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Management of Organizations: Systematic Research
Organizacijų vadyba: sisteminiai tyrimai
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Journal of the Institute of Public Administration of Ireland
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How Do High School Seniors See Their Future? Parental and Peer Influences on Their Personal and Professional Plans

References Akos, Patrik, Glenn W. Lambie, Amy Milsom and Kelly Gilbert. 2007. “Early adolescents’ aspirations and academic tracking: An exploratory investigation.” Professional School Counseling 11 (1): 57-64. Bandura, Albert, Claudio Barbaranelli, Gian Vittorio Caprara and Concetta Pastorelli. 2001. “Self-efficacy beliefs as shapers of children’s aspirations and career trajectories.” Child Development 72 (1): 187-206. Barnett, Rosalinda C., Karen C. Gareis, Jacquelyn B. James and Jennifer Steele. 2003

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Medical Students’ Working Preferences - A Pilot Study in Romania

. “Work Style Preferences among Medical Specialties”. Journal of Vocational Behavior 84(3): 303-306. doi:10.1016/j.jvb.2014.02.004. Dayton-Johnson, Jeff, Antje Pfeiffer, Kirsten Schuettler, and Johanna Schwinn. 2009. Migration and Employment . Accessed June 9, 2016. El-Hammadi, Mazen. 2013. “Career preferences of Syrian students and their attitudes toward a number of practice areas: Will community pharmacy continue to dominate the profession?” Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning 5(5): 373

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Entrepreneurial Attitudes Among Romanian Doctoral Students: An Empirical Study

-191, (2011). 10. Thrift, N., Research Careers in the UK: A Review , Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, London, (2008). 11. McCarthy, M., Simm, J., Survey of Employer Attitudes to Postgraduate Researchers , University of Sheffield Careers Service, Sheffield, U.K., (2006). 12. Auriol, L., Careers of Doctorate Holders: Employment and Mobility Patterns, OECD, Paris , (2010). 13. Mora, J., Vila, L., Some facts behind graduate’s entrepreneurship in Europe. Revista de Economica , Vol. 35, No.3, pp. 147–164., (2009). 14. Matis, D., Nagy, A

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In Search of Green Pastures

och lokala sociala världar: Om sociala stödutbyten och försörjningsstrategier bland svensksomalier, Göteborgs universitet, Institutionen för socialt arbete, Göterborg. Osman, A 2006, ‘Integrerande "praktiker" som arena för normalisering och disciplinering av utlandsfödda’, in Kors och tvärs - intersektionalitet och makt i storstadens arbetsliv, eds E Gunnarsson, A, Neergaard & Arne, N, Normal, Stockholm, pp. 206-221. Olsson, E, Osman, A & Lundqvist, C 2006, ‘Transnational educational career-educational choices

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The role of international competences in increasing graduates’ access to the labor market

Macmillian. Cheruvelil K.S., Soranno P.A., Weathers K.C., Hanson P.C., Goring S.J., Filstrup C.T., Read, E.K., (2014). Creating and maintaining high-performing collaborative research teams: the importance of diversity and interpersonal skills, The ecological Society of America , 12(1), 31-38, DOI:10.1890/130001. Enders, J and de Weert, E. (2009). Towards a T-shaped Profession: Academic Work and Career in the Knowledge Society, The Changing Face of Academic Life – Analytical and Comparative Perspectives , 251-271, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan European

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Entrepreneurship perception among vulnerable population groups in Romania

., Redeker, C.L., Cooper, S.Y., et al. (2012). Female entrepreneurship and the management of business and domestic roles: Motivations, expectations and realities. Entrepreneurship and regional development, 24, 53-72. OECD (2012), Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2012, OECD Publishing, pp. 110-111, doi: 10.1787/entrepreneur_aag-2012-26-en Păunescu C, & Blid L., 2017. Seniorpreneur as a career option for smart active ageing. A study on Romania, Proceedings of the International Conference on Business Excellence, 11 (1), 826

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