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Location Matters! Exploring Brownfields Regeneration in a Spatial Context (A Case Study of the South Moravian Region, Czech Republic)

definition of brownfield. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 43, No. 1, p. 49-69. AMEKUDZI, A., FOMUNUNG, I. (2004): Integrating brownfields redevelopment with transportation planning. Journal of Urban Planning and Development, Vol. 130, No. 4, p. 204-212. BACOT, H., O’DELL, C. (2006): Establishing indicators to evaluate brownfield redevelopment. Economic Development Quarterly, Vol. 20, No. 2, p. 142-161. BALL, M. (1998): Institutions in British Property Research: A Review. Urban Studies, Vol. 35, No. 9, p

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Designing an Accountability Index: A Case Study of South America Central Governments

the development of disclosure indices to measure annual reports of groups of organisations in any of the private, public or so-called third sectors. Another study of exploratory interviews ( Salas Quirós, 2015 ) makes a proposal of an index of accountability in the centralized public sector management in Costa Rica. This index develops a total of six dimensions, four of internal control (the classic-legality economic-form, the management-economy effectiveness and efficiency, the organizational-structures, processes, staff, the judicial-court of the contentious

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Hedonic Pricing Model for Real Property Valuation via GIS - A Review

. Measuring The Effects of The Light Rail Transit (LRT) System on House Prices in the Klang Valley, Malaysia . Ph.D. Thesis, Newcastle University, 517. 5. Eboy, O and Samat, N 2015. Modeling property rating valuation using Geographical Weighted Regression (GWR) and Spatial Regression Model (SRM): The case of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah . Malaysian Journal of Society and Space.. 11(11) 98-109. 6. Esri, 2005: How Hot Spot Analysis: Getis-Ord Gi* (Spatial Statistics) works , [

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Wind farms and rural tourism: A Portuguese case study of residents’ and visitors’ perceptions and attitudes

ENERGIA E GEOLOGIA (2012): Renováveis. Estatísticas Rápidas, No. 93. Lisbon, DGEG. DIREÇÃO GERAL DE ENERGIA E GEOLOGIA (2016): Renováveis. Estatísticas Rápidas, No. 137. Lisbon, DGEG. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2007): Special Eurobarometer 65.3. Energy Technologies: Knowledge, Perception, Measures. Brussels, European Commission. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2010): Europe 2020. A European Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. COM (2010): 2020. Brussels, European Commission. EUROPEAN COMMISSION (2012): Standard Eurobarometer 77. Brussels

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Exploring leadership styles for innovation: an exploratory factor analysis

L iterature Amabile, T. M., Schatzel, E. A., Moneta, G. B., & Kramer, S. J. (2004). Leader behaviors and the work environment for creativity: Perceived leader support. The Leadership Quarterly, 15 (1), 5-32. doi:10.1016/j.leaqua.2003.12.003 Arundel, A., & Huber, D. (2013). From too little to too much innovation? Issues in measuring innovation in the public sector. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 27 , 146-159. doi:10.1016/j.strueco.2013.06.009 Bass, B. M., & Bass, R. (2009). The Bass handbook of leadership: Theory, research, and

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Merging diaries and GPS records: The method of data collection for spatio-temporal research

References: AHAS, R., AASA, A., SILM, S., AUNAP, R., KALLE, H., MARK, Ü. (2007a): Mobile positioning in space–time behaviour studies: social positioning method experiments in Estonia. Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 34(4): 259–273. AHAS, R., AASA, A., MARK, Ü., PAE, T., KULL, A. (2007b): Seasonal tourism spaces in Estonia: case study with mobile positioning data. Tourism Management, 28(3): 898–910. AHAS, R., AASA, A., ROOSE, A., MARK, Ü., SILM, S. (2008): Evaluating passive mobile positioning data for tourism surveys: an Estonian

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The influence of age factors on the reform of the public service of Ukraine

types of work and so on. The introduction of integrated data management information systems and development will reduce the need for workers at lower levels of the hierarchy in the medium term, and workers will be more involved under temporary contracts. The prevalence of permanent employment in the civil service reduces the flexibility of the civil service system and increases the costs of its maintenance. Therefore, it is important to analyze the gender and age components, wages, working hours, functional responsibilities, the peculiarities of career development and

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Exploring urban agriculture as a component of multifunctional green infrastructure: Application of figure-ground plans as a spatial analysis tool

): Landscape Structure and Biodiversity of Woody Plants in the Cadastral Territory of Kolíňany. Journal of Environmental Protection, Safety and Management, 4(2): 25–32. LIČKA, L., MALDONADO, L. (2016): Space: Introduction. In: Lohrberg, F., et al. [eds.]: Urban Agriculture Europe (pp. 116–119). Berlin, Jovis. LOHRBERG, F., LIČKA, L., SCAZZOSI, L., TIMPE, A. [eds.] (2016): Urban Agriculture Europe. Berlin, Jovis. LOHRBERG, F. (2016): Urban Agriculture Europe: Agriculture Interacting with the Urban Sphere. In: Lohrberg, F., et al. [eds.]: Urban Agriculture

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Visibility and perception analysis of city monuments: The case of Bratislava city centre (Slovakia)

References AMEDEO, D., GOLLEDGE, R., STIMSON, R. (2009): Person environment behaviour research: Investigating activities and experiences in spaces and environments. New York, London, Guilford Press. APPLETON, J. (1975): The experience of landscape. Chichester, John Wiley and Sons. ASHWORTH, G., PAGE, S. J. (2011): Urban tourism research: Recent progress and current paradoxes. Tourism Management, 32(1): 1–15. BATTY, M. (2001): Exploring isovist fields: space and shape in architectural and urban morphology. Environment and Planning B

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