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Identification of prospective industrial clusters in Slovakia

growth of the region. In developed EU countries, current trends in the planning of regional development policy are based on supporting the creation and cluster building. Trends represent a significant shift from the traditional approach, such as the creation of regional development programmes aimed at promoting the development of individual enterprises, to regional policies based on cluster support. A cluster-based policy understands businesses and the industry as a system. It focuses on developing strategies designed to promote an efficient allocation of scarce

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Mechanistic multilayer model for non-invasive bioimpedance of intact skin

electrodes are near-to constant because of the high resistance to current of the stratum corneum in the considered frequency range [ 3 ]. This allows us to rewrite the boundary conditions, Eqs. 5 - 7 , between the probe and the uppermost skin layer n , stratum corneum, as (we drop the subindex ` eff ’ for notational convenience in the analysis) − σ n ∂ Φ ( r , H n ) ∂ z = ∑ j = 1 m I j A j [ U ( R 2 j − 1 − r ) − U ( R 2 j − 2 − r ) ] , $$\begin{array}{} \displaystyle -\sigma_{n}\frac{\partial\Phi(r,\mathcal{H}_{n})}{\partial z}=\sum_{j=1}^{m

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Drivers and barriers to innovation in the Australian public service: A qualitative thematic analysis

government and society. Moore and Hartley (2008) contend that there are four interdependent attributes differentiating the characteristics of public sector innovations from the private sector. Public sector innovations go beyond organisational frontiers to generate network-based and financial decision-making and production systems; tap new pools of resources; exploit the government’s capacity to shape private rights and responsibilities; and redistribute the right to define and judge value. These aspects should be approached in terms of the degree to which they promote

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Fatigue Characteristics of Materials Used in Transport Industry Applications

(online 5.4.2018 ) Kracke A. 2010. Superalloys, the most successful alloy system of modern times-past, present and future . 7 th international symposium on Superalloy 718 and derivatives. 13-50. Nový F., Bokůvka O., Trško L., Chalupová M. 2012. Ultra-high cycle fatigue of materials . International Journal of engineering, Vol. X 2, 231 - 234. Palček P., Chalupová M., Nicoletto G., Bokůvka O. 2003. Prediction of machine element durability , Education Aid for multimedia

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Using the Dematel Model for the FMEA Risk Analysis

Business Intelligence. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems , 456-463. Tsai, S.B., Huang, C.Y., Wang, C.K., Chen Q., et al. 2016. Using a Mixed Model to Evaluate Job Satisfaction in High-Tech Industries. Plos One, 11(5): e0154071. Tsai, S-B, Zhou, J, Gao, Y, Wan,g J, Li G, Zheng, Y, et al. (2017) Combining FMEA with DEMATEL models to solve production process problems. Plos One 12(8): e0183634. Tureková, I. 2016. Evaluation of human reliability by methods of

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Research Regarding The Quality of Sleep among Non-Sportive Students Compared with Professional Athlets

, stress-reactivity, personality and coping style. Sleep Med Rev. 18(3) , 237-47. Kellmann, M. (2010). Preventing overtraining in athletes in high-intensity sports and stress/recovery monitoring. Scand J Med Sci Sports . 20, 95-102. Knutson, K. L. (2005). The association between pubertal status and sleep duration and quality among a nationally representative sample of US adolescents. American Journal of Human Biology, 17, 418-24. Lang, C., Kalak, N., & Brand, S. (2016). The relationship between physical activity and sleep from mid adolescence to

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Analysis of the Barriers to the Implementation of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): A Meta-Synthesis Approach

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) In the Construction Industry. IGCESH 2013 . Korkmaz, S., Swarup, L., and Riley, D. (2013). Delivering Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings: Influence of Project Delivery Methods on Integration and Project Outcomes. Journal of Management in Engineering , 29, 71-78. Li, Y. and Taylor, T. R. (2011). The Impact of Design Rework on Construction Project Performance. The 29th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, Washington, D.C., 25-35. Manning, R. T. (2012). Challenges, Benefits, and Risks Associated

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Application of Low Carbon Technology in Metallurgy

copyright office. Jha, G., Soren, S., 2017. Study on Applicability of Biomass in Iron Ore Sintering Process . Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 80 (2017), 399–407. DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2017.05.246. Jursova, S., Pustejovska, P., Bilik, J., Honus, S., 2017. Evaluation of Reducibility of High and Low Basic Sinter in Economical Point of View . Ostrava, Tanger, 2176-2181. Kardas, E., 2016. The Assessment of Selected Elements of Quality Management System in the Metallurgical Company . Ostrava, Tanger, 1851-1856. Takazo, K., Hara, M., 2013

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The Impact of Project Management Methodologies on Project Success: A Case Study of the Oil and Gas Industry

). Framing of project critical success factors by systems model. International journal of project management , 24 (1), 53-65. Flyvbjerg, B. (2013). Quality control and due diligence in project management: getting decisions right by taking the outside view. International journal of project management , 31 (5), 760-774. Guangshe, J., Li, C., Jiangou, C., Shuisen, Z., and Jin, W. (2008). Application of organizational project management maturity model (OPM3) to construction in China: an empirical study. International conference on information management

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The Components of Non-Punitive Environment in Nursing

learning. Safety Science, 60, 196-202. Haggström, E., Mamhidir, A. G., & Kihlgren, A. (2010). Caregivers’ strong commitment to their relationship with older people. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 16(2), 99-105. Haight, J. M., Yokiro, P., Rost, K. M., & Willmer, D. R. (2014). Safety Management Systems Comparing Contents and Impact. Safety Management, May, 44-51. Hamdan, M. (2013) Measuring safety culture in Palestinian

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