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Acidophilous oak forests of the Wielkopolska region (West Poland) against the background of Central Europe

conservation. Biodiversity and Conservation 19: 2995-3014. Binkley D. & Giardina C. 1998. Why do tree species affect soils. The Warp of Woolf of tree-soil interaction. Biogeochemistry 42: 89-106. Birks H. B. J. 2005. Mind the gap: how open were European primeval forests? Trends Ecol. Evol. 24: 154-156. Björkman L. 1997. The role of human disturbance in the local Late Holocene establishment of Fagus and Picea forests at Flahult, western Smĺland, southern Sweden. Veget. Hist. Archaeobot. 6

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Distribution of the Carabid Species (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in Woodlands of the Protected and Urban Areas (North of Ukraine)

References Antvogel, H., Bonn, A. 2001. Environmental parameters and microspatial distribution of insects: a case study of carabids in an alluvial forest. Ecography , 24 , 470–482. Assmann, T. 1999. The ground beetle fauna of ancient and recent woodlands in the lowlands of north-west Germany (Coleoptera, Carabidae). Biodiversity and Conservation , 8 , 1499–1517. Baguette, M. 1993. Habitat selection of carabid beetle in deciduous woodlands of southern Belgium. Pedobiologia, 37 , 365–378. Bumar, G. J. 2009. Rarity phytodiversity of

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The Principal Threats to the Standing Water Habitats in the Continental Biogeographical Region of Central Europe

R eferences Agnoletti, M. (2014). Rural landscape, nature conservation and culture: some notes on research trends and management approaches from a (southern) European perspective. Landsc. Urban Plan. 126, 66–73. . Alkemade, R., Oorschot, M., Miles, L., Nellemann, C., Bakkenes, M., & ten Brink, B. (2009). GLOBIO3: a framework to investigate options for reducing global terrestrial biodiversity loss. Ecosystems, 12(3), 374–390. . Amici, V., Landi, S

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Woody Species Diversity, Regeneration and Socioeconomic Benefits Under Natural Forest and Adjacent Coffee Agroforests at Belete Forest, Southwest Ethiopia

References Aerts, R., Hundera, K., Berecha, G., Gijbels, P., Baeten, M., Mechelen, M.V., Hermy, M., Muys, B. & Honnay O. (2011). Semi-forest coffee cultivation and the conservation of Ethiopian Afromontane rainforest fragments. For. Ecol. Manag. , 261(6), 1034–1041. DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2010.12.025. Anthony, F., Combes, M.C., Astorga, C., Bertrand, B., Graziosi, G. & Lashermes P. (2002). The origin of cultivated Coffea arabica L. varieties revealed by AFLP and SSR markers. Theor. Appl. Genet ., 104(5), 894−900. DOI: 10.1007/s00122

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The River Valleys as Biodiversity Reservoirs for Land Snails in Highly Anthropic Areas – The Case of Cisnădie River (Romania)

, Pupillacea, Edit. Litera, Bucureşti, 388. (in Romanian) 8. Horsák M., Juřičková L., Kintrová K. and Hájek O., 2009 – Patterns of land snail diversity over a gradient of habitat degradation: a comparison of three Czech cities, Biodiversity and conservation , 18, 13, 3453-3466. 9. Horsák M., Lososová Z., Čejka T., Juřičková L. and Chytrý M., 2013 – Diversity and biotic homogenization of urban land-snail faunas in relation to habitat types and macroclimate in 32 Central European Cities, PLoS ONE , 8, 8, e71783, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0071783. 10

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The current state and efficiency use of in situ and ex situ conservation units for seed harvesting in the central part of Ukraine

University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala. Eriksson, G., Namkong, G., Roberds, J. 1995 Dynamic conservation of forest tree gene resources. Forest Genetic Resources , 23, 4–7. Falconer, D.S., Mackay, T.F.C. 1996. Introduction to quantitative genetics. Longman. Giertych, M. 1988. Interakcja genotypu ze środowiskiem oraz z wiekiem polskich proweniencji sosny zwyczajnej ( Pinus sylvestris L.). Arboretum Kórnicki e, 32, 159–169. Hamann, A., Gylander, T., Chen, P. 2011. Developing seed zones and transfer guidelines with multivariate regression trees

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Water erosion on marl slopes and prevention of its effects using conservation of water and soil systems in the Wadi Isser watershed – Algeria

soil restoration in Algeria]. In: L’International Soil Conservation Organisation. Comptes rendus 14 e conférence de l’ISCO. 14–19.05.2006 Marrakech). H udson N.W. 1991. A study of the reasons for success or failure of soil conservation projects. FAO Soil Bulletin. Vol. 64 pp. 65. K ouri L., V ogt H., G omer D. 1997. Analyse des processus d'érosion hydrique linéaire en terrain marneux, bassin de l'oued Mina, Tell Oranais, Algérie [Analysis of the processes of linear hydric erosion in marl land, Mina wadi watershed, Oranais Hill, Algeria]. ORSTOM

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Abundance, distribution and trend of the lesser spotted eagle (Aquila pomarina) breeding population in Slovakia

Slovensku. Sborník príspevku z konference, 12. brezna 2014, Zoologická zahrada Ostrava, 34. [In Czech] Bergmanis U, Drobelis E, Karaska D 1997: Aquila pomarina, Lesser Spotted Eagle, 164-165. In: Hagemeijer EJM & Blair MJ (eds), The EBCC Atlas of European breeding birds - their distribution and abundance. T and AD Poyser, London, 904. BirdLife International 2004: Birds in Europe: population estimates, trends and conservation status. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International. (BirdLife Conservation Series No. 12), 374. BirdLife

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Using Fishers Knowledge in Community Based Fisheries Management in the River Nun Estuary, Niger Delta

– Factors that influence attitude of artisanal fishers towards conservation measures in Ekperiama (Ekperikiri), Niger Delta, Macrothink Journal of Environment and Ecology , 6, 2, 63-77, 12. Ngodigha S. A., Alagoa K. J., Daworiye P. and Eremasi Y. B., 2015 – Catch Composition of Bag Net used in Palaemon fishery in River Nun Estuary, Bayelsa State Niger Delta, Nigeria, International Journal of Advance Research in Bioogical Science , 2, 119-125. 13. Ngodigha S. A. and Ogamba E. N., 2017 – Mortalities and Exploitation Rates of some

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The Great Bustard: Past, Present and Future of a Globally Threatened Species

References Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan 1996. The Red Data Book of Kazakhstan. V1. Animals. Part 1. Vertebrates, 3rd edition, Almaty, pp. 324 (in Russian) Alonso, J. C. (coord.) 2007. La Avutarda Común en Andalucía [The Great Bustard in Andalusia]. - Gypaetus-Junta de Andalucía, Jaén, pp. 219 (in Spanish) Alonso, J. C., Alonso, J. A. & Muńoz-Pulido, R. 1994. Mitigation of bird collisions with transmission lines through groundwire marking. - Biological Conservation 67: 129-134. Alonso, J. C., Magańa, M., Alonso, J. A., Palacín, C., Martín, C. A

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