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E-government Policy and its Implementation in the Czech Republic: Selected Shortcomings

:// Chum, J. (2013). Připadali jsme si skoro jako v Kocourkově [We thought like being in the Crazy Town](interview with the president of Association of secretaries of municipal offices). Veřejná správa, 1, 10-11. Clift, S. L. (2004). E-government and democracy: Representation and citizen engagement in the information age. Retrieved from http

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„Western“ Israel in the system of the oriental civilization

/February 2009, vol 88, No 1 Meibar B , Political Culture, Foreign Policy and Conflict. The Palestine Area Conflict System, Westport- Connecticut-London 1982 Milewski P , Amerykańscy przyjaciele Izraela, „Newsweek”, 10/2015, 2-8 03 15 Miller, Europe`s Palestine Problem. Making Sure the EU Matters to Middle East Peace, „Foreign Affairs”, September/October 2011, vol 90, No 5 Palestinian Authority officially changes name to ‘State of Palestine’, „Haaretz”, Saturday, May 02, 2015, Iyyar 13, 5775

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Increasing Eupopulism as a megatrend in east central Europe: from facade democracies to velvet dictatorships

, Available at: <> [Accessed on 10 December 2016]. Mudde, C., 2002. In the Name of the Peasantry, the Proletariat, and the People: Populism in Eastern Europe. In: Y. Mény and Y. Surel, eds., 2002. Democracies and Populist Challenge. Basingstoke & New York: Palgrave, Ch. 12. Mudde, C., 2007. Populist Radical Parties in Europe. New York: Cambridge University Press. Muiznieks, N., 2014. Report by the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of

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Antidiplomacy in Russia’s policies regarding russian-speakers in the baltic states

Security & Defence Review, 15/2, pp. 70-97. MAVISE, 2013. TV Channel: PBK Latvia [online]. Available at: <>[Accessed 10 September 2015]. Mironov, 2015. Otvet Genprokuratury po powodu zakonnosti peredachi Kryma Ukraine v 1954 godu [online]. Available at: <> [Accessed 21 August 2015]. NEWS ERR EE, 2011. Lavrov Blasts Estonia, Latvia on Non-Citizens Issue [online]. Available at: <

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Ethnic Identity of Kazakhstani Russians: The Dynamics of Change and the Place of Russia as a Kin State

’ diaspora” Ethnic and Racial Studies vol. 28 no. 1 1 19 Calhoun, C. 1993. “Nationalism and Ethnicity”, Annual Review of Sociology , vol. 19, pp. 211-239. 10.1146/ Calhoun C. 1993 “Nationalism and Ethnicity” Annual Review of Sociology vol. 19 211 239 Cederman, L., Girardin, L. & Gleditsch, K.S. 2009. “Ethnonationalist Triads: Assessing the Influence of Kin Groups on Civil Wars”, World Politics , vol. 61, no. 3, pp. 403-437. 10.1017/S0043887109000148 Cederman L. Girardin L. Gleditsch K.S. 2009

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Language Differentiation of Ukraine’s Population

language – the Russian language. To show the situation of languages spoken by small minorities, the case study of the Kirimli language is discussed. What the figures show Data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the results of the all-Ukrainian population censuses of 1989 and 2001 and opinion surveys as well as publications of researchers in the field of linguistic diversity constitute the information basis of the research. Although the United Nations recommends conducting population censuses every 10 years, there were problems in Ukraine with organization

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The Arabic Language: A Latin of Modernity?

19-35). In: Dwight F Reynolds, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Modern Arab Culture . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 10.1017/CCO9781139021708.004 Brustad Kristen 2015 The Question of Language 19 35 Dwight F Reynolds The Cambridge Companion to Modern Arab Culture Cambridge Cambridge University Press Cadei, Emily. 2015. Many Women In The Arab World Are Highly Educated, But Underemployed. Huffpost: The World Post . 13 May. . Accessed: Oct 7, 2017. Cadei Emily 2015 Many Women

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Desperately Seeking Understanding: A New Perspective on Multiculturalism

-europes-far-right Trotman, James C. 2002. Multiculturalism roots and realities Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Trotman James C. 2002 Multiculturalism roots and realities Bloomington Indiana University Press “Q. Would you be willing to accept Muslims as neighbors?” 2018. Pew Research Center “Q. Would you be willing to accept Muslims as neighbors?” 2018 Pew Research Center

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Securitization of the Migration Crisis and Islamophobic Rhetoric: The 2016 Slovak Parliamentary Elections as a Case Study

by Ronnie D. Lipschutz. New York: Columbia University Press. Waever Ole. 1995 “Securitization and Desecuritization.” On Security edited by Ronnie D. Lipschutz New York Columbia University Press Williams, Michael C. 2003. “Word, Images, Enemies: Securitization and International Politics.” International Studies Quarterly 47 (4): 511-532. 10.1046/j.0020-8833.2003.00277.x Williams Michael C. 2003 “Word, Images, Enemies: Securitization and International Politics ” International Studies Quarterly 47 4 511 532 Yin, Robert K. 2014

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Shadow Memorial Diplomacy: The Ronald Reagan Centennial Year in Central and Eastern Europe

the Czech NGO Opona , meaning “curtain”, whose main purpose was to publicize the memory of communist atrocities and to prevent a political comeback of the Communist Party, which in the early 21st century regularly received around 10% of votes in parliamentary elections. Ronald Reagan served as a key figure for Opona and their political sympathizers, as his staunch anticommunist stance was perceived as instrumental in ending the totalitarian régime. For the Reagan centennial, Opona first suggested renaming the Prague airport after him. This effort ultimately

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