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Legume Seeds and Rapeseed Press Cake as Replacers of Soybean Meal in Feed for Fattening Pigs

and pea varieties in growing pigs. J. Anim. Feed Sci., 13: 463-473. Kuhla S., Ebmeir C. (1981). Untersuchungen zum Taningehalt in Ackerbohnen. Arch. Tierernahr., 31: 573-588. Martinez - Villaluenga C., Frias J., Vidal - Valverde C. (2006). Functional lupin seeds (Lupinus albus L. and Lupinus luteus L.) after extraction of α-galactosides. Food Chem., 98: 291-299. Oser B.L. (1951). Method for integrating essential amino acid content in the nutritional evaluation of protein. J. Am. Diet Assoc., 27: 396

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Longitudinal Differences in Scots pine Frost Hardiness

RCAO. SMHI, Reports Meteorology and Climatology. No 101. 61 p (2003) ROSVALL, O., JANSSON, G., ANDERSSON, B., ERICSSON, T., KARLSSON, B., SONESSON, J. and STENER, L.-G.: Predicted genetic gain from existing and future seed orchards and clone mixes in Sweden. In: HAAPANEN, M. and MIKOLA, J. (eds.): Integrating tree breeding and forestry, pp. 71-85. Finnish Forest Research Institute, Vantaa. ISBN 951-40-1822-2 (2002) SAVOLAINEN, O. A. and HURME, P. K.: Conifers from the cold. In: BIJLSMA, R. and LOESCHCKE, V. (eds): Environmental stress

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Comparison of antioxidant activities of fractionated extracts from seedlings and herb of Chelidonium majus L. using DPPH, ABTS and FRAP methods

activities of extracts from herb of Chelidonium majus L. Centr Eur J Immunol 2015; 40(4):400-410. doi: 6. Arora D, Sharma A. A review on phytochemical and pharmacological potential of genus Chelidonium . Pharmacogn J 2013; 5:184-190. doi: 7. Gilca M, Gaman L, Panait E, Stoian I, Atanasiu V. Chelidonium majus – an integrative review: traditional knowledge versus modern findings. Forsch Komplementmed 2010; 17:241-248. doi: 8

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Effects of Ca2+ on in vitro pollen germination of three Acacia species

:// Sun Y and Sun DY (2001): Signal Transduction in Pollen Germination and Tube Growth. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 43:1211-1217. Tian HQ and Yuan T (2000): Calcium Function in Fertilization Process in Angiosperms. Journal of Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology 26:369-380. Tian HQ, Kuang AX, Musgrave ME and Russell SD (1998): Calcium distribution in fertile and sterile anthers of a photoperiod-sensitive genic male-sterile rice. Plant 204:183-192. Tirlapur UK

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Phytochemical and growth responses of Mentha piperita to foliar application of biostimulants under greenhouse and field conditions

influence of biostimulants on the growth and on the biochemical composition of Vicia fabia CV. Giza 3 beans. Roma Biotech Lett 2013; 18 (2):8061-8068. 23. Mahdavi B, Rahimi A. Seed priming with chitosan improves the germination and growth performance of ajowan ( Carum copticum ) under salt stress. Eurasia J Biosci 2013; 7:69-76. doi: 24. Abdel-Kader MM, El-Moungy NS, Aly MDE, Lashin SM. Integration of biological and fungicidal alternatives for controlling foliar diseases of vegetables under greenhouse conditions. Int

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Air Ionization in Livestock Buildings – A Review

incubation and burn patient. Wulfenia, 21: 125–142. Pawar S.D., Meena G.S., Jadha v D.B., (2012). Air ion variation at poultry-farm, coastal, mountain, rural and urban sites in India. Aerosol Air Qual. Res., 12: 440–451. Rademacher C., Bradley G., Pollmann S., Coffelt B., Baumgartner M., Baumgartner J., (2012). Electrostatic particle ionization (EPI) improves nursery pig performance and air quality. Proc. AASV. Integrating Science, Welfare, and Economics in Practice, Denver USA, pp. 257–258. Richardson L.J., Hofacre C.L., Mitchell B.W., Wilson J.L. (2003

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Inflammation-related oxidative stress in white adipose tissues of an inbred obese pig

-738. Weisberg S.P., Mc Cann D., Desai M., Rosenbaum M., Leibel R.L., Ferrante A.W. Jr. (2003). Obesity is associated with macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue. J. Clin. Invest., 112: 1796-1808. Wisse B.E., Kim F., Schwartz M.W. (2007). Physiology. An integrative view of obesity. Science, 318: 928-929. Yeop Han C., Kargi A.Y., Omer M., Chan C.K., Wabitsch M., O'Brien K.D., Wight T.N., Chait A. (2010). Differential effect of saturated and unsaturated free fatty acids on the generation of monocyte adhesion and chemotactic factors by

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Statistical associations between morphology, physiology and AFLP DNA markers enable selection of a putative eucalypt hybrid able to tolerate salt affected floodplains

. HANDLEY, C. M. SCRIMGEOUR, D. C. GORDON and B. P. FORSTER et al. (2000): Using stable isotope natural abundances (delta N-15 and delta C-13) to integrate the stress responses of wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum C. Koch.) genotypes. Journal of Experimental Botany 51: 41-50. SCHIEVING, F. and H. POORTER (1999): Carbon gain in a multispecies canopy: the role of specific leaf area and photosynthetic nitrogen-use efficiency in the tragedy of the commons. New Phytologist 143: 201-211. SHARLEY, T. and C. HUGGAN (1995): Chowilla Resource

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Genomic Profiling of F1 Hybrids of Durian (Durio zibethinus ) Revealed by RAPD-PCR

Biology 3(3): 153–157. DOI: 10.4236/ajmb.2013.33020. Janyszek M., Jagodziński A.M., Janyszek S., Wrońska-Pilarek D. 2008. Morphological variability of Carex spicata Huds. utricles among plant communities. Flora – Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 203(5): 386–395. DOI: 10.1016/j.flora.2007.06.007. Klingenberg C.P., Duttke S., Whelan S., Kim M. 2011. Developmental plasticity, morphological variation and evolvability: a multilevel analysis of morphometric integration in the shape of compound leaves. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25

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Soil Temperature and Precipitation Affect the Rooting Ability of Dormant Hardwood Cuttings of Populus

) trees. Tree Physiol. 21: 35-42. LUOMAJOKI, A. J. (1995): Phenological measurements of microsporogenesis in trees. Tree Physiol. 15: 499-505. LUXOVA, M. (1984): The integration of growth activity in vegetatively propagated poplar during the establishment year. Biol. Plant. 26: 433-440. NETER, J., M. H. KUTNER, C. J. NACHTSHEIM and W. WASSERMAN (1996): Applied linear statistical models. Fourth Edition. McGraw-Hill, New York. NETZER, D. A., D. TOLSTED, M. E. OSTRY, J. G. ISEBRANDS, D. E. RIEMENSCHNEIDER and

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