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The Effect of Aerobic and Core Exercises on Forced Vital Capacity

.J., Burton, N.W., Rowan, P.J. (2007). Updating the evidence on physical activity and health in women. Am J Prev Med, 33(5), 404-411. Chandran, C.K., Nair, R.H., Shashidhar, S. (2004). Respiratory functions in Kalaripayattu practitioners. Indian J Physiol Pharmacol, 48(2), 235-240. Chabut, L. (2009). Core Strength for Dummies, pp. 66-101. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing, Inc. De Backer, I.C., Van Breda, E., Vreugdenhil, A., Nijziel, M.R., Kester, A.D., Schep, G. (2007). High-intensity strength training improves quality of

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The mediation effect of Perceived Social Support and Perceived Stress on the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Wellbeing in Male Athletes

/psychological wellbeing is social support (Kong et al., 2012). This finding has been also confirmed in athletic samples ( Chen, 2013 ). Researchers have identified that individuals who perceive much social support from others report greater wellbeing or wellbeing indicators such as life satisfaction ( Gallagher and Vella-Brodrick, 2008 ). Gallagher and Vella-Brodrick (2008) reported that perceived social support functioned as a partial mediator of the relationship between EI and wellbeing, as well as between EI and life satisfaction (Kong et al., 2012). Thus, we might expect that

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The Chronotype of Elite Athletes

sleepiness and medical advice should be recommended. Subjective Sleep Satisfaction and Sleep Quality Participants were asked to rate how satisfied they were with the amount of sleep they normally obtained on a Likert scale from 1 (very dissatisfied) to 10 (very satisfied). In addition, participants were asked to rate their normal quality of sleep on a Likert scale from 1 (very poor) to 6 (excellent). Procedure All questionnaires were administered in periods during which the athletes were involved in a typical training phase. This typical training phase was

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An acute bout of quadriceps muscle stretching has no influence on knee joint proprioception

References Avela J, Kyrolainen H, Komi PV. Altered reflex sensitivity after repeated and prolonged passive muscle stretch. J Appl Physiol , 1999; 86: 1283-1291 Beckerman H, Roebroeck ME, Lankhorst GJ, Becher JG, Bezemer PD, Verbeek ALM. Smallest real difference, a link between reproducibility and responsiveness. Quality Life Res , 2001; 10: 571-578 Bjorklund M, Djupsjobacka M, Crenshaw AG. Acute muscle stretching and shoulder position sense. J Athl Train , 2006; 41: 270-274 Boerboom AL

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Sports Activity Following Cementless Metaphyseal Hip Joint Arthroplasty

prostheses are also termed anatomical, as the major part of the proximal end of the femur is maintained and, if properly fixed, allows for full replication of the anatomical relations in the hip joint. This solution offers patients the opportunities for the return to good health status and quality of life following hip joint arthroplasty. The aim of the study was to evaluate function and physical activity of people following hip joint arthroplasty in the observation of at least five years using cementless metaphyseal hip joint arthroplasty. Methods The study group

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Visual Impairment does not Limit Training Effects in Development of Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity in Tandem Cyclists

. Res Dev Disabil , 2014; 35: 21–26 Grigaliūnienė A, Ramonas A, Celutkienė J, Sileikienė V, Rudys A, Juocevičius A, Laucevičius A. Cardiorespiratory parameters of exercise capacity in a healthy Lithuanian population: the pilot study. Hellenic J Cardiol , 2013; 54: 107–118 Holbrook EA, Caputo JL, Fuller DK, Perry TL, Morgan DW. Physical Activity, Body Composition, and Perceived Quality of Life in Adults with Visual Impairment. J Vis Impair Blind , 2009; 103: 17–29 Hopkins WG, Gaeta H, Thomas AC, Hill PM. Physical fitness of blind and sighted

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Body Dissatisfaction and Self-Esteem in Female Students Aged 9-15: the Effects of Age, Family Income, Body Mass Index Levels and Dance Practice

pressures: gender and age differences. Salud Mental, 2010; 33: 21-29 Forney KJ, Ward RM. Examining the moderating role of social norms between body dissatisfaction and disordered eating in college students. Eat Behav, 2013; 14: 73-78 Greenberger E, Chen C, Dmitrieva J, Farruggia SP. Item-wording and the dimensionality of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale: do they matter? Pers Individ Dif, 2003; 35: 1241-1254 Griffiths LJ, Parsons TJ, Hill AJ. Self-esteem and quality of life in obese children and adolescents: a systematic

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The Effect of Coaching Practices on Psychological Contract Fulfillment of Student-Athletes

. Journal of Intercollegiate Sport , 6(2), 179-195. Blau, P.M. (1964). Exchange and Power in Social Life . New Brunswick USA, and London UK: Transaction Books. Case, R. (1998). Leader Member Exchange Theory and sport: possible applications. Journal of Sport Behavior , 21(4), 387-395. Chelladurai, P. (1990). Leadership in sports: A review. International Journal of Sport Psychology , 21(4), 328-354. Conroy, D.E., & Coatsworth, J.D. (2006). Coach training as a strategy for promoting youth social development. Sport Psychologist , 20(2), 128

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Acute and Chronic Whole-Body Vibration Exercise does not Induce Health-Promoting Effects on The Blood Profile

downhill running. Br J Sports Med , 2010; 44: 888-894 Bruyere O, Wuidart MA, Di Palma E, Gourlay M, Ethgen O, Richy F, Reginster JY. Controlled whole body vibration to decrease fall risk and improve health-related quality of life of nursing home residents. Arch Phys Med Rehabil , 2005; 86: 303-307 Cardinale M, Wakeling J. Whole body vibration exercise: are vibrations good for you? Br J Sports Med , 2005; 39: 585-589; discussion 589 Chanou K, Gerodimos V, Karatrantou K, Jamurtas AZ. Whole-body vibration and rehabilitation of chronic diseases: A review

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The Influence of Built Environment on Walkability Using Geographic Information System

-484 Sallis JF, King AC, Sirard JR., Albright CL. Perceived environmental predictors of physical activity over 6 months in adults: activity counseling trial. Health Psycho 2006b. 26: 701-709 StatSoft CR (2007). Statistika Cz 8.0 [Computer software]. Praha: StatSoft CR. Sugiyama T, Thompson C, Alves S. Associations between Neighborhood Open Space Attributes and Quality of Life for Older People in Britain. Environ Behav, 2008. 41: 3-21 Tudor-Locke C. et al. Descriptive epidemiology of pedometer

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