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distributions suggest an increase in pump efficiency, e.g. due to external medium cooling in the center of the channel or alternatively, by a central gap in the electrode structure. Instead of one elongated "smeared object", two objects will be formed. Taken together, the two objects will exhibit more areas with force contributions that are aligned with the pump channel. The pumping efficiency can also be improved by externally induced longitudinal thermal gradients as already observed by Garcia-Sanchez et al. [2009]. In Figure 12c , the temperature gradient runs from top to

can be seen that the shrinking sLORETA-FOCUSS method produced images with good spatial resolution and the shrinking strategy increased computation efficiency greatly. Indeed, the only shortfall of this algorithm appears to be that it has not been researched in greater detail. For example, it has not yet been used on live tissue or on human subjects, and thus its performance in real world situations is not clear. In short this algorithm shows great potential in 3D image reconstruction with good spatial resolution, but warrants further investigation [ 37 ]. Fig. 9