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(re)Articulating Feminism
A Discourse Analysis of Sweden’s Feminist Initiative Election Campaign

References Baker, Paul & McEnery, Tony (2005). A corpus-based approach to discourses of refugees and asylum seekers in UN and newspaper texts. Journal of Language and Politics,4 (2), 197-226. Baker, Paul (2006). Using corpora in discourse analysis . London: A&C Black. Bie, Narok (2014). Fridolin: “Sverige ska få en feministisk regering”. SVT . Retrieved from , 21 November 2015. Brah, Avtar & Phoenix, Ann (2004). Ain’t I a woman? Revisiting intersectionality

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Otherism in Discourses, Integration in Policies?

, Notes et Documents, December, no. 51. Christie, P & Sidhu, R 2006, ‘Governmentality and ‘fearless speech’: framing the education of asylum seeker and refugee children in Australia’, Oxford review of education, vol. 32, no. 4, pp. 449-465. Coombe, RJ 2007, ‘The work of rights at the limits of governmentality’, Anthropologica, vol. 49, no. 2, pp. 284-289. Danish Government, (DG) 2003, The Government's vision and strategies for improved integration, Copenhagen, June

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Framing Scandinavian Conceptualizations of Irregular Migration

References Amelie, M 2010, Ulovlig norsk, Pax, Oslo. Benford, RD & Snow, DA 2000, ‘Framing processes and social movements: an overview and assessment’, Annual Review of Sociology, vol. 26, pp. 611-639. Boeri, T, Hanson, G & McCormick, B (eds) 2002, Immigration policy and the welfare system, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Boswell, C 2003, ‘The external dimension of EU immigration and Asylum policy’, International Affairs, vol. 79, no. 3, pp

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Economic Factors Concerning The Migration Of The Best Educated Workers. The Case Of College Teachers / Wpływ Czynników Ekonomicznych na Migrację Pracowników z Wysokimi Kwalifikacjami. Przykład Pracowników Naukowych na Europejskich Uniwersytetach

), Migration, Citizenship and the European Welfare States. Oxford, Oxford University Press. Schulzek, N. (2012), The impact of welfare systems on immigration: An analysis of welfare magnets as a pull-factor for asylum seekers and labour migrants. Migration Studies Unit. England: London School of Economics and Political Science. England, working paper #2. Stulgienė, A. and Daunorienė, A. (2009), Influence of Migration on Equilibrium of Labour Force Market, 'Economics and Management', no. 14. Van der Gaag, N. and Van Wissen, L

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Diaspora Formation Among Kurds In Sweden
Transborder citizenship and politics of belonging

hem i rörelse: Diasporisk mobilisering i den svenska gemenskapens periferi’, Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift, No. 3-4, pp. 332-349. Bak Jørgensen, M 2008, National and transnational identities: Turkish organising processes and identity construction in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, AMID, Aalborg University. Berruti, D, Duru, E, Gianfelici, F & Khayati, K 2002, Kurds in Europe - from asylum right to social rights, Marsico, Napoli. Borevi, K 2002, Välfärdsstaten i det mångkulturella samhället, Uppsala University, Uppsala

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Transnational and Local Negotiations of Identity

-112. Statistics Finland 2011, Foreigners in Finland. Available from: Valentine, G, Sporton, D & Nielsen, KB 2009, ‘Identities and belonging: a study of Somali refugee and asylum seekers living in the UK and Denmark’, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 234-250. Vertovec, S 2001, ‘Transnationalism and identity’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 573-582, DOI: 10

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Type 2 Diabetes in People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds: Perspectives for Training and Practice from Nutritional Therapy and Dietician Professions

, Lifestyle S: The Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study (AusDiab)--methods and response rates. Diabetes research and clinical practice 2002, 57(2):119-129. 25. Dunstan DW, Zimmet PZ, Welborn TA, De Courten MP, Cameron AJ, Sicree RA, Dwyer T, Colagiuri S, Jolley D, Knuiman M et al: The rising prevalence of diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance: the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study. Diabetes care 2002, 25(5):829-834. 26. Feldman R: Primary health care for refugees and asylum seekers: a review of the literature and

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Anti-Islamism without Moslems: Cognitive Frames of Czech Antimigrant Politics

[CZSO] 2016 ). One finds similar low numbers when one looks at the number of asylum seekers and those granted asylum in the Czech Republic. As Table 1 shows, the number of people granted asylum actually sunk in the period 2004–13 and it did not increase much ever since. Table 1 Asylum seekers in the Czech Republic, 2004–15 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 5.459 4.021 3.016 1.878 1.656 1,258 833 756 753 707 1.156 1.245 Note: Number for 2015 refers only to

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The Aloof Election Manifesto
Radical Political Right in Finland in the Borderlines of Neoliberalism and Cultural Nativism

illuminate the discourses constructed in the text. The manifesto continues by demanding drastic changes in Finnish policy and practices pertaining to asylum seekers. The text creates a discourse in which asylum seekers have - almost without exception - no legitimate reason to apply for asylum: An extremely small proportion of the asylum seekers who arrive in Finland will be granted asylum. This is because an extremely small proportion are refugees as described in international conventions, whose protection Finland is legally bound. Most of the asylum seekers are on the

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Battling for citizenship
A case study of Somali settlement in Lieksa, Finland

Acts of Citizenship Finland, along with other Scandinavian countries, signed the 1951 Refugee Convention, and in doing so, took on a responsibility to receive and protect migrants who have been forced to flee their home country because of persecution, war, or violence. People who are given asylum in Finland can, therefore, expect the Finnish government to secure their basic rights, which, according to the Constitution of Finland (731/1999: Section 7), include the right to life, personal liberty, integrity, and security. Furthermore, the combination of the Nordic

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