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Causal Mathematical Logic as a guiding framework for the prediction of “Intelligence Signals” in brain simulations

.A.; and Smith, S.S. 2001.Using brain MERMER testing to detect knowledge despite efforts to conceal. J Forensic Sci. 46 (1): 135-143. Fiebelkorn, I.C.; Snyder, A.C.; and et al. 2013. Cortical cross-frequency coupling predicts perceptual outcomes. Neuroimage. 1;69:126-37. Fleury, V. 2011. A change in boundary conditions induces a discontinuity of tissue flow in chicken embryos and the formation of the cephalic fold. The European Physical Journal E. 34(7) Freeman, W. J.; and Kozma, R. 2010. Freeman's mass action Scholarpedia, 5(1):8040 Available

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Comparative analysis of economic growth determinants in Romania and Central and Eastern European countries

References Bove, V., Elia, L., (2017) Migration, Diversity and Economic Growth, World Development, 89, DOI: 10.1016/j.worlddev.2016.08.012 Brunow, S., Hijkamp, P., Poot, J., (2015) The impact of international migration on economic growth in the global economy, Institute for Employment Research, Nuremberg, Germany, 1027-1075, DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-444-53768-3.00019-9 Europe 2020 Strategy (2019), Retrieved from

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Finding the Adequate Location Scenario After the Merger of Fire Brigades Thanks to Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Methods

References [1] Almeida-Dias J., Figueira J., Roy B., ELECTRE Tri-C: A multiple criteria sorting method based on characteristic reference actions, European Journal of Operational Research, 204, 3, 2010, 565-580. [2] Almeida-Dias J., Figueira J., Roy B., A multiple criteria sorting method where each category is characterized by several reference actions: The ELECTRE TRI-nC method, European Journal of Operational Research, 217, 3, 2012, 567--579. [3] Badri M.A., Mortagy A.K., Alsayed A., A multi-objective model for

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Applied Computer Systems
The Journal of Riga Technical University
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Blockchain Use Cases and Their Feasibility

: [Accessed: 8 May 2018]. [19] H. Halpin and M. Piekarska, “Introduction to Security and Privacy on the Blockchain,” in 2nd IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshops , 2017. [20] S. Porru, A. Pinna, M. Marchesi, and R. Tonelli, “Blockchain-Oriented Software Engineering: Challenges and New Directions,” in IEEE 39th International Conference on Software Engineering Companion , May 2017, pp. 169–171. [21] T

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RNApolis: Computational Platform for RNA Structure Analysis

] Zok T., Popenda M., Szachniuk M., MCQ4Structures to compute similarity of molecule structures, Central European Journal of Operations Research , 22 , 2014, 457-474. [58] Zok T., Antczak M., Riedel M., Nebel D., Villmann T., Lukasiak P., Blazewicz J., Szachniuk M., Building the library of RNA 3D nucleotide conformations using clustering approach, International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 25 , 2015, 689-700. [59] Zok T., Antczak M., Zurkowski M., Popenda M., Blazewicz J., Adamiak R.W., Szachniuk M., RNApdbee 2

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eINTERASIA Project: IT Transfer Concept for Adaptation and Dissemination of Innovative European Research Results in Central Asian Countries


The paper presents an overview of the eINTERASIA international project aimed at supporting international cooperation with Central Asian countries by transfer, adaptation and dissemination of European research results in the area of Information Technology and Applied Software.

Information Technology Transfer Concept (TTC) based on InnoSPICE approach and Capability Maturity Model has been developed.

The concept of showroom as part of the implementation of TTC has been introduced in the selected Central Asian countries. Technological platforms for demonstrators of Virtual Reality-Based scenarios from Fraunhofer IFF were adapted and installed in the region of Central Asia.

Several EU research projects are selected for adaptation and validation in Central Asian countries. Special attention is devoted to demonstrate transfer and adaptation processes in the area of web-based transport logistics.

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Are Teaching and Research activities mutually exclusive? A Data Mining study on European Universities

patenting detrimental to high quality research? An empirical analysis of the relationship between scientific careers and patent applications. Paper presented to the 4th workshop on Economic Transformation in Europe, Sophia Antipolis, January 29-30, 2004. Daraio, C., Bonaccorsi, A., Simar, L. (2015). Rankings and university performance: A conditional multidimensional approach. European Journal of Operational Research , 244(3), 918-930. Doey, L., Kurta, J. (2011). Correspondence Analysis applied to psychological research. Tutorials in Quantitative Methods for

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Post-Crisis Household Savings Behavior in Romania

-Aron, I., & Mihăescu, C. (2012). Determinants of Household savings in EU: What policies for Increasing Savings?. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences , 58, 483-492. Niculescu-Aron, I., & Mihăescu, C. (2014). Modelling the impact of economic, demographic and social determinants on household saving rate in the former socialist countries (Central and Eastern Europe). Procedia Economics and Finance , 10, 104-113. Scutaru, C., Saman, C., & Pauna, B. (2015). The Dynamics of Household Consumption in Romania during Economic Crisis. Procedia Economics and

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