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This article offers a spatial analysis of transactions in land seen against the resources of land and its use pattern in the Bydgoszcz suburban zone over the years 2007-2010. The research covered individual transactions aggregated into geodetic precincts by type of land. Its object was the most popular types of land, viz. farmland, built and unbuilt urbanised land, and recreational land. The analysis embraced the number of sale/purchase transactions concluded, the mean area of lots, and their market value.

1975. Construction of the initial second homes was primarily motivated by natural conditions — the area neighbours at its northern edge with the National Kampinos Park. Besides the recreational functions the locality starts to undergo transformations and to take on the residential and the production-and-service functions. Multifunctionality of the village can be seen, for instance, through the mixture of recreational land use with other forms of land use, and the relatively small area of plots (see Fig. lb). In view of closeness of Warsaw, Izabelin is getting