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Consumer Social Responsibility: Example of Cycling Service

Characteristic of Turkish Consumers on their Socially Responsible Consumption Behaviors. // World Applied Sciences Journal. Vol. 7, pp. 946–960. Internet access: < > [accessed September 11, 2017]. 21. Pitrėnaitė, B. (2011). Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure. Saugios savivaldybės kūrimo Lietuvoje gairės. - Kaunas: Mykolo Romerio universitetas. 22. Roux, C., Nantel, J. (2012). Conscious Consumption and its Components: An Exploratory Study // Advances in Consumer Research. Vol. 36, pp. 903

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Pension provision by small employers in Ireland: an analysis of Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) using bounded rationality theory

dynamics within the ‘black box’ . In the context of the current paper, while small businesses complied with PRSA regulations, this compliance had no impact on pension coverage. It is important, therefore, to examine the internal dynamics of small firms to better understand how management’s approach impacts on pension coverage above and beyond regulation. The Pension (Amendment) Act 2002 provided two possible courses of action for those employers who wished to fulfil their statutory obligations. Employers could comply with the ‘letter of the law’, adopting a

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Understanding the layers of a market-oriented organisational culture

including the organisational structure, processes, ICT systems, reward systems, leadership and competence management. Other authors have also identified precursors or antecedents to market orientation as including the role of top management, interdepartmental dynamics, employee reward systems and organisational formalisation ( Jaworski and Kohli, 1993 ; Kirca et al., 2005 ; Ruekert, 1992 ). Fourthly, the current research could be viewed as a public relations exercise for the companies who are the focus of the research, in essence proclaiming their customer focus

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Presumptions of Decentralisation in the Context of Institutional and Political Economy

:// 13. Frank, J. (1986). The New Keynesian Economics: Unemployment, Search, and Contracting. – Bringhton: Wheatsheaf. 14. Hamilton, W. H. (1919). The Institutional Approach to Economic Theory // The American Economic Review. Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 309–318. 15. Israel, A. (1992). Issues for Infrastructure Management in 1990s. Wold Bank Discussion Paper 171. Washington, D. C. 16. Martinez-Vazques, J. (2008). Revenue Assignments in the Practice of Fiscal Decentralisation / In Fiscal Federalism and Political Decentralisation, ed. N. Bosch and J. Duran

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Remaining active in the labour market: Trends and characteristics of the over 50s

motherhood and part-time working: Mutuality and incongruence in the psychological contracts existing between managers and employees’ Work, Employment and Society 24 3 508 – 525 Drabe, D., Hauffb, S. and Richtera, N. (2015). ‘Job satisfaction in aging workforces: An analysis of the USA, Japan and Germany’. International Journal of Human Resource Management 26: 6, 783-805. 10.1080/09585192.2014.939101 Drabe D. Hauffb S. Richtera N. 2015 ‘Job satisfaction in aging workforces: An analysis of the USA, Japan and Germany’ International Journal of

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Changing role of women in the Irish society: an overview of the female consumer

-Market-Research-Grocery-Shopping-Pricing-Nov-2011.doc [Accessed: 24 November 2017]. National Consumer Agency 2011 Market Research Findings: Shopping and Pricing Dublin Competition and Consumer Protection Commission [Accessed: 24 November 2017] Karanika, K. and Hogg, M.K. (2010). ‘The interrelationship between desired and undesired selves and consumption: The case of Greek female consumers’ experiences’. Journal of Marketing Management , 26:11-12, 1091-1111. 10.1080/0267257X.2010

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The Impact of Competitive Markets on Recruiting: Lessons from Collegiate Athletics


Conference realignment in NCAA college athletics impacted traditional rivalries and affiliations as it took shape from 2010 to 2013. As schools traded conferences, their college football programs were left to compete against new foes, and in new markets for high school athletes. The impact of brand recognition, prestige, and new conference affiliation on recruiting are examined herein. The findings of the market competitive externalities are important for every labour market in which business opt to compete.

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