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The Effects of Finish Sauna on Hemodynamics of the Circulatory System in Men and Women

The Effects of Finish Sauna on Hemodynamics of the Circulatory System in Men and Women

Finnish sauna is one of the most popular among all the saunas types and as a result is the most commonly used. Bath in the Finnish sauna is a combination of heating with a warm and dry air and the short influence of high humidity and cooling with cold water and air. The article aims to identify pulse and blood pressure in the conditions of thermal heating in the sauna among women and men between the age of 20-25. Hypothetically sauna has a great influence on the basic hemodynamic parameters such as pulse and blood pressure. There were 127 healthy, young women and 74 men, students at the University of Physical Education in Wroclaw taking part in the experiment. Average age of the volunteers was 21.5 and 21.7.

The results indicate that a bath in the Finnish sauna leads to a significant increase of the pulse among men and women. Concurrently the results show a considerable decrease in diastolic pressure, with the systolic pressure remaining at almost the same level. It can be concluded that a bath in a Finnish sauna positively influences the hemodynamics of blood pressure and pulse. A series of bathes in the Finnish sauna leads to a considerable decrease of the systolic and diastolic pressure and an increase of the pulse among male and female volunteers.

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The quality of medical services in primary healthcare centres in selected communes of the Lubelskie Voivodeship, as assessed by patients – preliminary reports


Introduction. Family medicine has a growing responsibility for the health of an individual, and therefore of society as a whole. Establishing an efficient primary healthcare system requires devising an appropriate management strategy. Surveying the quality assessment of medical services is an important element that influences the future shape of the development and management strategy in communes due to the dynamically changing demographic and economic trends, which are leaving their mark on the functioning of local communities.

Aim. Evaluation of quality of medical services in primary healthcare centres in communes of Lubelskie Voivodeship.

Material and methods. The anonymous survey was conducted among 60 patients benefitting from the medical services provided in healthcare centres in Niemce (Niemce Commune, Lublin District). An original questionnaire in the form of a poll was used to assess the quality of services provided in primary healthcare centres.

Results. The results of surveys carried out among the patients of medical centres providing services in the field of primary healthcare (PHC) demonstrated the high level of satisfaction with the received services among the respondents. However, the accessibility of primary healthcare services outside the business hours of PHC centres and the functioning of prevention and health-education programmes need improvement.

Conclusions. Based on the survey results we can conclude that the quality assessment of medical services provided by PHC centres, carried out through the ongoing monitoring of patients’ satisfaction, should be the most important indicator of changes in the management of primary healthcare.

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Back pain and physical activity: Students of the Medical University of Lublin

, Warszawa, 2011. 13. Min˜ana-Signes V., Monfort-Pan˜ego M.: Knowledge on health and back care education related to physical activity and exercise in adolescents. Eur Spine J, 2015; doi: 10.1007/s00586-015-3953-7 14. Paprocka J. et al.: Zespoły bólowe kręgosłupa u dzieci. Wiadomości lekarskie LXI, 7-9, 183-189, 2008. 15. Pawłowska P. et al.: Dolegliwości bólowe kręgosłupa u dzieci - ocena związku z hipermobilnością stawową i elastycznością wybranych mięśni kompleksu lędźwiowo-miedniczno-biodrowego. Nowa pediatria, 2, 39

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Branding the Green Education: Challenges Facing Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in Egypt

References Aaker, J. L. (1999). The malleable self: The role of self-expression in persuasion. Journal of Marketing Research, 36(2), 45-57. DOI: 10.2307/3151914. Bateson, J. E. G. (1995). Managing services marketing. London: Dryden Press. Consulting Business Intelligence. (2012). Retrieved March 5, 2012, from GHK in association with Danish Technology Institute, T. (2008). Inventory of innovative practices in education for sustainable

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‘Knowledge Workers’ in the Baltic Sea Region: Comparative Assessment of Innovative Performance of the Countries in the Macro-Region

Baltic Sea Region, COM(2009) 248 final, 03.12.2009. Database of Indicators (2011), ‘Population Migration 1994-2011,’ Population and Social Statistics, Statistics Lithuania, Database of Indicators, Vilnius: Statistikos departamentas. EC (2010), EUROPE 2020: A strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, Communication from the Commission, COM (2010)2020 final. Brussels: EC, 03.03.2011. EHEA (2012), The European Higher Education Area in 2012: The Bologna Process Implementation Report, Brussels: Eurodyke, European

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Analysis of women participation in cassava production and processing in Imo state, southeast Nigeria

): Winrock International for Agricultural Development, pp. 5-6. UWADIE S. A. (1993): Mechanisms for Improving the Effectiveness of TIV Women’s Participation in Agriculture through Farmer Education. UNN, Nigeria; PhD Thesis. YISEHAK K. (2008): Gender Responsibility in Small Holder Mixed-Crop Livestock Production System of Jimma Zone, South West Ethiopia. Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume 20, Article #11 .

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Anaerobic and aerobic performance of elite female and male snowboarders

-550 Bouchard C, Taylor AW, Simoneau J. Testing anaerobic power and capacity. In: Physiological testing of high-performance athletes. Eds MacDougall JD, Wenger HA.; Champaign III: Human Kinetics; 1991 Carey DG, Richardson MT. Can aerobic and anaerobic power be measured in 60-second maximal test? J Sports Sci Med , 2003; 2: 151-157 Carter SL, Rnni CD, Hamilton SJ. Changes in skeletal muscle in males and females following endurance training. Canad J Pysiol Pharm , 2001; 79: 386-392 Chimera NJ, Swanikt AK, Swanikt BC. Effects of

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Examining Different Factors of Income Tax Non-Compliance in a Small Sample in Bangladesh

:// Kasipillai, J. (2005). A Comprehensive Guide to Malaysian Taxation under Self-Assessment System, 2nd ed., Selangor: McGraw Hill Kasipillai, J., & Jabbar, H.A. (2006). Gender and Ethnicity Differences in Tax Compliance. Asian Academy of Management Journal, 11(2), 73-88. Retrieved from Khlif, H., & Achek, I. (2015). The Determinants of Tax Evasion: a Literature Review. International Journal of Law and Management, 57(5), 486-497. Retrieved from

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Cross-National Comparative Study on Legal Education and Admission to Practice Between China, India and Pakistan

. 13. Flood, J. (2011). Legal education in the global context: challenges from globalization, technology and changes in government regulation. 14. Gao, J. (2010). Comparison between Chinese and American Lawyers: Educated and Admitted to Practice Differently in Difference Legal System. Penn St. Int'l L. Rev., 29, 129. 15. Godwin, A., & Wu, R. W.-s. (2016). Legal Education, Practice Skills, and Pathways to Admission: A Comparative Analysis of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. J. Legal Educ., 66, 212. 16. He, W. (2005

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Changes in Thoughts and Actions as Requirements for a Sustainable Future: A Review of Recent Research on the Finnish Educational System and Sustainable Development

Finnish teacher education – political rhetoric or reality?]. Research report 34; Faculty of Education, Åbo Akademi University: Vaasa, Finland. (In Swedish) Hofman, M. (2015). What is an education for sustainable development supposed to achieve – a question about what, how and why. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development , 9 , 213–228. Hofman-Bergholm, M. (2018). Could education for sustainable development benefit from a systems thinking approach? Systems , 6 , 43. IPCC. (2018

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