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Digital Base Band Converter As Radar Vlbi Backend / Dbbc Kā Ciparošanas Sistēma Radara Vlbi Novērojumiem

response. Experimental Astronomy, 31, 59-68. 10. Comoretto, G. (2012). A design method for very large FIR filters. Arcetri Observatory Technical Reports 3-2012, INAF.

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The Reflective Cracking in Flexible Pavements

Portuguese)”, Ph. D. Thesis, University of Minho, Portugal, 1999. [4] J. SOUSA, S. SHATNAWI, J. COX, “An approach for investigating reflective fatigue cracking in asphalt-aggregate overlays”, Proceeding of the Third International RILEM Conference. 1996. [5] J. SOUSA, J. PAIS, G. WAY, “A mechanistic-empirical based overlay design method for reflective cracking”, Asphalt Rubber 2003 Conference, Brasilia, Brasil, 2003. [6] J. SOUSA, J. PAIS, R. SAIM, G. WAY, R. STUBSTAD, “Development of a mechanistic-empirical based overlay

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Knowledge Model Based on Graphical Semantic Perception

System for Product Form Design. – Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics, Vol. 21 , 2009, No 3, pp. 376-381. 13. Guo, X., J. Lin, K. Xu et al. Creature Grammar for Creative Modeling of 3D Monsters. – Graphical Models, Vol. 76 , 2014, No 5, pp. 376-389. 14. Liu, L., C. Xue, J. Li et al. Characterization and Reconstruction of Product Using-Way Based on Basic Element Model. – Journal of Graphics, Vol. 34 , 2013, No 03, pp. 90-94. 15. Liu, L., C. Xue. Creative Design Methods and Characterization Based on Rhombus thought Models

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Modified pid control design for roll fin actuator of nonlinear modelling of the fishing boat

. 17, 2010. 5. Grim O., Roll schwingungen, Stabilitat und Sicherheit in Seegang, Schiffstechnik, 1952. 6. Guan W., Zhang X. K.: Concise Robust Fin Roll Stabilizer Design Based on Integrator Backstepping and CGSA, IEEE, 1/10, 2010. 7. Haddara M. and Wang Y.: Parametric Identification of Maneuvering Models for Ships, Int. Shipbuild. Programs, 445, pp. 5-27, 1999. 8. Hagiwara T., Yamada K., Ando Y., Murakamı I., Aoyama S., Matsuura S.: A Design Method For Modified PID Control Systems For Multiple

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Deformation of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Structures by Design, in the Lab and in the Field

-damaging gases in geotechnial engineering by use of geosynthetics. International Symposium on Geotechnical Engineering, Ground Improvement, and Geosynthetics for Sustainable Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change including Global Warming, Bangkok, Thailand, December 2009. (Keynote lecture). 7. G. Heerten, Improved design methods for geogrid soil reinforcement and green-geo-engineering aspects, 14th Danube-European Conference on Geotechnical Engineering, Bratislava, Slovakia, June 2010. 8. J. Koerner, T-Y. Soong, R.M. Koerner, Retaining Wall

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An LPV pole-placement approach to friction compensation as an FTC problem

): 511-518. Bona, B. and Indri, M. (2005). Friction compensation in robotics: An overview, Proceedings of the 44th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control/European Control Conference 2005, Seville, Spain , pp. 4360-4367. Casavola, A., Famularo, D., Franze, G. and Patton, R. (2008). A fault detection filter design method for a class of linear time-varying systems, 16th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Ajaccio, France , pp. 1681-1686. Casavola, A., Famularo, D., Franze, G

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Multi-Objective Optimization of Transmission Lines / Elektropārvades Līnijas Daudzkriteriālā Optimizācija

Cores for High Temperature-Low Sag (HTLS) conductors. Final project report. PSERC Publication 09-05. June, p. 52. 4. Karimi Madahi, S. S., & Hassani, M. (2012). Optimal design of insulators using Artificial Neural Network (ANN). Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, 2 (1), 60-64. 5. Visweswara Rao, G. (1995). Optimum designs for transmission line towers. Computers & Structures , 57 (1), 81-92. 6. Ekonomou, L., Iracleous, D. P., Gonos, I. F., & Stathopulos, I. A. (2006). An optimal design method for

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Modelling of green water ingress into holds of an open-top containership in its preliminary design phase

Chądzyński W.: Elements of contemporary design methods of floating units (in Polish), Szczecin 2001 Chądzynski W.: Open Top Container Vessel Design Problems, Marine Technology Transactions., Technika Morska , Vol. 9, 1998 International Maritime Organization: Interim guidelines for open top container ships. MSC/Circ.608/Rev.1, 05.07 1994 Jorde J.H.: The Synthetic Lines Plan - An Aid in the Preliminary Design Phase , 1 st International Euro-Conference on Computer Applications and Information

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Measurement and Imaging of Planar Electromagnetic Phantoms Based on NMR Imaging Methods

., Chesick, J. P. (1987). Magnetic field mapping in NMR imaging. Magnetic Resonance Imaging , 5 (4), 301-306. Tomasi, D., Panepucci, H. (1999). Magnetic fields mapping with the phase reference method. Magnetic Resonance Imaging , 17 (1), 157-160. Yang, Q. X., Wang, J., Collins, C. M., Smith, M. B., Zhang, X., Ugurbil, K., Chen, W. (2004). Phantom design method for high-field MRI human systems. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine , 52 (5), 1016-1020. Liu, F., Crozier, S. (2004). Electromagnetic

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Factors in the Design of Good Toys for Kids Aged 0-3 Years

.5901/mjss.2013.v4n3p317 Issararat, I. (2018). “Legal measures on safety of toys” . Graduate Law Journal Thammasat University. Retrieved from Kim, G.(2011). “Designing for the Digital Age: How to Create Human-Centered Products and Services” . Retrieved from KritWan, K. (2014) “psychology research” UdonThani Rajabhat

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