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Robust fault detection of singular LPV systems with multiple time–varying delays

-dependent bounded real lemma for singular LPV systems with time-variant delay, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 22 (5): 559–574. Liu, H., Shi, P., Karimi, H.R. and Chadli, M. (2016). Finite-time stability and stabilisation for a class of nonlinear systems with time-varying delay, International Journal of Systems Science 47 (6): 1433–1444. Lofberg, J. (2004). Yalmip: A toolbox for modeling and optimization in Matlab, Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE International Symposium on Computer Aided Control Systems Design, Taipei, Taiwan, pp. 284

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A nonlinear dynamic inversion-based neurocontroller for unmanned combat aerial vehicles during aerial refuelling

.-C. (2008). Nonlinear H ∞ robust control applied to F-16 aircraft with mass uncertainty using control surface inverse algorithm, Journal of the Franklin Institute 345 (6): 851-876. Lane, S.H. and Stengel, R.F. (1988). Flight control design using non-linear inverse dynamics, Automatica 24 (4): 471-483. Lee, S., Ha, C. and Kim, B.S. (2005). Adaptive nonlinear control system design for helicopter robust command augmentation, Aerospace Science and Technology 9 (3): 241-251. Li, Y., Sundararajan, N. and Saratchandran, P

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Stability analysis and H control of discrete T–S fuzzy hyperbolic systems

.O. (2001). Fuzzy Control Systems Design and Analysis: A Linear Matrix Inequality Approach , Wiley, New York, NY. Tong, S.C., He, X.L. and Zhang, H.C. (2009). A combined backstepping and small-gain approach to robust adaptive fuzzy output feedback control, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 17 (5): 1059–1069. Tong, S.C., Huo, B.Y. and Li, Y.M. (2014). Observer-based adaptive decentralized fuzzy fault-tolerant control of nonlinear large-scale systems with actuator failures, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 22 (1): 1–15. Tong, S.C., Liu, C.L. and

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Robust Quasi–LPV Model Reference FTC of a Quadrotor Uav Subject to Actuator Faults

reliability over-cost in reconfiguration-based fault tolerant control under actuator faults, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 57(12): 3181-3186. Yu, B., Zhang, Y., Minchala, I. and Qu, Y. (2013). Fault-tolerant control with linear quadratic and model predictive control techniques against actuator faults in a quadrotor UAV, Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Control and Fault- Tolerant Systems (SYSTOL), Nice, France, pp. 661-666. Yu, X. and Jiang, J. (2012). Hybrid fault-tolerant flight control system design against partial actuator

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Fault Diagnosis of Networked Control Systems

uncertain linear time-delay systems, Computers and Chemical Engineering 30(2): 228-242. Jiang J. and Zhang Y. M. (2006). Accepting performance degradation in fault-tolerant control system design, IEEE Transaction on Control Systems Technology 14(2): 284-292. Koenig D., Bedjaoui N. and Litrico X. (2005). Unknown input observers design for time-delay systems application to an open-channel, Proceedings of the 44th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control and the European Control Conference 2005 , Seville, Spain, pp

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Predictors of the Effectiveness of Management Accounting Function in Nigerian Firms

accounting history perspectives. Spanish Journal of Accounting History , 24-53. CGMA, 2014. Consultation draft: Global Management Accounting Principles. Chartered Global Management Accountants from CGMA, 2015. Global Management Accounting Principles. Chartered Global Management Accountants from Chenhall, R. H., 2003. Management control systems design within its organisational context: Findings from contingency-based research and directions for the future. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 28 (2

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The efficacy of control environment as fraud deterrence in local government

control systems design within its organizational context: Findings from contingency-based research and directions for the future”, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol. 28, No. 2-3, pp. 127-168. Cook, K., and Cooper R.M. (2003), “Experimental studies of cooperation, trust, and social exchange”, In: E. Ostrom and J. Walker (Eds.), Trust and Reciprocity: Interdisciplinary Lessons from Experimental Research, pp. 209-244, New York. Collier, P. (200), “Entrepreneurial control and the construction of a relevant accounting”, Management

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