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Andrea Mendelová, Ľubomír Mendel, Martina Fikselová and Alena Andrejiová


Carrot (Daucus carota L.) belongs to the most common type of vegetable because of its consumption, versatile usage in the canning industry and because of its beneficial effects on the health of consumers. It is valuable mainly because of the high content of β-carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, carbohydrates and minerals. The aim of this work was to compare the quality of carrot juice from different varieties of carrots regarding the content of total carotenoids and polyphenols and also to assess the dynamics of their changes evaluated under the influence of the pasteurization (85 °C). There were selected varieties of carrot such as Baltimore F1, Exhibition F1, Kamaran F1, Napoli F1, Belgrado F1, Komarno F1, Nantes, Rubina and Nandrin F1. The highest content of carotenoids, assessed by the spectrophotometry, was determined in variety Kamaran F1 (213.66 mg 100 g−1 dry matter) and the lowest in Belgrado F1 (146.80 mg 100 g−1 dry matter). After the pasteurization, the content of carotenoid decreased and ranged from 128.04 mg 100 g−1 dry matter in variety Napoli F1 to 142.55 mg 100 g−1 in Kamaran F1. The highest content of polyphenol determined by the Folin Ciocalteu method was found in fresh juice of Rubina (922.80 mg GAE 100 g−1 dry matter) and the lowest in the variety Nantes (535.75 mg GAE 100 g−1 dry matter). After the pasteurization, the content of the monitored components was found to be 450.34 mg GAE 100 g−1 dry matter in Napoli F1 to 751.95 mg GAE 100 g−1 dry matter in Komarno F1 variety.

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Bartosz Michalak and Wojciech Eckert

, Exhibition of documents and photographs – Steel empire. The history of Beuchelt & Co., Zielona Góra 2015. 7. Szczecińska A., Kula M., Transgraniczna koncepcja zagospodarowania turystycznego Doliny Środkowej Odry, Nowa Sól 2015. 8. Woźny A., Od Grünberga do Zielonej Góry, Zielona Góra 2007.

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Barbora Mojrová

-Film Contacts of Crystalline Si Solar Cells, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 93 No. -7 (2009), 898-904. [4] BUCK, T.-THEOBALD, J.-NEJATI, M. et al: Engineering and Characterization of Metal Contacts to p+Doped Silicon, In: EU PVSEC Proceedings. Amsterodam: 29th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, 2014, pp. 401-405.

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Yvonne Spielmann

-160. London: BFI and Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Fujihata, Masaki and Yuji Dogane. 2007. Botanical Ambulation Training. In Silent Dialogue, exhibition catalogue Tokyo: 2007. Sharits, Paul. 1976 [2008]. Epileptic Seizure Comparison. In: Buffalo Heads. Media Study, Media Practice, Media Pioneers, 1973-1990, eds. Woody Vasulka and Peter Weibel., Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

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Masen Al Nahlaoui, Hendrik Steins, Stefan Kulig and Sven Exnowski

Electromagnetically Excited Noise in Induction Motors. 1st International Electric Drives Production Conference and Exhibition (2011). [8] Jordan H., Low Noise Electric Motors. Verlag W. Girardet Essen (1950).

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Peter Chudy and Pawel Rzucidlo

. Lambregts A. A.: Fundamentals of Fly-By-Wire Augmented Manual Control, SAE 2005-01-3419, SAE 2005 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition, Forth Worth, Texas, 2005. Lambregts A. A.: Integrated System Design for Flight and Propulsion Controlusing Total Energy Principles, AIAA-83-2561, AIAA Aircraft Design, Systeme and Technology Meeting, Fort Worth, TX, 1983. Rzucidlo P.: Laboratory and Preliminary In-Flight Tests of Electromechanical Actuators, SAE Paper 2006-01-2414, General Aviation Technology Conference & Exhibition, Wichita

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Andrzej Malinowski and Ryszard Zieliński

, Kiruna", CAPANINA Final Exhibition, Oct. 2006. J. Horwath, "Introduction to Optical Free Space Technology for High Altitude Platforms", CAPANINA Final Exhibition, 2006. A. Malinowski and R. J. Zieliński, "Zmiany w zaleceniach ITU-R P.676 oraz ITU-R P.838 i ich wpływ na wyniki obliczeń," in Krajowa Konferencja Radiokomunikacji, Radiofoni i Telewizji 2009 , in Polish. R. Strużak, "Mobile telecommunications via stratosphere". J. Thorton, D. Grace, "Effect of Lateral

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K. Jach, K. Pietrzak, A. Wajler, A. Sidorowicz and U. Brykała

References [1] M.V. Rajkovic, D. Bozic, M. Popovi c, M.T. Jo - vanovic, Science of Sintering 41, 185-192 (2009). [2] V. Rajkovic, D. Bozic, M.T. Jovanovi c, Materials and Design 31, 1962-1970 (2010). [3] K. Pietrzak, K. Jach, D. Kalinski, M. Chmielewski, J. Morgie l, Proceedings of the Euro PM2011 Congress and Exhibition 2, 1-6 (2011). [4] N.A. Travitzky, Materials Letters 36, 114-117 (1998). [5] K. Pietrzak, K. Jach, D. Kalinski, M. Chmielewski, Proceedings of PM 2010

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Vlad-Cosmin Bulai and Alexandra Horobeț

References Allan, P. D. (2010, January). Stochastic analysis of resource plays: maximizing portfolio value and mitigating risks. In SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Society of Petroleum Engineers. Armstrong, M., & Jehl, B. (1999). Comparison of three methods for evaluating oil projects. Journal of petroleum technology, 51(10), 44-49. Ball, B. C., & Savage, S. L. (1999). Notes on exploration and production portfolio optimization. available for download from or http

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Sina Norouzi Bezminabadi, Ahmad Ramezanzadeh, Seyed-Mohammad Esmaeil Jalali, Behzad Tokhmechi and Abbas Roustaei

.1016/j.enggeo.2014.02.006 Bataee M., Kamyab M., Ashena R., 2010. Investigation of Various ROP Models and Optimization of Drilling Parameters for PDC and Roller-cone Bits in Shadegan Oil Field. In International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition, p. 1-10. Bataee M., Mohseni S., 2011. Application of Artificial Intelligent System in ROP Optimization a Case Study in Shadegan Oil Field. In SPE middle east unconventional gas conference and exhibition, p. 1-10. Bates D.M., Watts D.G., 2007. Nonlinear Regression Analysis and Its Applications . p. 392