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Cooling of Exhaust Gases as a Possibility to increase Stealth Properties of Military Helicopters

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Advantages of Using Hybrid Vehicles Based on Empirical Studies on the Chassis Dynamometer in the WLTC Test

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Concept and Model of Terrain Wheeled Tractor with Hybrid Drive

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Light Absorption Properties of ‘Petrobaltic’ Oil-in-Water Emulsion Present in Seawater

fluorescence , Springer, 2005. [7] Meier, D., Voß, D., Zielinski, O., Heuermann, R., Horn, M., Krause, S.-E., Machulik, U., Munderloh, K., Oest, J., Spitzy, A., Development of an online detection system for determination and characterization of dissolved organic substances in water via fluorescence spectroscopy , 3rd EOS Topical Meeting on Blue Photonics ® – Optics in the Sea (Blue Photonics 3), Texel, 2013. [8] Zieliński, W., Rajca, A., Metody spektroskopowe i ich zastosowanie do identyfikacji związków organicznych , Tom 1, pp. 19-20, WNT, Warszawa 2000.

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Preliminary Study of an Airplane for Electric Propulsion Testing at High Altitudes

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The Possibility of Application Thermography Method for Controlling Friction Stir Welding of AW-5083 Aluminium Alloy Sheets

References [1] Anderson, T., New developments within the Aluminium Shipbuilding Industry , Svetsaren, Vol. 58, No. 1, pp. 3-5, 2003. [2] Czechowski, M., Effect of anodic polarization on stress corrosion cracking of some aluminium alloys , Advances in Materials Science, Vol. 7, No. 1/11, pp. 13-20, 2007. [3] Czechowski, M., Pietras, A., Zadroga, L., The properties of aluminium alloys 5xxx series welded by new technology Friction Stir Welding , Inżynieria Materiałowa, Nr 6/137, pp. 264-266, 2003. [4] Dudzik, K., Influence of joining

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The Study on Algorithm for Identification the Fatigue Crack Length of Compressor Blade Based on Amplitude-Frequency Resonant Characteristics

., Development of Algorithms for Signal Processing for to Use them for Assessment of Technical Condition Demonstrated by Fluid Flow Machines , Studies of ITWL, No. 71/34, 2006. [10] Szczepanik, R., Experimental studies of Dynamic Properties Demonstrated by Rotor Blades under Various Operating Conditions , Scientific Journal, No. 26, ITWL, Warszaw 2010. [11] Witek, L., Wierzbicka, M., Poznańska, A., Fracture Analysis of Compressor Blades of Helicopter Engine , Engineering Failure Analysis, Vol. 16, pp. 1616-1622, 2009. [12] Witek, L., Experimental Crack

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Influence of the Atmospheric Turbulence on the Accuracy of the Missile Targeting

., Introduction to Space Dynamics , Dover Publications Inc., 1986. [23] Torecki, S., Rocket Propulsion , Wydawnictwa Komunikacji i Łączności, 1984. [24] Turner, M., Rocket and Spacecraft Propulsion – Principles, Practice and New Developments , Springer Verlag, 2009.

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Quadrotor UAV Control for Transportation of Cable Suspended Payload

References [1] Andrzejewski-Popow, Ł., Kotas, T., The future development of unmanned air vehicles , Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport, Vol. 22, No. 4, 2015. [2] Chmaj, G., Buratowski, T., Uhl, T., Seweryn, K., Banaszkiewicz, M., The dynamics influence of the attached manipulator on unmanned aerial vehicle , Aerospace Robotics, GeoPlanet Earth and Planetary Sciences, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 109-119, 2013. [3] Ciopcia, M., Szczepański, C., Concept of tiltrotor UAV control system , Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport

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Computational Modelling of the Fuel Injection and Combustion in a Diesel K6 Rotary Engine

: 10.1080/02786826.2011.620647, 2012. [15] Wheelwrite, S. C., Clark, K. B., Revolutionizing Product Development, Simon and Schuster, ISBN 9781451676297, 1992. [16] ANSYS, Fluent Handbook, pp. 14-1, 2001. [17] Smith, W. J., Timoney, D. J., On the Relative Roles of Fuel Spray Kinetic Energy and Engine Speed in Determining Mixing Rates in D.I. Diesel Engines, Gas Turbines Power, pp. 212-217, 1997.

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