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The impact of precision of tree position measurements and different plot designs on the estimates of tree level production and diversity parameters

. Springer, 191 p. Wezyka, P., Traczb, W., Guzikc, M., 2005: Evaluation of landscape structure changes in Tatra mountains (Poland) based on the 4D GIS analysis. Environment, 138:224-232. Winter, S., Chirici, G., McRoberts, R. E., Hauk, E., Tomppo, E., 2008: Possibilities for harmonising national forest inventory data for use in forest biodiversity assessments. Forestry, 81:33-44.

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Mass Media, Interpersonal Communication or Personal Experience?
Perceptions of Media Effects among Swedish Politicians

. Vallone, Robert P.; Lee Ross, & Mark R. Lepper (1985) The Hostile Media Phenomenon: Biased Perceptions and Perception of Media Bias in Coverage of the Beirut Massacre, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Vol. 49:577-588. Weibull, Lennart (2001) The Swedish Media Landscape. Structure, Economy and Consumption. In Carlsson, U. & Harrie, E. (eds.) Media Trends 2001 in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Statistics and Analyses. Nordicom: Göteborgs universitet. Whitt, H.P. (1983) Status Inconsistency: A Body of Negative Evidence or a

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The Influence of Different Levels of Data Detail on Land use Change Analyses: A Case Study of Franciscan Cadastre for a Part of the Pannonian Hills, Slovenia

–361. DOI: 10.1016/0341-8162(92)90009-Z. [26] Seručnik, M. (2009). Reambulančni kataster za Kranjsko. Kronika 57(3): 491–504. [27] Szturc, J., Karásek, P. & Podhrázská, J. (2017). Historical Changes in the Land Use Connected with Appropriation of Agricultural Land – Case Study of Cadastral Areas Dolní Věstonice and Modřice (Czech Republic). European Countryside 9(4), 658–678. DOI: 10.1515/euco-2017-0038. [28] Tlapáková, L., Stejskalová, D., Karásek, P. & Podhrázská, J. (2013). Landscape Metrics as a Tool for Evaluation Landscape Structure – Case

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The Proportion of Cropland Influences Negatively the Occurrence of Breeding Birds in an Alkali Grassland Habitat in NW Serbia

Applications 11: 32-46. Hamer T. L., Flather C. H., Noon B. R. (2006): Factors associated with grassland bird species richness: the relative roles of grassland area, landscape structure, and prey. - Landscape Ecology 21: 569-583. Hedberg P., Kotowski W. (2010): New nature by sowing? The current state of species introduction in grassland restoration, and the road ahead. - Journal for Nature Conservation 18: 304-308. Herkert, J. R. (1994): The effect of habitat fragmentation on mid-western grassland bird communities. - Ecological

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Natura 2000 Sites as an Asset for Rural Development: The German-Czech Ore Mountains Green Network Project

. Wiss., Leipzig, math. nat. class, vol. 35, Berlin: Akademie-Verlag. Müller, F., Burkhard, B. (2007). An ecosystem based framework to link landscape structures, functions and services. In: Mander, Ü, Wiggering, H. & Helming, K. (Eds.): Multifunctional Land Use - Meeting Future Demands for Landscape Goods and Services , pp. 37-64, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: Springer. Neßhöver, C., Beck, S., Born, W., Dziock, S., Görg, C., Hansjürgens, B., Jax, K., Köck, W., Rauschmeyer, F., Ring, I., Schmidt-Loske, K., Unnerstall

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Evaluation of Parental Satisfaction of Children's Spaces Within High Rise Apartment Environments

Psychology: 8. Jim, C, Chen, W. Y. (2010). “External effects of neighbourhood parks and landscape elements on high-rise residential value.” Land Use Policy 27(2): 662-670. Kaplan, R., Kaplan, S. & R. Ryan (1998). With people in mind: Design and management of everyday nature, Island Press. Lee, S.-W., Ellis, C. D., Kweonb, B.-S. & S.-K. Hong (2008). “Relationship between landscape structure and neighborhood satisfaction in urbanized areas.” Landscape and Urban Planning (85): 11. Maslow, A. H., Frager, R. & J. Fadiman (1970). Motivation and personality

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Continuity and Extinction of Agricultural Land in the Sudetes - A Case Study in the Landscape of Highlands and Mountains

. (2014). ArcGIS 10.3. Falcucci, A., Maiorano, L., & Boitana, L. (2007). Changes in land-use/land-cover patterns in Italy and their implications for biodiversity conservation. Landscape Ecology , 22 , 617–631. Fernández Ales, R. (1991). Effect of economic development on landscape structure and function in the Province of Seville (SW Spain) and its consequences on conservation. In J. Baudry & R. G. H. Bunce (Eds.), Land abandonment and its role in conservation, Options Mediterraneennes, serie A, Seminaires Mediterraneens, vol.15 (pp. 61–69). Options

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Small Sacral Christian Architecture in the Cultural Landscapes of Europe

Monuments in Diverse Cultural Landscapes of Slovakia. In Plants in Urban Areas and Landscape. Nitra : SUA, 2018, pp. 7–13. ISSN 2585-9811. ISBN 978-80-552-1829-8. TROJANOWSKA, M. 2018. Sacred Places in Public Open Green Areas. In Teka Komisji Urbanistyki i Architektury Pan Oddział w Krakowie Urbanity and Architecture Files TOM, vol. XLVI, 2018, pp. 419–429. TÜRK, K. H. 1979. Christliche Kleindenkmale in Börde und Neffeltal. Köln : Rheinland-Verlag, 1979, 240 p. ISBN 3-7927-0490-0. VEREŠOVÁ, M. – SUPUKA, J. 2013. Changes of landscape structure and

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Forest Fragmentation Analysis from Multiple Imaging Formats

Gordon, S. W. (2003). Use of IKONOS and Landsat for malaria control in the Republic of Korea. Remote Sensing and Environmen t. 88: 187–194. McGarigal, K. and Marks, B. J. (1995). Fragstats: spatial pattern analysis program for quantifying landscape structure . USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PNW-GTR-351. Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Myers, N., Mittermeier, R. A., Mittermeier, C. G., da Fonseca, G. A. B. and Kent, J. (2000). Biodiversity hotspots for conservation priorities. Nature . 403:853–858. Narayanan, R. M., Desetty, M. K. and

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Rural identity and landscape aesthetics in exurbia: Some issues to resolve from a Central European perspective

Urban Planning, 77: 393-407. DEARDEN, P. (1981): Consensus and the landscape quality continuum: a research note, Landscape Research, 6: 31. DRAMSTAD, W. E., TVEIT, M. S., FJELLSTAD, W. J., FRY, G. L. A. (2006): Relationships between visual landscape preferences and map-based indicators of landscape structure. Landscape and Urban Planning, 78: 465-474. EBEN SALEH, M. A. (2001): Environmental cognition in the vernacular landscape: assessing the aesthetic quality of Al-Alkhalaf village, Southwestern Saudi Arabia. Building

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