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Tree diversity in the tropical dry forest of Bannerghatta National Park in Eastern Ghats, Southern India

vernacular names of south Indian plants. Divyachandra Prakashana, Bangalore, India, pp.56. Heywood, V.H. (Eds) (1995) Global Biodiversity Assessment. UNEP, Cambridge University Press, pp.1140. Huang, W., Pohjonen, V., Johansson, S., Nashanda, M., Katigula, M.I.L. & Luukkanen, O. (2003) Species diversity, forest structure and species composition in Tanzanian tropical forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 173, 11-24. Hubbell, S.P. & Foster R.B. (1992) Short-term dynamics of a neotropical forest: why ecological research

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Upper Caraş River (Danube watershed) fish populations fragmentation – technical rehabilitation proposal

REFERENCES 1. Aadland L. P., 1993 ‒ Stream habitat types: their fish assemblages and relationship to flow, North American Journal of Fisheries Management , 13, 790-806. 2. Aadland L. P., 2010 ‒ Reconnecting rivers: natural channel design in dam removals and fish passage, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 15-17. 3. Barbosa F. A. R., Callisto M. and Găldean N., 2001 ‒ The diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates as an indicator of water quality and ecosystem health: a case study for Brazil, Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management , 4, 51

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Vegetation structure and ecological characteristics of forest of North Andaman Islands (India)

. Gunatilleke C. V. S., Gunatilleke I. A. U. N., Ethugala A. U. K., Esufali S. 2004. Ecology of Sinharaja rain forest and the forest dynamics plot in Sri Lanka's Natural World Heritage Site, WHT Publications, Colombo. Hill M. O. 1973. Diversity and evenness: a unifying notation and its consequences. Ecology 54: 427-432. Hitendra P., Chauhan N., Porwal M. C., Roy P. S. 2004. Phytosociological observations on tree species diversity of Andaman Islands. Curr. Sci. India. 87: 799-806. Hou J. H., Mi X. C

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Spatial diversity of planted and untended silver birch (Betula pendula L.) stands

. Ward J. S., Parker G. R., Ferrandino F. J. 1996. Long-term spatial dynamics in an old-growth deciduous forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 83: 189-202. Wolf A. 2005. Fifty year record of change in tree spatial patterns within a mixed deciduous forest. Forest Ecology and Management, 215: 212-223. Woods K. 2000. Long-term change and spatial pattern in a late- successional hemlock-northern hardwood forest. Journal of Ecology, 88: 267-282. Vorcak J., Merganic J. Saniga M. 2006. Structural diversity change and

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Screening of bacterial populations in crop rotations with different proportion of cereals

of soil organic matter dynamics in tropical land use systems. In Geoderma, vol. 79, pp. 49-67. GREGORICH, E.G. - CARTER, M.R. - DORNA, J.W. - PANKHURST, C.E. - DWYER, L.M. 1997. Biolog - ical attributes of soil quality. In GREGORICH, E.G. - CARTER, M.R. (Ed.) Soil Quality for Crop Production and Ecosystem Health. Amsterdam : Elsevier, pp. 81-1 14. HU, S.J. - VAN BRUGGEN, A.H.C. - GRUNWALD, N.J. 1999. Dynamics of bacterial populations in relation to carbon availability in a residue-amended soil. In Applied Soil Ecology, vol. 13, pp

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Vascular Plant Biodiversity of Floodplain Forest in Morava and Dyje Rivers Confluence (Forest District Soutok), Czech Republic

, M., Jarošík, V., Kaplan, Z., Krahulec, F., Moravcová, L., Pergl, J., Štajerová, K., Tichý, L. (2012a). Catalogue of alien plants of the Czech Republic (2nd edition): checklist update, taxonomic diversity and invasion patterns. Preslia 84: 155–255. Pyšek, P., Chytrý, M., Pergl, J., Sádlo, J., Wild, J. (2012b). Plant invasions in the Czech Republic: current state, introduction dynamics, invasive species and invaded habitats. Preslia 84: 575–629. Richardson, D., Holmes, P.M., Elser, K.J., Galatowitsch, S.M., Stromberg, J.C., Kirkman, S.P., Pyšek, P

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Structure and dynamics of a public bike-sharing system. Case study of the public transport system in Białystok

, F. (2006). An analysis of European low-cost airlines and their networks. Journal of Transport Geography , 14 (4), 249-264. Ducruet, C., & Lugo, I. (2013). Structure and dynamics of transportation networks: Models, methods and applications. In J. P. Rodrigue, T. E. Notteboom, J. Shaw (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Transport Studies (pp. 347-364). SAGE. Eagle, N., Macy, M., & Claxton, R. (2010). Network diversity and economic development. Science , 328 (5981), 1029-1031. Faghih-Imani, A., Eluru, N., El-Geneidy, A. M., Rabbat, M., & Haq, U

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What is the use of the research carried out on the permanent plots in the Białowieża National Park?

References Bernadzki E., Bolibok L., Brzeziecki B., Zajączkowski J., Żybura H. 1998. Compositional dynamics of natural forests in the Białowieża National Park, north-eastern Poland. Journal of Vegetation Science 9: 229-238. Bobiec A. 2007. The influence of gaps on tree regeneration: a case study of the mixed lime-hornbeam (Tilio-Carpinetum Tracz. 1962) communities in the Białowieża Primeval Forest. Polish Journal of Ecology 55: 441-455. Bobiec A. 2012. Białowieża Primeval Forest as a remnant of culturally

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Landscape Ecological Structure in the Eastern Part of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, Latvia

, Ž., Brūmelis, G., Liepiņš, I., Nikodemus, O., Tabors, G. (2001). Floristic diversity, richness and evenness during secondary succession on abandoned agricultural land in Latvia. Proc. Latvian Acad. Sci., Section B , 55(1), 35-42. Hanski, I., (1998). Metalopulation dynamics. Nature , 396, 41-49. Johnson, E. A. (1992). Fire and vegetation dynamics; studies from the North American boreal forest. Cambridge University Press, p. 129. Jordán, F., Báldi, A., Orci, K.-M., Rácz, I., Varga, Z

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Retrospective Analysis of Land Use Land Cover Dynamics Using GIS and Remote sensing in Central Highlands of Ethiopia

. (2009). The impacts of watershed management on land use and land cover dynamics in Eastern Tigray (Ethiopia). Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 53(4) , pp. 192-198. Alemu, B. (2015). The Effect of Land Use Land Cover Change on Land Degradation in the Highlands of Ethiopia. Journal of Environment and Earth Science. 5 (1). Amare, B. (2007). Landscape Transformation and Opportunities for Sustainable Land Management along the Escarpments of Wello , Ethiopia. PhD Thesis, Bern University, Bern. Ayele, H. (2011). Land use/land cover change and

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