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Physical fitness of women over 50 years of age and self-esteem quality of life and health

properties. Eur. J. Appl. Physiol ., 114: 29-39. 20. Rejeski W.J., Michalko S.L. (2001) Pchysical Activity and Quality of Life in Older Adults. J. Gerontol ., 56A, 23-35. 21. Rikli R., Jones C.J. (2001) Senior Fitness Test Manual. Human Kinetics, Champaign IL. 22. Rizzoli R., Reginster J.Y., Arnal J.F. (2013) Quality of life in sarcopenia and frailty. Calcifield Tissue International , 93: 101-120. 23. Ruiz-Montero P.J., Castillo-Rodriguez A. (2016) Body composition, physical fitness and exercise activities of elderly. J. Phys. Educ. Sport , 16

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Movement Screen shoulder mobility test. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy 9(5), 657-664. 39. Adamczyk J.G., Boguszewski D., Białoszewski D. (2015). Functional assessment of male track and field runners through Functional Movement Screen test. Medicina dello Sport 68(4), 563-575. 40. Boguszewski D., Jakubowska K.J., Adamczyk J.G., Białoszewski D. (2015). The assessment of movement patterns of children practicing karate using the Functional Movement Screen test. Journal of Combat Sports and Martial Arts 6(1), 21

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Analysis of Correlations Between Gross and Fine Motor Skills, Physical Fitness, and the Level of Functioning in Schoolchildren with Intellectual Disabilities

. [in Polish] 4. Szopa J., Mleczko E., Żak S. (1999). Fundamentals of anthropomotorics. Kraków: Wydawnictwo PWN. [in Polish] 5. Raczek J. (2010). Anthropomotorics. An outline of human motor theory. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Lekarskie PZWL. [in Polish] 6. Borkowska M., Szwilig Z. (2012). NDT - Bobath method. Guidelines for parents. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Lekarskie PZWL. [in Polish] 7. Morgulec-Adamowicz N., Kosmol A., Molik B. (2015). Adapted physical activity for physiotherapists. In N. Morgulec- Adamowicz, A

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A Narrative Review of Children’s Movement Competence Research 1997-2017

REFERENCES Abas. J., Shanker Tedla, J., & Krishnan, S. (2011). Normative data for Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency (BOTMP) in children of 9 ½ to 14 ½ years: A cross sectional study. Critical Reviews in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, 23(1-4), 125-133. Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance. (2016). The grades . Ottawa. Retrieved from Austin, B., Haynes, J., & Miller, J. (2004). Using a game sense approach for improving fundamental motor skills. Australian Association for Research in Education Conference

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Similar Results in Force-Velocity Test in Disabled Weight Lifters and Able-Bodied Physically Fit Students

References Adach Z., Jaskólska A., Jaskólski A. Influence of tested men on anaerobic-phosphagenic performance and its components during arms and legs work. Wych Fiz Sport 1999; 43(1-2): 37-45 (in Polish) Davies G. M. Exercise capacity of individuals with paraplegia. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1993; 25(4): 423-432 Davies G. M., Shepard R. J. Strength training for wheelchair users. Br J Sports Med. 1990; 24: 25-30 Dallmeijer A. J., Kappe Y. J., Veeger D. H

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Physical activity based intervention program on health, bone mineral density and fitness status for rheumatology patient over 60 years of age

controlled trial. Osteoporos International, 18: 419–425. 19. Meratt M., A. Beretta, L. Eid, F. Casolo, N. Lovecchio (2011) Physical activity effects in elderly female: Evaluation througth six-minute walking test. Sport Sci. Rev., 5-6: 25-56. 20. Miszko T.A., M.E. Cress,J.M. Slade, C.J. Covey, S.K. Agrawal, C.E. Doerr (2003) Effect of Strength and Power Training on Physical Function in Community-Dwelling Older Adults. The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Series and Medicine Series. 58A, 171-175. 21. Nelson M.E., J.E. Layne, M.J. Bernstein, A. Nuernberger, C

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Changes in the Level of Motor Preparation of Professional Soccer Players in Training

Literature 1. Bompa T., Haff G. (2009). Periodization – 5th Edition. Theory and methodology of training . Champaign: Human Kinetics. 2. Mohr M., Krustrup P., Bangsbo J. (2003). Match performance of high-standard soccer players with special reference to development of fatigue. Journal of Sports Sciences 21, 519-528. 3. Ingebrigsten J., Bendiksen M., Randers M.B., Castagna C., Krustrup P., Holtermann A. (2012). Yo-Yo IR2 testing of elite and sub-elite soccer players: Performance, heart rate response and correlations to other interval tests

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Impact of the Annual Training Cycle on the Physical Capacity of Young Rowers

., Sitkowski D. et al. (1994). Changes in physical fitness of male and female junior rowers as affected by one year of training. Biology of Sport 11, 21-29. 14. Kennedy M.D., Bell G.J. (2003). Development of race profiles for the performance of a simulated 2000-m rowing race. Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology 28(4), 536-546. 15. Steinacker J.M., Lormes W., Stauch M. (1991). Sport Specific Testing in Rowing. In N. Bachl, T.E. Graham, H. Lollgen (eds) Advances in Ergometry (pp. 443-454). Springer-Verlag. 16. Yoshiga C.C., Higuchi M. (2003). Rowing

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Physiological Aspects of Different Roller Skiing Techniques in Field Conditions

other; this includes roller skiing tests performed under field and laboratory conditions (on a treadmill), as well as arm ergometer tests. Many studies ( Fabre et al., 2010 ; LaRoche et al., 2010 ; Stöggl et al., 2006 ) have found relationships between different types of tests and physical capacity in particular cross-country skiing techniques. Previously conducted research has assessed physical capacity variables during simulated cross-country skiing sprinting, roller skiing or skiing using the double poling technique (DP). It has been confirmed that there is a

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Differences in selected coordinaton abilities between pupils with communication ability disorder and able-bodied pupils

References 1. Bendíková, E., 2011. Oporný a pohybový systém, jeho funkcia, diagnostika a prevencia porúch. [Skeleto-muscular system, its functioning, diagnosis and prevention]. Banská Bystrica: Univerzita Mateja Bela. ISBN 978-80-557-0124-0. 2. Bendíková, E., 2012. Kapitoly z didaktiky školskej telesnej a športovej výchovy. . [Chapters of didactics of school physical and sport education]. Banská Bystrica : Univerzita Mateja Bela, Fakulta humanitných vied. ISBN 978-80-554-0487-5. 3. Bendíková, E., 2017. Theory of

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