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Anna R Agatova and Roman K Nepop

scheme correspondingly, and Q 2 – middle Pleistocene (Riss according Alpine scheme). 1 – flattened and washed moraines, partly covered by sub-aerial cryogenic loams (Q 2 ?); 2 – distal complex of well-preserved terminal and side moraines within Chuya depression, (Q 3 2 ?); 3 – proximal complex of well-preserved terminal and side moraines, (Q 3 4 ?); 4 – late Pleistocene – Holocene moraine ramparts of different glacial stages within river valleys, (Q 3 4 ); 5 – LIA moraines, (Q 4 ); 6 – glacial-lacustrine sediments of different ages; 7 – alluvial deposits; 8 – lakes

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Sanije Gashi, Merita Berisha, Naser Ramadani, Musli Gashi, Josipa Kern, Aleksandar Dzakula and Silvije Vuletic

, but lower than the prevalence in Bulgaria and Greece. Similar studies (24) with adults aged over 18 years from 48 states which have reported their data, current daily smokers in the Middle-income country group among men was 34.1% and among women 10.8%. A current daily smoker in the Low-income country group was reported among men in 25.2%, and among women in 6%. In most countries, the prevalence of smoking is higher among men, except in Sweden, where smoking prevalence is higher among women (25) . The prevalence of smoking in Kosova adults is higher among men

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Andrzej Wicher

. Boccaccio, Giovanni. Il Decamerone . Ed. L.Giavardi. Milano: Lucchi, 1972. Print. Chaucer, Geoffrey. The Riverside Chaucer . 3rd ed. Ed. Larry D. Benson. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1989. Print. Chevalier, Jean, and Alain Gheerbrant. The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols . Trans. J. Buchanan-Brown. London: Penguin, 1996. Print. Clier-Colombani, Françoise. La Fée Mélusine au Moyen Âge: Images, mythes et symboles . [ The Fairy Mélusine in the Middle Ages: Images, Myths and Symbols ]. Paris: Léopard d’Or, 1991. Print

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Christian Pott and Baoyu Jiang

. I. Spezieller Teil. Palaeontographica, B, 81: 71–173. FRIIS E.M., CRANE P.R. & PEDERSEN K.R. 2011. Early Flowers and Angiosperm Evolution. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. GAO K. & REN D. 2006. Radiometric dating of ignimbrite from Inner Mongolia provides no indication of a post-Middle Jurassic age for the Daohugou Beds. Acta Geol. Sinica, 80: 42–45. GAO T., REN D. & SHIH C. 2009. Abrotoxyela gen. nov. (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Xyelidae) from the Middle Jurassic of Inner Mongolia, China. Zootaxa, 2094: 52–59. GUO Z., YANG Y., ZYABREV S

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Ewa Smolska and Piotr Szwarczewski

References Bork, HR 1989, ‘Soil erosion during the past millennium in central Europe and its significance within the geomorphodynamics of the Holocene’, Catena, Suppl., vol.15, pp. 121-131. Buko, A 2005, Archeologia Polski Wczesnośredniowiecznej [Archaeology of Poland during early Middle Ages], Trio Press. Dotterweich, M, Schmitt, A, Schmidtchen, U & Bork, HR 2003, ‘Quantifying historical gully erosion in Northern Bavaria’, Catena, vol. 50, pp.135-150. Górska, I, Paderewska, L, Pyrgała, J

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Simina Dumitriţa Dumitriu, Sergiu Loghin, Zofia Dubicka, Mihaela Carmen Melinte-Dobrinescu, Jolanta Paruch-Kulczycka and Viorel Ionesi

References Aiello G. & Szczechura J. 2004: Middle Miocene ostracods of the Fore-Carpathian Depression (Central Paratethys, Southwestern Poland). Bolletino della Società Paleontologica Italiana 43, 1-2, 11-39. Alexandrowicz S.W., Garlicki A. & Rutkowski J. 1982: The lithostratigraphic units of the Pericarpathian Miocene [Podstawowe jednostki litostratygraficzne miocenu zapadliska przedkarpackiego]. Kwart. Geolog. 26, 470-471 (in Polish). Andrusov N. 1899: Die südrussichen Neogenablagerungen. 3-ter Theil. Die

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Mohammed Al-Wosabi, Mohammed El-Anbaawy and Khalid Al-Thour

-Pb-(Ag) carbonate-hosted deposit associated with Late Jurassic rifting in Yemen. Mineralium Deposita 29, 44-56. Al-Saad, H., 2008. Stratigraphic distribution of the Middle Jurassic foraminifera in the Middle East. Revue de Paléobiologie 27, 1-13. Al-Wosabi, M.A., 1993. Biostratigraphy of the Amran Formation (Middle- Late Jurassic) in the Republic of Yemen. Thesis of Sana’a University, 129 pp. Al-Wosabi, M.A., 2001. Stratigraphical and sedimentological studies on the Jurassic Amran Sequence East Sana’a District, Yemen Republic

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Christoph Burow, Martin Kehl, Alexandra Hilgers, Gerd-Christian Weniger, Diego E. Angelucci, Valentín Villaverde, Josefina Zapata and João Zilhão

and Galbraith RF, 2000. Extending the age range of optical dating using single ‘super-grains’ of quartz. Radiation Measurements 32: 439-446, DOI 10.1016/S1350-4487(99)00287-5. Zhao H and Li SH, 2005. Internal dose rate in K-feldspar grains from radioactive elements other than potassium. Radiation Measure-ments 40: 84-93, DOI 10.1016/j.radmeas.2004.11.004. Zilhão J and Villaverde V, 2008. The Middle Paleolithic of Murcia. Treballs d’Arqueologia 14: 229-248. Zilhão J, Angelucci DE, Badal-García E, d’Errico F, Daniel F

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Caterina Grif, C Rădulescu, S Voidăzan, Carmen Popa and O Grama

. J Pregnancy. 2011;2011:640-715. 13. Figueras F, Eixarch E, Meler E et al. Small-for-gestational-age fetuses with normal umbilical artery Doppler have suboptimal perinatal and neurodevelopmental outcome. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol. 2008;136(1):34-38. 14. Simanaviciute D, Gudmundsson S. Fetal middle cerebral to uterine artery pulsatility index ratios in normal and pre-eclamptic pregnancies. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. 2006;28:794-801. 15. Odibo AO, Riddick C, Pare E, Stamilio DM, Macones GA. Cerebroplacental

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Jorge Sánchez, Daniel Mosquera and Juan Montero Fenollós

References Montero Fenollós JL, Caramelo F, Márquez I and Vidal J, 2006b. Le projet archéologique Moyen Euphrate Syrie: 2e campagne de prospection dans la région de Halabiyé/Hanouqa (Deir ez-Zor, Syrie) (The archaeological project Syrian Middle Euphrates: second campaign prospecting in the region of Halabiye / Hanouqa - Deir Futowa, Syria). Orient-Express 2006/4: 99-102 (in French). Murray AS and Wintle AG, 2000. Luminescence dating of quartz using an improved single-aliquot regenerative-dose protocol