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Hans-Joachim Klaus Ruff-Stahl

J. Blakesley, David W. Pendall, and Jason K. Walk. “Systemic Operational Design: An Introduction.” US Army School for Advanced Military Studies, Fort Leavenworth, USA, 2005. St. Galler Tageblatt. “Israel verhindert unabhängige Kriegsberichte.” 6 January 2009: 4. Stadler, Rainer. Neue Zürcher Zeitung. “Kommunikationskrieg bereits verloren; Israel im Gazastreifen.” 9 January 2009: 16. Stiehm, Judith H. The U.S. Army War College: Military Education in a Democracy. Temple University Press: Philadelphia, 2002

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Jenni Keskinen and Petteri Simola

Research. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 840(1), 563-576. doi: 10.1111/j.1749-6632.1998.tb09595.x Antonovsky, A. (1993). The structure and properties of the sense of coherence scale. Social Science & Medicine (1982), 36(6), 725-33. Retrieved from Bartone, P. T. (2006). Resilience Under Military Operational Stress: Can Leaders Influence Hardiness? Military Psychology, 18(sup3), S131-S148. doi: 10.1207/s15327876mp1803s_10 Bonanno, G. A. (2004). Loss, trauma, and human

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Jürg Gassmann

Schaffhausen (Schaffhausen: Meili, 1972) Schläpfer, Walter, Appenzell Ausserrhoden (von 1597 bis zur Gegenwart) (Herisau: Kantonskanzlei, 1972) Schmidt, Rudolf, Die Entwicklung der Handfeuerwaffen (Schaffhausen: Brodtman, 1867) Schneider, Hugo, Vom Brustharnisch zum Waffenrock/De la cuirasse à la tunique (Frauenfeld: Huber, 1968) Sigg, Marco, “Une promenade militaire”? Der Nebenkriegsschauplatz an der zürcherischschwyzerischen Grenze im Zweiten Villmergerkrieg (1712) diploma thesis Military Academy at the

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Hakan Aplak, Mehmet Kabak and Erkan Köse

References Arslan S. (2006). Game Theory Approach In Telecommunications Networks. Gazi University Institute of Science and Technology, Ph.D Thesis, 43. Bellmann R.E. and Zadeh L.A. (1970). Decision making in a fuzzy environment. Management Sciences, 17: 141-164. Brown G., Kline J., Thomas A., Washburn A. and Wood K. (2011). A game theoretic model for defense of an oceanic bastion against submarine. Military Operation Research 16(4):25-40 Cantwell G.L. (2003). Can Two Person Zero Sum Game Theory

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Jakub Kuna

Literature Biernacki F., Słomczyński J., 1932, Odwzorowanie quasi-stereograficzne Wojskowego Instytutu Geograficznego (Quasi-stereographic projection by Military Geographical Institute). Warszawa: WIG, pp. 7–22. Available online at: Cebrykow P., 2015, Dawne mapy topograficzne Lubelszczyzny jako źródła informacji w badaniach historyczno-geograficznych (Early topographical maps of Lublin region as information sources

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Tibor Palasiewicz and Jan Kyjovský

References [1] AJP-3.2. Allied Joint Doctrine for Land Operations. Brussels: NSO, 2016. [2] Žen-2-9. Ženijní práce všech druhů vojsk. Praha: Ministerstvo národní obrany, 1981. [3] AJP-3.12(B). Allied Joint Doctrine for Military Engineering. Brussels: NSO, 2014. [4] ATP-3.12.1. Allied Tactical Doctrine for Military Engineering. Brussels: NSO, 2016.

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Elżbieta Stach, Aneta Pawłowska and Łukasz Matoga

. In A. Żelaźniewicz, J. Wojewoda, W. Ciężkowski (Eds.), Mesozoic and Cenozoic of Lower Silesia (pp. 137-158). Wrocław: WIND. [in Polish] Aniszewski M., Zagórski P. (2006). Military secrets. The underground world of the Owl Mountains. Kraków: Technol. [in Polish] Cera J. (1998). Secrets of the Owl Mountains. Kraków: AURH Inter Cera. [in Polish] Rostkowski J. (2010). The underground of the Third Reich: The secrets of Książ, Wałbrzych and Szczawna-Zdroj. Poznañ: Rebis. [in Polish] Rdułtowski B. (2012

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Juho Roponen and Ahti Salo

). Analysis of national strategies to counter a country's nuclear weapons program. Decision Analysis, 8(1), 30-45. Churchill, D., Saffidine, A., & Buro, M. (2012). Fast Heuristic Search for RTS Game Combat Scenarios. In AIIDE. Davis, P. K., & Blumenthal, D. (1991). The base of sand problem: A white paper on the state of military combat modeling (No. RAND/N-3148-OSD/DARPA). Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Arlington VA. Golany, B., Kaplan, E. H., Marmur, A., & Rothblum, U. G. (2009). Nature plays with dice

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Pankaj Sharma and Makarand S Kulkarni

1 Introduction Military logistics is the “science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of forces”, including acquisition of services and […] (NATO 2007). It aims at achieving operational results rather than economic results. The interest of defence, and, by extension, defence logistics, is […] “to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of the military”, whose duty is to protect and defend the public interest and the long-term security of the State ( Yoho et al. 2013 ). Military logistics in the past have been following the concept

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Fabiana Martinescu-Bădălan


For us, didactic design is a process that provides the contents, objectives, methods and means of training of military students for their assessment. As in any training, we were forced to think about their needs in order to be able to work out the work schedules. In order to obtain high results in the activity of subjects we need objectives of general and specific physical training as well as psychomotric training.