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. Elle est en évolution, ce qui est aussi une motif pour lequel près d’un tiers de la jeune génération souhaite exercer une profession quelque peu en lien avec la culture. Le nombre des cursus s’est fortement accru. Impossible d’avoir actuellement une vue d’ensemble des lieux où l’on enseigne la science de la culture. J’ai consulté quelques ouvrages qui avaient cette ambition. Ce qui m’intéressait était de voir où il y avait des marxistes et j’ai lu que cette science de la culture de gauche n’existe plus qu’au Japon et aux USA. Ce qui m’inspirait n’est plus actuel : il


The way of conducting communication during the image crisis is a special type of challenge for the company. Lack of preparation of the company for proper communication management may be crucial in averting and/or reducing the effects of crises. The paper presents the results of research conducted among experts from the PR industry and representatives of the largest Polish enterprises from the 500 List compiled by “Rzeczpospolita” daily newspaper. The vast majority of Polish enterprises show an open-minded approach to crisis communication. Companies from oppressive industries, where crises occur more often, are better prepared for crisis communication. The determinants of effective communication in the situation of image threats are, according to the leaders of public relations agencies, anti-crisis preparation, presence of procedures, openness and honesty in communication processes as well as quick response time.


Networking is not only essential for success in academia, but it should also be seen as a natural component of the scholarly profession. Research is typically not a purely individualistic enterprise. Academic social network sites give researchers the ability to publicise their research outputs and connect with each other. This work aims to investigate the use done by Italian scholars of 11/D2 scientific field. The picture presented shows a realistic insight into the Italian situation, although since the phenomenon is in rapid evolution results are not stable and generalizable.


Organisational communication in the age of artificial intelligence (AI) development is an opportunity but also a challenge. Thanks to the changing media space and the development of technology, it is possible to automate work, increase the effectiveness and power of influence and distribution of content. However, they also raise questions concerning risks, ranging from those associated with the social area (reducing the number of jobs) to the ethics of communication and the ethics of the professional profession of public relations (still PR ethics or the AI ethics in PR). The article will outline the opportunities and concerns resulting from the use of AI in communication of an organisation.


Health promotion practice is characterised by a diverse workforce drawn from a broad range of disciplines, bringing together an extensive breadth of knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and values stemming from biomedical and social science frameworks. One of the goals of the CompHP Project was to ensure that higher education training would not only reach competency-based standards necessary for best practice, but also facilitate mobility within the EU and beyond through the accreditation of professional practitioners and educational courses. As a result, higher education institutions in Italy and elsewhere are requested to shift the focus from the definition of learning objectives to the identification of teaching strategies and assessment measures to guarantee that students have acquired the competencies identified. This requires reflection on the pedagogical models underpinning course curricula and teaching–learning approaches in higher education, not only to meet the competency-based standards but also to incorporate overarching transversal competencies inherent to the profession and, more specifically, to the online accreditation procedure. Professionals applying for registration require competence in foreign languages, metacognition and be digitally literate. The article provides a brief overview of the development and structure of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education online accreditation system and proposes a pedagogical reflection on course curricula.

natural component of the scholarly profession and how research is typically not a purely individualistic enterprise. Consistent with those premises, the academic social network sites give researchers the ability to publicise their research outputs and connect with each other. The contribution analyses how the Italian scholars of 11/D2 scientific field have used those potentialities. The picture presented shows a realistic insight into the Italian situation, and the author states that because the phenomenon is in rapid evolution, results are not stable and

/04/2019] . Pistono, F., & Yampolskiy, R. V. (2016). Unethical research: how to create a malevolent artificial intelligence . arXiv preprint arXiv:1605.02817. Rajan, K., Saffiotti, A. (2017). Towards a science of integrated AI and Robotics. Artificial Intelligence . 1-9. Riek, L.D., Howard, D. (2014). A Code of Ethics for the Human-Robot Interaction Profession. We Robot . 1-10. Scherer, M. U. (2015). Regulating artificial intelligence systems: Risks, challenges, competencies, and strategies. Harv. JL & Tech. , 29 , 353

, including newspapers and magazines, which among them were intended for female readers. It is what triggered the emergence of women's magazines such as Kartini, Femina, Gadisl, and Ayah bunda. The presence of this container is what encourages women writers to write. Besides being able to voice his inner voice, at the same time, this activity also financially provides income in his life so that economically, this profession is quite promising. In connection with the story, the stories they raised were strongly influenced by the culture of women's lives at the

, ego kornyam, kul’ture, samosoznaniyu. ” “Political repression has become a tragedy for all our people, all our society and dealt a harsh blow to our people, its roots, culture and self-consciousness.” A wide range of victims is delimited according to the social class membership ( tselye sosloviya ), ethnic group ( tselye narody ), or profession ( rabochie i krest’yane, inzhenery i voenachal’niki, svyashchenniki i gosudarstvennye sluzhashchie, uchenye i deyateli kul’tury/ workers, peasants, engineers, military commanders, clergy, government employees, scientists, and

and one or two officials from the Department of Education would conduct personal interviews with the selected students in order to determine their qualification for the teaching profession. The study at the elementary school in Palestine, consisted of 6 years, then it increased to 7 years. The study at the Secondary School was in two phases; the first phase included the first and the second secondary grades, and the second phase included the third and fourth secondary grades ( Abassi 1992 , 62–66), at the end of which the students were given the Matriculation