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Rural identity and landscape aesthetics in exurbia: Some issues to resolve from a Central European perspective

-2888. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (1995): Landscape Aesthetics, a Handbook for Scenery Management. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Washington D.C. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE (2004): Measuring rurality: rural-urban continuum codes, Washington, D.C.: Economic research service, USDA. VAN DEN BERG, A. E., KOOLE, S. L. (2006): New wilderness in the Netherlands: an investigation of visual preferences for nature development landscapes. Landscape and Urban Planning, 78: 362-372. VOREL, I., BUKÁČEK, R., MATĚJKA, P

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The effects of river patterns on riparian vegetation: A comparison of anabranching and single-thread incised channels

References: ANDERSON, M. J., ELLINGSEN, K. E., MCARDLE, B. H. (2006): Multivariate dispersion as a measure of beta diversity. Ecology Letters, 9(6): 683–693. BROSCH, O. (2005): Povodí Odry. Anagram. CONCENÇO, G., TOMAZI, M., CORREIA, I. V. T., SANTOS, S. A., GALON, L. (2013): Phytosociological surveys: tools for weed science? Planta Daninha, 31(2): 469–482. CULEK, M., GRULICH, V., POVOLNÝ, D., BÍNOVÁ, L., BUCHAR, J., FALTYS, V., GAISLER, J., HROUDA, L., HUDEC, K., JEHLÍK, V., KIRCHNER, K., KRÁL, M., LACINA, J., LOŽEK, V., MACKŮ, J., MLADÝ

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Regional identity and the renewal of spatial administrative structures: The case of Podolia, Ukraine

actor-network theory. European Planning Studies, 25(7): 1217–1236. BOISEN, M., TERLOUW, K., VAN GORP, B. (2011): The selective nature of place branding and the layering of spatial identities. Journal of Place Management and Development, 4(2): 135–147. CALDO, C. (1996): Geografia Umana. Nuova ed. Palermo, Palumbo. CHROMÝ, P., JANŮ, H. (2003): Regional identity, activation of territorial communities and the potential of the development of peripheral regions. Acta Universitatis Carolinae Geographica, 1: 105–117. CHROMÝ, P., KUČEROVÁ, S., KUČERA, Z

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Labour productivity of agricultural business companies and cooperatives in the Czech Republic: A micro-regional level analysis

financial management for Czech Republic farms. Journal of Agricultural Economics 58(2): 269–288. DEININGER, K. (1995): Collective Agricultural Production: A Solution for Transition Economics? World Development 23(8): 1317–1334. ESPOSTI, R. (2011): Convergence and divergence in regional agricultural productivity growth: evidence from Italian regions, 1951–2002. Agricultural Economics 42(2): 153–169. EUROSTAT (2011): Large Farm Statistics. Brussel, Eurostat, 2011 [online]. [cit. 6.7.2015]. Available at: http

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Technological relatedness, knowledge space and smart specialisation: The case of Germany

References ACS, Z., AUDRETSCH, D. B. (1989): Patents as a measure of innovative activity. Kyklos, 42(2): 171–180. AGHION, P., HOWITT, P. (1990): A model of growth through creative destruction (No. 3223). Cambridge, National Bureau of Economic Research. ARCHIBUGI, D., PIANTA, M. (1992): Specialization and size of technological activities in industrial countries: The analysis of patent data. Research Policy, 21(1): 79–93. ASHEIM, B. T., GERTLER, M. S. (2005): The geography of innovation: regional innovation systems. In: Fagerberg, J., Mowery

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Solution to Urban Air Pollution – Carbon Free Transport

References Actiņa, G., Geipele, I., & Zeltins, N. (2015). Planning and Managing Problems of Energy and Energy Efficiency at Regional and District Level in Latvia: Case Study. In 2015 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM) (pp. 1-7). IEEE.Hyatt Regency Dubai; United Arab Emirates; March 3-5, 2015; Category number CFP1566Z-ART; Code 112072. Ādamsone, L., & Parupa, D. (2007). Air Quality Management in Riga. Ekonomika ir vadyba: aktualijos ir

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Changing European retail landscapes: New trends and challenges

- Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, 10(1): 23-37. Bilková, K., Križan, F., Barlík, P. (2016). Consumers´ preferences of shopping centers in Bratislava (Slovakia). Human Geographies - Journal of Studies and Research in Human Geography, 10(1): 7-21. Bilková, K., Križan, F., Barlík, P., Horňák, M., Barlík, P., Kita, P. (2017): Comparing two distance measures in the spatial mapping of food deserts: The case of Petržalka, Slovakia. Moravian Geographical Reports, 25(2): 95-103. Birkin, M., Clarke, G., Clarke, M

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Location Matters! Exploring Brownfields Regeneration in a Spatial Context (A Case Study of the South Moravian Region, Czech Republic)

definition of brownfield. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol. 43, No. 1, p. 49-69. AMEKUDZI, A., FOMUNUNG, I. (2004): Integrating brownfields redevelopment with transportation planning. Journal of Urban Planning and Development, Vol. 130, No. 4, p. 204-212. BACOT, H., O’DELL, C. (2006): Establishing indicators to evaluate brownfield redevelopment. Economic Development Quarterly, Vol. 20, No. 2, p. 142-161. BALL, M. (1998): Institutions in British Property Research: A Review. Urban Studies, Vol. 35, No. 9, p

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Designing an Accountability Index: A Case Study of South America Central Governments

the development of disclosure indices to measure annual reports of groups of organisations in any of the private, public or so-called third sectors. Another study of exploratory interviews ( Salas Quirós, 2015 ) makes a proposal of an index of accountability in the centralized public sector management in Costa Rica. This index develops a total of six dimensions, four of internal control (the classic-legality economic-form, the management-economy effectiveness and efficiency, the organizational-structures, processes, staff, the judicial-court of the contentious

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