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Katarzyna Grabowska


Storms in the European part of the Mediterranean Sea Basin are characterized in the paper. Data on storm days comes from the years 1986-2008, from fourteen stations located on the coast and on islands of the Mediterranean Sea (Gibraltar, Valencia, Palma de Majorca, Marseille, Ajaccio – Corsica, Cagliari – Sardinia, Palermo – Sicily, Naples, Luqa – Malta, Thessaloniki, Athens, Souda – Crete, Rhodes Airport – Rhodes and Larnaca – Cyprus). The greatest number of storm days was noted in Corsica (870 - on the average 37,8 per year) and the least in Gibraltar (371 – 16,1). In most of the examined stations storms took place most frequently in the fall (from 19 to 46%). The smallest number of storm days was observed in winter (western and central part of the region) and in summer (eastern part). From a year-to-year analysis of storm days, it was found that their trend, at almost at all the stations, is negative. The strongest negative trend was observed in Valencia, Naples and Cagliari (-8,5 days/10 years). A growing trend, reaching 3 storm days/10 years, was only found in Cyprus.

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Mathias Harzhauser, Oleg Mandic and Jan Schlögl

-171. Harzhauser M. 2002: Marine und brachyhaline Gastropoden aus dem Karpatium des Korneuburger Beckens und der Kreuzstettner Bucht (Österreich, Untermiozän). Beitr. Paläont. 27, 61-159. Harzhauser M. 2003: Marine Gastropods, Scaphopods and Cephalopods of the Karpatian in the Central Paratethys. In: Brzobohatý R., Cicha I., Kováč M. & Rögl F. (Eds.): The Karpatian — a Lower Miocene Stage of the Central Paratethys. Masaryk University , Brno, 193-201. Harzhauser M. & Kowalke T. 2004: Survey of the Nassariid Gastropods in the

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Kamil Fekete, Ján Soták, Daniela Boorová, Otília Lintnerová, Jozef Michalík and Jacek Grabowski

: Demise of the northern Tethyan Urgonian carbonate platform and subsequent transition towards pelagic conditions: the sedimentary record of the Col de la Plaine Morte area, central Switzerland. Sediment. Geol. 205, 142-159. Föllmi K.B. & Godet A. 2013: Palaeoceanography of Lower Cretaceous Alpine platform carbonates. Sedimentology 60, 131-151. Föllmi K.B., Weissert H., Bisping M. & Funk H. 1994: Phosphogenesis, carbon-isotope stratigraphy, and carbonate-platform evolution along the Lower Cretaceous northern Tethyan margin. Geol. Soc. Am

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Nicoletta Mancin and Michael A. Kaminski

, Gastropoda) from the Pliocene of the north-western Mediterranean. Bull. Inst. Cat. Hist. Nat. 67, 69-90 (in Italian with English abstract). Solsona M. & Martinell J. 1999: Protoconch as a taxonomic tool in Gastropoda systematics. Application in the Pliocene Mediterranean Naticidae. Geobios 32, 3, 409-419. Spezzaferri S., Rögl F., Ćorić S. & Hohenegger J. 2004: Paleoenvironmental changes and agglutinated foraminifera across the Karpatian/ Badenian (early/middle Miocene) boundary in the Styrian basin (Austria, Central Paratethys). In: Bubík M

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Irena Tsermegas, Maciej Dłużewski, Katarzyna Biejat and Adam Szynkiewicz

References Acheson P. E., 1997. Does the "economic explanation" work? Settlement, agriculture and erosion in the territory of Halieis in the Late Classical-Early Hellenistic period. Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology , 10, 165-190. Baldock D., Beaufoy G., Brouwer F., F. Godeschalk, 1996. Farming at the Margins. Abandonment or Redeployment of Agricultural Land in Europe. IEEP, LEI-DLO, London & Hague. Betancourt P. P., Hope Simpson R., 1992. The agricultural system of Bronze Age

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Serhat Köksal

.M.C. 1984: Paleotectonic evolution of Tuzgölü basin complex, central Turkey. In: Dixon J.E. & Robertson A.H.F. (Eds.): The geological evolution of the eas tern Mediterranean. Geol. Soc. London, Spec. Publ. 17, 81–96. Güleç N. 1994: Rb–Sr Isotope data from the Ağaçören granitoid (East of Tuz Gölü): geochronological and genetical implications. Turk. J. Earth Sci. 3, 39–43. Güleç N. & Kadıoğlu Y.K. 1998: Relative involvement of mantle and crustal components in the Ağaçören Granitoid (central Anatolia -Turkey): estimates from trace element and Sr-isotope data

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Cipriano Di Maggio, Giuliana Madonia, Marco Vattano, Valerio Agnesi and Salvatore Monteleone

: Paleogeography and structure of the central Mediterranean: Sicily and its offshore area. Tectonophysics 260, 291–323. Catalano R., Franchino A., Merlini S. & Sulli A. 2000: Central Western Sicily structural setting interpreted from seismic reflection profiles. Mem. Soc. Geol. Ital. 55, 5–16. Catalano R., Merlini S., Sulli A., 2002: The structure of western Sicily, Central Mediterranean. Pet. Geosci. 8, 7–18. Catalano R., Valenti V., Albanese C., Accaino F., Sulli, A., Tinivella U., Gasparo Morticelli M., Zanolla C. & Giustiniani M. 2013: Sicily’s fold

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Ibrahim Ied, Katarína Holcová and Ezzat Abd-Elshafy

-316. Borsetti A.M., Cati F., Coialongo M.L. & Sartoni S. 1979: Biostratigraphy and absolute ages of the Italian Neogene. 7th International Congress Mediterranean Neogene Athens. Ann. Geol. Pays Hellen. , 183-197. Böhme M. 2003: The Miocene climatic optimum: evidence from ectothermic vertebrates of Central Europe. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 195, 389-401. Casolari E., Negri A., Picotti V. & Bertotti V. 2000: Neogene stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Gargano promontory (Southern Italy). Eclogae Geol. Helv

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Michal Kováč, Eva Halásová, Natália Hudáčková, Katarína Holcová, Matúš Hyžný, Michal Jamrich and Andrej Ruman

and Paratethys salinity. Geol. Carpath. 68, 3, 193–206. Bartol M., Mikuž V. & Horvat A. 2014: Palaeontological evidence of communication between the Central Paratethys and the Mediterranean in the late Badenian/early Serravalian. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol.Palaeoecol. 394, 144–157. Beldean C. & Filipescu S. 2011: “Flysch-type” agglutinated foraminifera from the Lower Miocene of the Transylvanian Basin (Romania). In: Kaminski M.A. & Filipescu S. (Eds.): Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera. Grzybowski

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Üner Çakir and Tijen Üner

1024 1044 Robertson A.H.F. 2002: Overview of the genesis and emplacement of Mesozoic ophiolites in the Eastern Mediterranean Tethyan region. Lithos 65, 1–67. Robertson A.H.F. 2002 Overview of the genesis and emplacement of Mesozoic ophiolites in the Eastern Mediterranean Tethyan region Lithos 65 1 67 Rojay B. 2013: Tectonic evolution of the Cretaceous Ankara Ophiolitic Mélange during the Late Cretaceous to pre-Miocene interval in Central Anatolia, Turkey. J. Geodynamics 65, 66–81. Rojay B. 2013 Tectonic evolution