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Sylwester Świątkiewicz, Anna Arczewska-Włosek, Witold Szczurek, Jolanta Calik, Józefa Krawczyk and Damian Józefiak

References Abdelqader A., Irshaid R., Al-Fataftah A.R. (2013). Effects of dietary probiotic inclusion on performance, eggshell quality, cecal microflora composition, and tibia traits of laying hens in the late phase of production. Trop. Anim. Health Prod., 45: 1017-1024. Angel R., Dalloul R.A., Doerr J. (2005). Performance of broiler chickens fed diets supplemented withadirect-fed microbial. Poultry Sci., 84: 1222-1231. AOAC (2000). Official Methods of Analysis, Association of Official Analytical Chemists. 17th

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George K Symeon, Anastasios Athanasiou, Nikos Lykos, Maria A. Charismiadou, Michael Goliomytis, Nikos Demiris, Anna Ayoutanti, Panagiotis E. Simitzis and Stelios G. Deligeorgis

of action. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol., 158: 1-14. Cason J.A., Lyon C.E., P a p a C.M. (1997). Effect of muscle opposition during rigor on development of broiler breast meat tenderness. Poultry Sci., 76: 785-787. Ciftci M., Dalkilic B., Cerci I.H., Guler T., Ertas O.N., Arslan O. (2009). Influence of dietary cinnamon oil supplementation on performance and carcass characteristics in broilers. J. Appl. Anim. Res., 36: 125-128. Ciftci M., Simsek U.G., Yuce A., Yilmaz O., Dalkilic B. (2010). Effects of dietary antibiotic and

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Marija Ljubičić, Marijana Matek Sarić, Irena Colić Barić, Ivana Rumbak, Draženka Komes, Zvonimir Šatalić and Raquel P. F. Guiné

References 1. Threapleton DE, Greenwood DC, Evans CEL, Cleghorn CL, Nykjaer C, Woodhead C, Cade JE, Gale CP, Burley VJ. Dietary fibre intake and risk of cardiovascular disease: systematic review and meta-analysis. Br Med J 2013;347:f6879. doi: 10.1136/bmj.f6879 2. Ben Q, Sun Y, Chai R, Qian A, Xu B, Yuan Y. Dietary fiber intake reduces risk for colorectal adenoma: a meta-analysis. Gastroenterology 2014;146:689-99. doi: 10.1053/j.gastro.2013.11.003 3. Rao SSC, Yu S, Fedewa A. Systematic review: dietary fibre

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Rudīte Lagzdiņa, Leons Blumfelds, Maija Rumaka and Līga Aberberga-Augškalne

.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0029125 Hudson, J. I., Hiripi, E., Pope, H. G., Kessler, R. C. (2007). The prevalence and correlates of eating disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Biol. Psychiatr., 61 , 348-358. Lowe, M. R. (2003). Self-regulation of energy intake in the prevention and treatment of obesity: Is it feasible? J. Obesity Res ., 11 , 44S-59S. Malinauskas, B. M., Raedeke, T. D., Aeby, V. G., Smith, J. L., Dallas, M. B. (2006). Dieting practices, weight perceptions, and body composition: A comparison of

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Tiberius Mogoş, Carmen Dondoi and Andra Evelin Iacobini

References 1. Thompson ME, Noel MB. Issues in nutrition: Carbohydrates. FP Essent 452: 26-30, 2017. 2. Threapleton DE, Greenwood DC, Evans CE et al. Dietary fibre intake and risk of cardiovascular disease: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ 347: f6879, 2013. 3. Madar Z, Thorne R. Dietary fiber. Prog Food Nutr Sci 11: 153-174, 1987. 4. Weickert MO, Pfeiffer AF. Metabolic effects of dietary fiber consumption and prevention of diabetes. J Nutr 138: 439-442, 2008. 5. Nuttall FQ

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Mihaela Posea, Andreea Dragomir and Gabriela Radulian

_eng.pdf on 1st October 2016 10. Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. Dietary reference intakes for energy, carbohydrate, fiber, fat, fatty acids, cholesterol, protein, and amino acids. The National Academies Press. Washington, DC 2005. Accessed at: on 1st October 2016. 11. Ghandehari H, Le V, Kamal-Bahl S, Bassin SL, Wong ND. Abdominal obesity and the spectrum of global cardiometabolic risks in US adults. Int J Obes (Lond) 33: 239-248, 2009

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Branko Škof and Nada Rotovnik Kozjek

References 1. World Health Organization. Diet, nutrition and the prevention of chronic diseases: report of joint WHO/FAO Expert Consultation. Geneva: World Health Organization, 2003. 2. World Health Organization. Reducing risks, promoting healthy life: the world health report 2002 -. Geneva: World Health Organization, 2002. 3. Everitt AV, Hilmer SH, Brand-Milleer JC Jamieson HA,Truswell AS, Sharma AP. et al. Dietary approaches that delay age-related diseases. Clin Intervent Aging 2006; 1: 11

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Jarosław Pobereżny, Elżbieta Wszelaczyńska, Jarosław Chmielewski, Damian Gorczyca, Wojciech Kozera and Tomasz Knapowski

phenolic contents changes during storage of microwave-convenctive dried parsley leaves. Zesz. Probl. Postęp. Nauk Rol. z. 570: 97–106. TAMME T., REINIK M., ROASTO M., JUHKAM K., TENNO T., KIIS A. 2006. Nitrates and nitrites in vegetables and vegetable-based products and their intakes by the Estonian population. Food Addit. Contam. 23: 355–361. TIETZE M., BURGHADT A., BRĄGIEL P., MAC J. 2007. Zawartość związków azotowych w produktach spożywczych. Annales Universitatis Lublin, Vol. XXV (1): 71-77. WŁODAREK A., BADEŁEK E., ROBAK J. 2013. The influence of

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Hijová Emília, Szabadosova Viktoria, Štofilová Jana, Salaj Rastislav and Bomba Alojz

between inflammation and cancer. Oncogene 2010, 29: 3313-3323. 4. Pan MH, Ho CT: Chemopreventive effects of natural dietary compounds on cancer development. Chem Soc Rev 2008, 37: 2558-2574. 5. Wong JM, deSouza R, Kendall CW, Emam A, Jenkins DJ: Colonic health: fermentation and short chain fatty acids. J Clin Gastroenterol 2006, 40: 235-243. 6. Sano H, Kawahito Y, Wilder R, Hashiramoto A, Mukai S, Asai K, Kimura S, Kato H, Kondo M, Hla T: Expression of cyclooxygenase -1 and -2 in human colorectal cancer. Cancer Res 1995

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Lanting Ma, Ying Wang, Xiaobo Hang, Hongfang Wang, Weiren Yang and Baohua Xu

. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 95: 21-29. Kim Y. S., Smith B. H. (2000) Effect of an amino acid on feeding preferences and learning behavior in the honey bee, Apis mellifera. Journal of Insect Physiology 46: 793-801. Kinsella J. E. (1991) Advances in food and nutrition research. Vol. 33. Academic Press. London. 101 pp. Li C. C., Xu B. B., Wang Y., Feng Q. Q., Yang W. R. (2012) Effects of dietary crude protein levels on development, antioxidant status, and total midgut protease activity of honey bee (Apis mellifera