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Improvement of Manual Assembly Line Based on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and Efectiveness Coefficient

.30657/pea.2014.02.04. Klimecka-Tatar, D. 2018, Context of production engineering in management model of value stream flow according to manufacturing industry , Production Engineering Archives 21, pp. 32-35. DOI: 10.30657/pea.2018.21.07 Klimecka-Tatar, D., 2017. Value stream mapping as lean production tool to improve the production process organization – case study in packaging manufacturing . Production Engineering Archives 17, pp. 40–44. DOI: . Krynke, M., Knop, K., Mielczarek, K. 2014, Using Overall

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Protected Areas and Overuse in the Context of Socio-Natural Changes: An Interdisciplinary French Case Study

. Cagliari, Italy. Baerlocher, B. and P. Burger (2010) ‘Ecological Regimes: Towards a Conceptual Integration of Biophysical Environment into Social Theory’ In Gross, M. and H. Heinrichs (eds.) Environmental Sociology: European Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Challenges , pp. 79-93. Dordrecht: Springer. Bauer, N., A. Wallner and M. Hunziker (2008) ‘The change of European Landscapes: Human – nature relationships, public attitudes towards rewilding, and the implications for landscape management in Switzerland’. Journal of Environmental Management , 90 (9

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A multidimensional analysis of spatial order in public spaces: a case study of the town Morąg, Poland

i praktyki rewitalizacji. Wydawnictwo FTA, Poznań, 15-25. Bravo, D. ( 2010). The Flaneurs Surprise, Lessons from the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2000- 2010. In: Favour of Public Space. Ten Years of the European Prize for Urban Public Space , Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona and ACTAR, Barcelona, 44-47. Caldera, J. Berrocal, R. (2016). Metodología para la Medición del Déficit Cualitativo de Espacio Público en Colombia: un Indicador Clave del Ordenamiento Territorial (Methodology for Measuring the Qualitative Deficit in Public

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The influence of age factors on the reform of the public service of Ukraine

types of work and so on. The introduction of integrated data management information systems and development will reduce the need for workers at lower levels of the hierarchy in the medium term, and workers will be more involved under temporary contracts. The prevalence of permanent employment in the civil service reduces the flexibility of the civil service system and increases the costs of its maintenance. Therefore, it is important to analyze the gender and age components, wages, working hours, functional responsibilities, the peculiarities of career development and

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Recent Advancements, Developments and Applications of Personal Network Analysis

. Journal of Management, 29, 6, 991 – 1013. doi:10.1016/S0149-2063(03)00087-4. [15] Borgatti, S.P., Halgin, D.S., 2011. On network theory. Organization Science, 22, 5, 1168 – 1181. doi:10.1287/orsc.1100.0641. [16] Borgatti, S.P., Brass, D.J., Halgin, D.S., 2014. Social network research: confusions, criticism, and controversies. In: D.J. Brass, G. Labianca, A. Mehra, D.S. Halgin, S.P. Borgatti (Eds.), Contemporary perspectives on organizational social networks. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 1-29. [17] Brass, D.J. Galaskiewicz, J., Greve, H.R., Tsai, W

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How to assess quality of life. Theoretical and methodological research aspects in cross-border regions

-008-0018-2 Tej, J., Sirková, M. and Ali Taha, V., 2012: Model and results of the quality of life evaluation inregional cities in Slovakia. In: Journal of management and business: research and practice, Vol. 4, No 2, pp. 31-34. Vennhoven, R., 2000: The four qualities of life - Ordering Concepts and Measures of the Good Life. In: Journal of Happiness Studies, 1, pp. 1-39. Available at:, DoA: 30 July 2011. Vennhoven, R., 2002: Why Social Policy Needs Subjective Indicators. In: Social Indicators

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Contingent High-Skilled Work and Flexible Labor Markets. Creative Workers and Independent Contractors Cycling Between Employment and Unemployment

. Culture in Australia: Policies, Publics and Programs . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Bilton, Chris. 2006. Management and Creativity . Oxford: Blackwell. Blanchard Olivier and Jean Tirole. 2003. Protection de l’emploi et procédures de licenciement . Paris: La Documentation française. Blouard, Jean-Paul, Baptiste Costanzo, and Marie-Hélène Muhl. 2013. La croissance continue de l’activité réduite recouvre des réalités et des publics différents . Paris: Unédic. Boeri, Tito and Jan van Ours. 2008. The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets

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Innovation Policy as a New Development Driver of the Regions in Slovakia: Does Activity of Regional Self-government Matter?

Workshop , March 19, 2009. Hollanders, H., and F. C. Esser (2007) Measuring innovation efficiency , (31, January, 2014) Hollanders, H., A. Loschky and S. Tarantola (2009) Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2009. Brussel: PRO INNO Europe. Hollanders, H., L. Rivera Léon and L. Roman (2012) Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2012. Brussel: PRO INNO Europe. Hollanders, H. and A. Van Cruysen (2008) ‘Rethinking the European Innovation Scoreboard: A revised methodology

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Non-Take-Up of Social Assistance: Regional Differences and the Role of Social Norms

References Bargain, Olivier, Herwig Immervoll, and Heikki Viitamäki. 2012. No Claim, No Pain. Measuring the Non-Take-Up of Social Assistance Using Register Data. The Journal of Economic Inequality 10(3): 375–395. Baumberg, Ben. 2016. The Stigma of Claiming Benefits: A Quantitative Study. Journal of Social Policy 45(2): 181–199. Becker, Irene and Richard Hauser. 2005. Dunkelziffer der Armut. Ausmass und Ursachen der Nicht-Inanspruchnahme zustehender Sozialhilfeleistungen. 1. Aufl. Berlin: edition sigma. BFS. 2013. Regional Portraits

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How Factorial Survey Analysis Improves Our Understanding of Employer Preferences

: Practices for Low-Skilled Workers. European Societies 14(3): 338–361. Breen, Richard, Damain Hannan, and Richard O’Leary. 1995. Returns to Education: Taking Account of Employers’ Perceptions and Use of Educational Credentials. European Sociological Review 11(1): 59–73. Connelly, Brian L., S. Trevis Certo, R. Duane Ireland, and Christopher R. Reutzel. 2011. Signaling Theory: A Review and Assessment. Journal of Management 37(1): 39–67. Correll, Shelley J., Stephen Benard, and In Paik. 2007. Getting a Job: Is There a Motherhood Penalty? American

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