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The Ringing Site In Jericho (Palestine) – Development Of Bird Migration And Parasitological Research On The Great Rift Valley Flyway


A new research project near Jericho in the Jordan Valley (Palestine) was launched on 10 September 2013, work continued until October 23rd 2013. Standard ornithological work and bird ringing work was conducted using mist nets situated in an oasis type habitat of Wadi Qelt surrounded by palm plantations. The field methods followed the SEEN (SE European Bird Migration Network) standards that include apart from ringing of captured birds, also several measurements (wing length, tail length, wing formula) and scores (fat load and body mass), as well as the studies on the directional preferences of migrants using round, flat orientation cages. Ornithological research was enhanced by parasitological studies analysing migratory birds (hosts) - helminths relations during migration period of the former. This was a part of complex studies covering the Middle East and north African ringing sites. Altogether 481 individuals of birds representing 59 species were ringed and about 50 were retrapped. The most interesting was relatively high share of Masked and Red-backed shrikes as well as good number of birds of local species as Dead Sea Sparrows and introduced Indian Silverbills.

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Ecosystem Functions of Steppe Landscapes Near Lake Baikal


Recreational activity has a significant impact on the Priol’khonie steppes and forest steppes, which are part of the Pribaikalskyi National Park (western coast of Lake Baikal, Russia). The aim of this investigation is the assessment of different landscapes’ values for the provision of ecosystems functions and services. To meet these objectives, fieldwork was conducted in the Priol’khonie steppes and forest steppes during the summer of 2013. The function of phytomass formation was considered for different land-cover types identified in the area, and the above-ground phytomass and inter-rill erosion were measured. The level of landscape degradation was estimated and draft maps of phytomass stocks and vulnerability to soil erosion of the investigated area were compiled. To show the dependence between the studied ecosystem functions and the ecosystem services provided by them, a scoring of the latter was made. It was found that characteristics of ecosystem functions varied significantly in the steppes of the Priol’khonie.

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The breeding value of selected families of European larch (Larix decidua Mill.) of Sudeten origin growing on an experimental plot in Zwierzyniec Lubelski

Wartość hodowlana wyselekcjonowanych rodów modrzewia europejskiego (Larix decidua Mill.) z pochodzenia sudeckiego na przykładzie powierzchni doświadczalnej w Zwierzyńcu Lubelskim

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Modelling the effects of natural and artificial regeneration on genetic structure. 1. Pure spruce stand

Modelovanie dopadov prirodzenej a umelej obnovy na genetickú štruktúru: 1. nezmiešaný smrekový porast

Táto práca analyzuje priestorovú a časovú variabilitu v samčej a samičej plodnosti jedincov a ich vplyv na genetickú štruktúru potomstva v obhospodarovanom smrekovom poraste. Pre účely modelovania genetickej štruktúry a na posúdenie dopadu rôznych obnovných rubov založených na prirodzenej a umelej obnove na priestorovú genetickú štruktúru, multiplicitu, diverzitu a genotypovú štruktúru potomstva a jeho diferenciáciu od materského porastu bol použitý programový balík Eco-Gene (Degen & Gregorius & Scholz 1996). V lokalite Vyšné Hágy bola založená výskumná plocha s celkovým počtom 200 dospelých stromov. Na ploche bola zameraná pozícia každého stromu, zistená veľkosť, projekcia koruny a odhadnutá produkcia šišiek. Pomocou izoenzýmových genetických markérov z dormantných púčikov bol zistený aj genotyp každého jedinca.

Modelovaním sme porovnali vhodnosť rôznych obnovných rubov z hľadiska reprodukcie genofondu resp. genetickej štruktúry materských porastov. Základným kritériom hodnotenia bola tvorba priestorovej genetickej štruktúry, sekundárnym miera diferenciácie potomstva od materskému porastu a posledným miera genetickej variability v potomstve. Po zohľadnení týchto kritérií sa v nezmiešanom smrekovom poraste ukázal ako najvhodnejší dvojfázový okrajový clonný rub a ako najmenej vhodný (možno prekvapivo) silnejší jednotlivo výberný rub. Ostatné testované ruby - maloplošný prostý jednofázový okrajový, skupinový, skupinovitý clonný a slabší jednotlivo výberný rub sa ukázali ako stredne vhodné a mali na genofond potomstva podobný vplyv.

