistan J. Nutr., 2004, 3, 278-281. 2. Amaretti A., di Nunzio M., Pompei A., Raimondi S., Rossi M., Bordoni A., Antioxidant properties of potentially probiotic bacteria: in vitro and in vivo activities. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 2013, 97, 809- 817. 3. AOAC. Offi cial method of analysis of the association offi cial analytical chemists. In: W. Horwitz (13th ed). Association of the Offi cial Analytical

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V. Bakkestuen, P. Aarrestad, O. Stabbetorp, L. Erikstad and O. Eilertsen

forests of the northern Calcareous Alps. - Appl. Veg. Sci. 3: 123-134. Falkengren-Grerup, U. 1986. Soil acidification and vegetation changes in deciduous forest in southern Sweden. - Oecologia 70: 339-347. Falkengren-Grerup, U. & Lakkenborg-Kristensen, H. 1994. Importance of ammonium and nitrate to the performance of herb-layer species from decidous forests in southern Sweden. - Environm. exp. Bot. 34: 31-38. Fenstad, G.U., Walløe, L. & Wille, S.Ø. 1977. Three tests for regression compared by