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Scientific Laboratory Platform for Testing the Electric Vehicle Equipped with DC Drive

References 1. Alcala, I., Claudio, A., & Guerrero, G. (2008). Test bench to emulate an electric vehicle through equivalent inertia and machine dc. The 11 th IEEE International Power Electronics Congress . Cuernavaca, 198−203. 2. Chan, C. C., & Chau, K. T. (2001). Modern Electric Vehicle Technology. New York: Oxford University Press. 3. Drabek, P., Streit, L., & Los, M. (2010). The energy storage system with supercapacitor. The 14 th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference . Ohrid (Macedonia), 39-43. 4. Iannuzzi, D. (2008

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Study of the Synchronous Reluctance Motor Design

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The Development of Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials Industry in Science and Entrepreneurship: Scientific Indicators. A Case Study of Latvia (Part Three)

). European applications of micro/nano-technologies to space ESA overview. IFAC Proceedings, 33(26), 315-320. 14. Tetlow, D., De Simon, L., Liew, S. Y., Hewakandamby, B., Mack, D., Thielemans, W., & Riffat, S. (2017). Cellulosic-crystals as a fumed-silica substitute in vacuum insulated panel technology used in building construction and retrofit applications. Energy and Buildings. 15. Wigger, H., Steinfeldt, M. & Bianchin, A. (2017). Environmental

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Transition from Legacy to Connectivity Solution for Infrastructure Control of Smart Municipal Systems

, I (2016). Making system of systems interoperable - The core components of the arrowhead technology framework. Journal of Network and Computer Applications. 7. Shelby, Z., Hartke, K., & Bormann, C. (2014). The constrained application protocol (CoAP). 8. Holm, T., Christiansen, L., Gring, M., Jger, T., & Fay, A. (2012). ISO 15926 vs. IEC 62424 - Comparison of plant structure modelling concepts. In Proceedings of 2012 IEEE 17th International Conference on Emerging Technologies Factory Automation (ETFA 2012), 17-21 September 2012 (pp. 1

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The Effect of Fuel Quality on Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide Emissions, While Burning Biomass and RDF

:// [Accessed: 21.01.2014]. 4. Institute of Forest and Wood Products Research and Development. (2012). Study – Monitoring of the use of wood biomass in energy recovery ( in Latvian ). Jelgava. 5. Zhang, X., Chen, Q., Bradford, R., Sharifi, V., & Swithenbank, J. (2010). Experimental investigation and mathematical modelling of wood combustion in a moving grate boiler. Fuel Process. Technol., 91 (11), 1491–1499. 6. Nussbaumer, T. (2003). Combustion and co-combustion of biomass: Fundamentals, technologies primary measures for emission reduction. Energy & Fuels

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Metamodels for New Designs of Outer-Rotor Brushless Synchronous Electric Motors

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Capacitance and Leakage Current Balancing for Supercapacitive Energy Storage System / Kapacitāšu Un Noplūdes Strāvu Balansēšana Superkondensatoru Enerģijas Uzkrājējsistēmai

References 1. Product Guide - BOOSTCAP Ultracapacitors - Doc. No. 1014627.1, (2009). Maxwell Technologies, Inc. 2. UltraCap Double Layer Capacitors, A New Energy Storage Device for Peak Power Applications. EPCOS, Product Profile-2001. 3. Latkovskis, L. & Brazis, V. (2008). Simulation of the regenerative energy storage with supercapacitors in Tatra T3A type trams. In Proceedings of the 10th International Conf. on Computer Modeling and Simulation , UKSIM, 398-403, Cambridge (UK). 4. Linzen

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Insight into Participation of Generating Sources in the Energy Supply to Loads

References Danitz, F., Rudnick, H., Zolezzi, J., & Watts, D. (2002). Use Based Allocation Methods for Payment of Electricity Transmission Systems. Proceedings of Intern. Conf. on Power System Technology. Vol. 2 , pp. 907-911. Zolezzi, H. M., & Rudnick, H. (2003). Consumers Coordination and Cooperation in Transmission Cost Allocation. Proceedings of Power Tech Conf., IEEE , Vol. 3 , Bologna. Bialek, J. (Aug. 1997). Topological Generation and Load Distribution Factors for

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