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Behavioral consequences of customers’ satisfaction with banking products and services

-70. Bristor, J. M. (1990). Enhanced Explanations of Word-of-Mouth Communications: The Power of Relationships. Research in Consumer Behavior , 4, 51–83. Burnham, T. A., Frels, J. K., & Mahajan, V. (2003). Consumer Switching Costs: A Typology, Antecedents and Consequences. Journal of Academy of Marketing Science , 31(2), 109-126. Chakravarty, S., Feinberg, R., & Rhee, E. Y. (2004). Relationships and Individuals Bank Switching Behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology , 25, 507-527. Chou, J. S., & Droge, C. (2006). Service Quality, Trust, Specific Asset

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Economical aspects of the CCS technology integration in the conventional power plant

References Badea, A.A., Dinca, C.F. (2012). CO 2 capture from post-combustion gas by employing MEA absorption process-experimental investigations for pilot studies. University” Politehnica” of Bucharest Scientific Bulletin, Series D: Mechanical Engineering , 74 (1), 21-32. Badea, A.A., Voda, I., Dinca, C.F., (2010). Comparative analysis of coal, natural gas and nuclear fuel life cycles by chains of electrical energy production. University” Politehnica” of Bucharest Scientific Bulletin, Series C-Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Volume

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The role of international competences in increasing graduates’ access to the labor market

Macmillian. Cheruvelil K.S., Soranno P.A., Weathers K.C., Hanson P.C., Goring S.J., Filstrup C.T., Read, E.K., (2014). Creating and maintaining high-performing collaborative research teams: the importance of diversity and interpersonal skills, The ecological Society of America , 12(1), 31-38, DOI:10.1890/130001. Enders, J and de Weert, E. (2009). Towards a T-shaped Profession: Academic Work and Career in the Knowledge Society, The Changing Face of Academic Life – Analytical and Comparative Perspectives , 251-271, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan European

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The Effect of Socialization and Maven Characteristics on Viral Advertising

marketing. International Journal of Business, 21 (2), 99-113. Benmoyal-Bouzaglo, S., & Moschis, G. P. (2009). The effects of family structure and socialization influences on compulsive consumption: a life course study in France. International Journal of Consumer Studies , 33 , 49–57. Berger, J., & Milkman, K. L. (2012). What makes online content viral? Journal of Marketing Research , 49 (April), 192–205. Brown, J. J., & Reingen, P. H. (1987). Social ties and word-of-mouth referral behavior. The Journal of Consumer Research , 14 (3), 350

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The Contribution of the Social Economy to the Economic Development

economic development, a proprietary research project of the Institute of the Quality of Life Research , JOURNAL OF SOCIAL-POLICIES, Vol. XX, Nos. 1–2, pp. 5–7 The European Economic and Social Committee (2017) Recent developments of the social economy in the European Union, pp.21-25 ,

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Forecasting Firm Performance: Evidence from Romanian Furniture Firms

Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research, 44(3), pp. 123 - 139. Boca, G.D. (2012). SWOT analysis to improve quality management production, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 62, pp. 319 - 324. Budică, I., Puiu, S., Budică, B. & Ocheţan, D. (2013). Analysis of Exports of Logs and Lumber of Romania between 1989 - 2010, Economy Transdisciplinarity Cognition, 16(1), pp. 101-104. Bureau van Dijk Electriniques (2015). Amadeus database. Burja, V. & Mărginean, R. (2014). The study

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Job Satisfaction of Men And Women Employed in Manufacturing Sector and Education in Serbia

allocation of men and women, advances in quality of life theory and research. Social Indicators Research Series, 4, 111-128. doi: 10.1007/978-94-011-4291-5_6. Ho C.L., & Au, W.T. (2006). Teaching satisfaction scale: Measuring job satisfaction of teachers. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 66(1), 172-185. doi: 10.1177/0013164405278573. Hoerr, T.R. (2013). Principal connection: Is your school happy? Educational Leadership, 70(8), 86-87. Judge, T.A., Fforesen, C.J., Bono, J.E., & Patton, G.K. (2001). _ e job

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Application of Multi-Criteria Analysis in the Public Procurement Process Optimization

). Quality-based contractor rating model for qualification and bidding purposes. Journal of Management in Engineering , 21(1), 38–43. Mitkus, S. & Trinkuniene, E. (2008). Reasoned decisions in construction contracts evaluation. Technological and Economic Development of Economy , 14(3), 402–416. Molenaar, K. R. & Johnson, D. E. (2003). Engineering the procurement phase to achieve the best value. Leadership & Management in Engineering , 3(3), 137–141. Ng, S. T. & Skitmore, R. M. (1999). Client and consultant perspectives of prequalification criteria

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Primary Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth: Evidence from India

. Biometrica 75: 335-346. Rehdanz, K. and Maddison, D. 2008. Local environmental quality and life-satisfaction in Germany. Ecological Economics 64: 787-797. Saikkonen, P., Lütkepohl, H. 2000. Testing for the cointegrating rank of a VAR process with structural shifts. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 18: 451-464. Sari, R. and Soytas, U. 2009. Are global warming and economic growth combatable? Evidence from Five OPEC countries. Applied Energy 86: 1887

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Explaining individual- and country-level variations in unregistered employment using a multi-level model: evidence from 35 Eurasian countries

economy: studies in advanced and less developing countries, edited by A. Portes, M. Castells and L. Benton, 11–40. Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press. Davis, M. 2006. Planet of Slums, London: Verso. De Soto, H. 2001. The Mystery of capital: why capitalism triumphs in the west and fails everywhere else. London: Black Swan. EBRD 2011. Life in transition after the crises. Research report. London: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. European Commission 2014. Employment and social developments in europe 2013. Brussels: European

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