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Hairui Wei and Zhaohan Sheng

, 73, 641-646. 4. A. Beresford, S. Pettit, Q. Xu, 2012. Williams, S. A study of dry port development in China. Maritime Economics & Logistics, 14, 73-98. 5. V. Roso, J. Woxenius, K. Lumsden, 2009. The dry port concept: Connecting container seaports with the hinterland. Journal of Transport Geography,17(5), 381-398. 6. T. Heaver, H. Meersman, E. Voorde, 2001. Co-operation and competition in international container transport: strategies for ports. Maritime Policy and Management, 28(3), 293-305. 7. T

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Meysam Maleki and Virgilio Cruz-Machado

References [1] Forrester J., Industrial Dynamics , New York, NY, Wiley, 1961. [2] Oliver R.K., Webber M.D., Supply-chain management: logistics catches up with strategy , Outlook, Booz, Allen and Hamilton Inc 1982. [3] Soni G., Kodali R., A critical review of empirical research methodology in supply chain management , Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 23, 753-779, 2012. [4] Giunipero L.C., Hooker R.E., Matthews S.C., Yoon T.E., Brudvig S., A decade of SCM literature: past

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Ioannis Karakikes, Wladimir Hofmann, Lambros Mitropoulos and Mihails Savrasovs

References 1. Borge, R., Lumbreras, J., Pérez, J., de la Paz, D., Vedrenne, M., de Andrés, J., Rodríguez, M. (2014) Emission inventories and modelling requirements for the development of air quality plans. Application to Madrid (Spain). Science of the Total Environment . 466-467, 809-819 (2014). 2. Cimpeanu, R., Devine, M.T., O’Brien, C. (2017) A simulation model for the management and expansion of extended port terminal operations. In: Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 98 , pp. 105–131. DOI: 10.1016/j.tre.2016

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Sławomira Hajduk

L iterature Allen, J., Browne, M., & Holguin-Veras, J. (2015). Sustainability Strategies for City Logistics. In A. McKinnon, M. Browne, M. Piecyk, A. Whiteing (Eds.), Green Logistics. Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics (pp. 293-319). Kogan Page Publishers. Bank Danych Lokalnych GUS [Local Data Bank Central Statistical Office]. (2016). Retrieved from Bristol Accord. (2005). Retrieved from http

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Dominik Zimon, Teresa Gajewska and Marcela Malindzakova

effect of the ISO 9001 quality management system on the performance of SMEs. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 29(7), 753-778. [10] Brotons, J. M., Sansalvador, M. E. (2016). The value of ISO 9001 certification in the Spanish small and medium enterprises belonging to the agriculture sector: the impact of the economic crisis. Itea-Informacion Tecnica Economica Agraria, 112(1), 78-83. [11] Wolniak, R. (2013). The assessment of significance of benefits gained from the improvement of quality management systems in Polish organizations

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Darja Topolšek and Dejan Dragan

, applications, references and DEA-solver software . Massachusetts: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Council, World Travel & Tourism. (2014). Travel & Tourism: Economic Impact 2014. London: WTTC. Denise, L. (2007). Collaboration vs. C-Three (Cooperation, Coordination, and Communication). Innovating, 7 (3), 1-5. Dragan, D., Kramberger, T., & Topolšek, D. . (2015). Supply chain integration and firm performance in the tourism sector. Paper presented at the Pre-conference proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Logistics & Sustainable Transport 2015

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Esa Hämäläinen, Olli-Pekka Hilmola and Andres Tolli

References 1. Alhosalo, M. (2013) Shipowners Barometer . Publications from the Centre for Maritime Studies, University of Turku, B 197, Turku, Finland. 2. Anonymous (2014) Interviews of logistics management of two large paper companies. 3. Arlbjørn, J.S., Jonsson, P., and Johansen, J. (2008) Nordic research in logistics and supply chain management: an empirical analysis. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management 6: 452–474. 4. Bruckner-Menchelli, N. (2009) Scrubbers versus Distillates. Sustainable

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Pankaj Sharma and Makarand S Kulkarni

1 Introduction Military logistics is the “science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of forces”, including acquisition of services and […] (NATO 2007). It aims at achieving operational results rather than economic results. The interest of defence, and, by extension, defence logistics, is […] “to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of the military”, whose duty is to protect and defend the public interest and the long-term security of the State ( Yoho et al. 2013 ). Military logistics in the past have been following the concept

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Ewa Kulińska

. Zasoby i zadania . WNT, Warszawa 2006. [14] Kulińska E., Krupa T. - Model oceny aksjologicznego wymiaru zarządzania ryzykiem procesów logistycznych , Logistyka 4/2009. [15] Kulińska E., Dornfeld A. - Zarządzanie ryzykiem procesów logistycznych - studium przypadku . Logistyka 3/2009. [16] Kulińska E. - Risk Management Relation Surplus Value Change of Logistics Processes [in] Invence - Inovace - Investice, od recese k prosperitĕ . Vydavatel Vysoká Škola Báňska, Republika Czeska, Ostrava 2009. [17

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Piotr Woźny and Józef Błachnio

transportowych, ITE-PIB, Bydgoszcz-Radom. [Fundamentals of effectiveness of transportation systems functioning. The Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute, Bydgoszcz-Radom] [9] Osińska M., 2012, Prognozowanie w logistyce, Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki, Bydgoszcz. [Forecasting in logistics, University of Economy, Bydgoszcz] [10] Woropay M., 1996, Podstawy racjonalnej eksploatacji maszyn, Praca zbiorowa, ITeE, Radom. [Basics of reasonable machine operation, Collective work. The Institute for Sustainable Technologies, Radom] [11