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Stereological Evaluation of the Brains in Patients with Parkinson’s disease Compared to Controls

neurons in non‐Alzheimer dementia patients. Acta neurologica scandinavica. 2004;109(2):132-9. DOI: 10.1034/j.1600-0404.2003.00182.x 39. Joelving F, Billeskov R, Christensen J, West M, Pakkenberg B. Hippocampal neuron and glial cell numbers in Parkinson’s disease-a stereological study. Hippocampus. 2006;16(10):826-33. DOI: 10.1002/hipo.20212 40. Jubault T, Brambati SM, Degroot C, Kullmann B, Strafella AP, Lafontaine A-L, et al. Regional brain stem atrophy in idiopathic Parkinson’s disease detected by anatomical MRI. PloS one. 2009;4(12):e

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Strong Genetic Control of High Wood Specific Gravity in Young Progenies of Pinus brutia: Potential of Early Selection for Industrial Plantations

Pine, edited by R. D. B urdon and J. M. M oore R otorua , New Zealand. S orensen , F. C. and T. L. W hite (1988): Effect of natural inbreeding on variance structure in tests of wind pollinated Douglas-fir progenies. Forest Science 34 (1): 102–118. S tener , L. and Ö. H edenberg (2003): Genetic parameters of wood, fibre, stem quality and growth traits in a clone test with Betula pendula . Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 18 : 103–110. T albert , J. T., J. B. J ett and R. L. B ryant (1983): Inheritance of wood specific gravity in an

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Evaluation of Early Rooting Traits of Eastern Cottonwood That Are Important For Selection Tests

Juli 1977: 4-9. KAISER, H. F. (1958): The varimax criterion for analytical rotation in factor analysis. Psychometrika 23, 187-200. KHASA, P. D., G. AVALLEE and J. BOUSQUET (1995): Provenance variation in rooting ability of juvenile stem cuttings from Racosperma auriculiforme and R. mangium. Forest Science 41, 305-320. KIRK, R. E. (1968): Experimental design procedures for the behavioral sciences. Wadsworth publishing company. KOVACEVIC, B., V. GUZINA and S. ORLOVIC (2001): Cuttings’ rooting ability for

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Comparison of French and German sessile oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) provenances

–120. K leinschmit , J. and J. S volba (1995): Intraspezifische Variation von Wachstum und Stammform bei Quercus robur und Quercus petraea . In: Mitteilungen aus der Forstlichen Versuchsanstalt Rheinland-Pfalz. Nr. 34 ; 75–99. K leinschmit , J. and J. S volba (1996): Intraspecific variation of growth and stem form in Quercus robur and Quercus petraea . In: K remer , A., M uhs , H. (Eds.), Interand Intraspecific Variation in European Oaks: Evolutionary Implications and Practical Consequences. European Commission, EUR16717N, Brussels, pp. 217–238. ISBN

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The importance of the new prognostic scoring system for evaluating patients with lower-risk myelodysplastic syndrome at diagnosis

, Bacigalupo A., Meloni G., Jacobsen N. et al:Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for patients with myelodysplastic syndromes and secondary acute myeloid leukemias: A report on behalf of the Chronic Leukaemia Working Party of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT).Br J Haematol,2000;110:620-630.

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Genetic and phenotypic correlations among volume, wood specific gravity and foliar traits in white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss)

(2004): Variation in tree growth, wood density, and pulp fiber properties of 35 white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) families grown in Quebec. Wood Fiber Sci 36: 467-475. EK, A. R. (1985): A formula for the total cubic foot stem volume of small trees in the Lake States. North J Appl For 2: 3. GASPAR, M. J., J. L. LOUSADA and J. C. RODRIGUES et al. (2009): Does selecting for improved growth affect wood quality of Pinus pinaster in Portugal? For Ecol Manage 258: 115-121. HAWKINS, B. J. (2007): Family variation in

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Adaptability, stability, productivity and genetic parameters in slash pine second-generation families in early age

vigour, stem form, branching habit and survival in three radiate pine ( Pinus radiate D. Don) progeny test in Galicia, NW Spain. European Journal of Forest Research 127 (4): 315-325. Available at Cotterill PP, Zed PG (1980) Estimates of genetic parameters for growth and form traits in four Pinus radiata D. Don progeny tests in South Australia. Australia Forest Research 10 (2): 155-167. Cruz CD (2006) Programa Genes: Análise Multivariada e Simulação. Viçosa: UFV, 175 p, ISBN 13:9788572692489. Cruz CD

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Resistance to Ceratocystis Wilt (Ceratocystis fimbriata) in Parents and Progenies of Eucalyptus grandis x E. urophylla

. LOVADINI, M. H. SUGIMORI and O. PARADELA FILHO (1977): Breeding Crotalaria. I. Self compatibility and resistance to wilt caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata. Bragantia 36: 291-295. ROSSETTO, C. J., I. J. A. RIBEIRO, P. B. GALLO, N. B. SOARES, J. C. SABINO, A. L. M. MARTINS, N. BORTOLETTO and E. M. PAULO (1997): Mango breeding for resistance to diseases and pests. Acta Horticulturae 455: 299-304. ROUX, J., M. VAN WYK, H. HATTING and M. J. WINGFIELD (2004): Ceratocystis species infecting stem wounds on Eucalyptus grandis in South Africa. Plant

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Effects of tiletamine-xylazine-tramadol combination and its specific antagonist on AMPK in the brain of rats

of iletamine-zolazepam-xylazine-tramadol combination on biochemical and haematological parameters in cats. Bull Vet Inst Pulawy 2012, 56, 369–372. 17. Livak K.J., Schmittgen T.D.: Analysis of relative gene expression data using real-time quantitative PCR and the 2(-Delta Delta C(T)) Method. Methods-A Companion To Methods in Enzymology 2001, 25, 402-408. 18. Madhusoodanan K.S., Murad F.: NO-cGMP signaling and regenerative medicine involving stem cells. Neurochem Res 2007, 32, 681–694. 19. Nakayama T., Hashimoto T., Nagai Y.: Involvement of

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Spinal Cord Injuries in Dogs Part II: Standards of Care, Prognosis and New Perspectives

REFERENCES 1. Adams, M. M., Hicks, A. L., 2005: Spasticity after spinal cord injury. Spinal Cord , 43, 577—586. 2. Akhtar, A. Z., Pippin, J. J., Sandusky, C. B., 2008: Animal models in spinal cord injury: a review. Rev. Neurosci. , 19, 47—60. 3. Badner, A., Vawda, R., Laliberte, A., Hong, J., Mikhail, M., Jose, A., et al., 2016: Early intravenous delivery of human brain stromal cells modulates systemic inflammation and leads to vasoprotection in traumatic spinal cord injury. Stem Cells Transl. Med. , 5, 991—1003. 4. Bockurt, G

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