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Piotr F. Borowski

References 1. Akdere, M., Schmidt, S.W. (2007), Measuring the Effects of Employee Orientation Training on Employee Perception of Organizational Culture: Implication for Organizational Development. The Business Review, 8, 234-239. 2. Al-Maghraby, R. (2013), Change Management Struggles in Post-Revolution Egypt. PM World Journal, 2(7), 1-4. 3. Belk, R.W. (2008), Handbook of Qualitative Method Research in Marketing, Elgar Publishing. 4. Berrio, A. (2003), An Organizational Culture Assessment Using

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Krzysztof Stêpniewski, Matthew L. J. White and Mary Megalli

Poland). Ring 24, 2: 15-29. Goodman S.M., Meininger P.L. (Eds). 1989. The birds of Egypt. Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford - New York. Goodman S.M., Meininger P.L., Mullié W.C. 1986. The birds of the Egyptian Western Desert. Misc. Publ. Univ. Michigan Mus. Zool. 172: 1-91. Gustafsson R., Hjort Ch., Ottosson U., Hall Ph. 2003. Birds at Lake Chad and in the Sahel of NE Nigeria 1997-2000. Ottenby Bird Observatory, Hilgerloh G., Raddatz B. 2009. Weight gains by re

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The Empire and the Egyptians

A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Global Journalism Studies

Elisabeth Eide


This article explores how three different analytical approaches to texts may work together to a certain extent in a critical approach to journalistic representation, in this case of the “non-western” world. Focusing on short news items dealing with the nationalist uprising in Egypt in 1919, the texts are analysed using critical discourse analysis, but also inspired by Said’s Orientalism critique, Bourdieu’s field theory including the notion of journalism as an autonomous field, albeit with a weak autonomy.

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Mokhtar Abdel-Kader and Nehal El-Mougy

References Abdel-Kader M. M. 1997. Field application of Tricholderma harzianum and biocide for control bean root rot disease. Egypt. J. Phytopathol. 25: 19-25. Abdel-Kader M. M. 1998. A new bacterial disease of Orobanche crenata and its preliminary evaluation as biological control measure. Egypt. J. Phytopathol. 26 (1): 29-36. Abdel-Kader M. M. 1999. Preliminary trial for field application with mycoherbicides against Orobanche crenata Forsk. in pea field. Egypt. J. Appl

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A. Ahmed Shata, S. Abdelaty and R. Hanitsch

References Shata, A. S. A., & Hanitsch, R. (2006). Evaluation of wind energy potential and electricity generation on the coast of Mediterranean Sea in Egypt. Renewable Energy , 31, 1183-1202. Salem, A. I., Abdelaty, S. A., Abu El-Eizz, H. M., & Shata, A. (1999). Wind Energy Potential over Egypt. The 4 th Conf. of Meteorology and Sustainable Development to 21 st Century , Cairo (Egypt), 148-162. Salem, A. I. (1995). Characteristics of surface wind speed and direction over Egypt

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Riad El-Mohamedy and Nehal El-Mougy

References Abdel-Kader M.M. 1997. Field application of Trichoderma harzianum as biocide for control bean root rot disease. Egypt. J. Phytopathol. 25: 19-25. Abdelzaher H.M.A. 2001. Occurrence of damping-off of wheat caused by Pythium diclinum Tokunaga in El-Minia, Egypt and its possible control by Glocladium roseum and Trichoderma harzianum. 8th International Marine and Freshwater Mycology Symposium. Hurghada, Egypt, July 7-12. Abdelzaher H.M.A. 2003. Biological control of

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Mohamed El-Nady, Amany Hamza and Aly Derbalah

phenolic deposits in semithin sections of plant tissue. J. Microscopy 179 (3): 277-281. Hamza A. M. 2009. Evoloution and Resistance Mechanism of Some Rice Weeds Against Some Herbicides. Ph.D thesis, Fac. of Agric. Kafr-El Sheikh Univ. Egypt, 33 pp. Kuk Y. N., Kwon O. D., Jung H., Burgos N. R., Jaock G. 2002. Cross-resistance pattern and alternative herbicides for Rotala indica resistant to imazosulfuron in Korea. Pestic. Biochem. Physiol. 74 (3): 129-138. Laemmli U. K. 1970. Cleavage of

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Azza Sarry El Din, Nayera Hassan, Sahar El-Masry and Muhammad Al-Tohamy

References 1. Expert Panel on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight in Adults. Clinical guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults: executive summary. Am J Clin Nutr. 1998; 68:899 -917. 2. Egypt Demographic and Health Survey, Nutritional status. Chapter 14, 2008:185-188. 3. Hingorjo MR, Qureshi MA, Mehdi A. Neck circumference as a useful marker of obesity: A comparison with body mass index and waist circumference. JPMA. 2012

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Anna Wysocka, Fabian Welc and Urszula Czarniecka

the Eastern Egyptian Desert. Episodes 2, 3–6. Klemm, D., Klemm, R., 2010. The stones of the pyramids, provenance of the building stones of the Old Kingdom Pyramids of Egypt. Walter de Gruyter: Berlin – New York, 12–26. Klemm, R., Klemm, D., 2008. Stones and quarries in Ancient Egypt. The British Museum Press: London, 40–57. Miall, A.D., 1978. Lithofacies types and vertical profile models in braided river deposits: a summary. In Miall, A.D. (ed.) Fluvial Sedimentology, Canadian Society of Petroleum Geology Memoirs 5, 597–604. Mycielska

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Enas R. Abdel Hameed, Inas R. El-Alameey, Lobna S. Sherif, Sahar A. Khairy, Amr S. Megawer, Eman R. Youness and Aisha Mohamed El-Shiemy

. Obes Rev. 2007; 8 (Suppl 2):63-73. 20. Hassan NE, EL-Ashry HH, Awad AH, El-Masry SA, Youssef M M, Sallam M M, Anwar M. Adiponectin in obese children and its association with blood pressure and anthropometric markers. Medical Research Journal. 2011; 10 (1): 1-4. 21. El Derwi D, El Sherbiny N, Atta AH. Exploring Fayoum (Upper Egypt) preparatory school students’ and teachers’ attitude towards obesity as health risk. J Public Health Epidemiol. 2011; 3: 401-406. 22. Shaheen FM, Hathout M, Tawfik AA. National survey of