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1998. Further development of TRIZ was carried out by his successors at the TRIZ School of Inventions ( Cempel, 2013 ). TRIZ is currently one of the most effective methodologies for so-called systematic innovation ( Chybowski & Chybowska, 2016a ). TRIZ is based on a solid empirical foundation of inventiveness, technical knowledge and the achievements of applied sciences (manufacturing engineering, machine construction and operation, materials engineering, technical physics, etc.). TRIZ relies on the use of tools to create and develop innovative technical and

support. Such an approach is in line with the strategic policy and has particular implications on the level of companies. 3 Current technological level of the Russian machine-building industries In the scope of the current research, we consider machine-building industries broadly, including automobile, agriculture machinery, aircraft, heavy mechanical engineering, machine tool, power engineering, shipbuilding and transport machine-building industries. In the latest decade, the sectoral performance varied greatly. Most segments demonstrated growth after a decline of 2014