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Retrospective study of 37 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs diagnosed with Chiari-like malformation and Syringomyelia

). According to the neurologic pain grade classification proposed in 2009 by Cerda-Gonzalez S. and others, of all 37 cases six dogs matched the pain score 2, twelve cases to pain score 3 and nineteen cases to pain score 4. The magnetic resonance imaging data revealed different grades of cerebellar herniation and cervical fluid-filled cavities within the spinal cord in all cases. The most common Chiari like malformation MRI findings encountered are overcrowding of the caudal fossa, rostral indentation of occipital bone into the caudal fossa, abnormal shaped cerebellum

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Locomotor activity and daily milk yield of dairy cows during the perioestrous period in successive lactations

breeding indicators of highyielding cows. Zeszyty Naukowe Przeglądu Hodowlanego 74: 121-128 (in Polish). Małecki-Tepicht J, Barański W, Janowski T, Czaplicka M (2005): The processes of reproduction and fertility of imported Holstein-Friesian cows. Przegląd Hodowlany 2: 1-3 (in Polish). Marsalek M, Zednikova J, Pesta V, Kubesova M (2008): Holstein cattle reproduction in relation on milk yield and body condition score. J Cent Eur Agr 4: 624-628. Max A (1990): Analysis of the clinical, hormonal

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Development of stem cracks in young hybrid aspen plantations

-435. Soe, K. 1959. Anatomical studies of bark regeneration following scoring. - Journal of the Arnold Arboretum, 40(3), 260-267. Tullus, A., Lukason, O., Vares, A., Padari, A., Lutter, R., Tullus, T., Karoles, K., Tullus, H. 2012a. Economics of hybrid aspen (Populus tremula L. × P. tremuloides Michx.) and silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.) plantations on abandoned agricultural lands in Estonia. - Baltic Forestry, 18(2), 288-298. Tullus, A., Rytter, L., Tullus, T., Weih, M., Tullus, H. 2012b. Short-rotation forestry with hybrid aspen

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Gastroprotective effects of methanol extract of Eremomastax speciosa leaf harvested in Southern part of Nigeria in rat

, and the stomachs were removed, cut open along greater curvature and were washed under slow running tap water. Ulcer lesions were counted with the aid of magnifying lenses (×10 magnification), and scored on the basis of intensity as follow; 0 = no ulcer, 1 = superficial ulcer, 2 = deep ulcers, 3 = perforations. Thereafter, ulcer index and percentage inhibition were calculated as follows: Ulcer index (U I ) = (U N + U S + U P )× 1/10 Where, U N = average number of ulcer per animal, U S = average severity score, U P = percentage of animal with ulcer and U I

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Methodological Approaches to Simple Enzyme Polymorphism Analyses of Amaranth Species (Amaranthus SP.)

, M.M. - SMITH, J.S. C. 1988. Techniques and scoring procedures for starch gel electrophoresis of enzymes from maize ( Zea mays L.). In Technical Bulletin , 1988, North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, Raleigh, no. 286, pp. 1-87. WARWICK, S.I. - BLACK, L.D. 1986. Electrophoretic variation in triazine - resistant and susceptible populations of Amaranthus retroflexux L. In New Phytologist , vol. 104 , 1986, no. 5, pp. 661-670. YUDINA, R.S. - IBRAGIMOVA, S.S. - ZHELEZNOVA, N.B. 2008. Izučenie struktury

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Intrachromosomal regulation decay in breast cancer

regimes among chromosomes in breast cancer transcriptomes. Fig. 2 Model validation. A heatmap depicting Z-scored relative likelihood – as measured by adjusted coefficient of determination R2 – for the four models. Rows correspond to chromosomes, while columns correspond to the four models for nonscaled distance. Green tones correspond to low-to-negative scores, while the dark and red colours represent positive-to-high scores. 3.1 Decay of gene–gene correlations The model discrimination analysis we performed indicates that the best goodness of fit (by

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