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Sustainable Multilingualism
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Analysis of Refugee Students’ Interest, Attitudes and Learning in Social Sciences Lessons from the Perspectives of Teachers and Students

References Akpınar, M., & Kaymakcı, S. (2012). Ülkemizde sosyal bilgiler öğretiminin genel amaçlarına karşılaştırmalı bir bakış [A comparative view of basic aims of social sciences teaching in our country]. Kastamonu Eğitim Dergisi [Kastamonu Education Journal] , 20(2), 605–627. Aktekin, S. (Ed.) (2017). Sınıfında yabancı öğrenci bulunan öğretmenler için el kitabı [A handbook for teachers whose classes include foreign students] . Ankara: T.C. Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı. Çelik, S. (2017, May). In the discussion on “doing diversity” in education

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Year of Intensive Language Learning, A Special Program to Rocket Hungarian Students’ Foreign Language Proficiency: A Success Story?

=nyelvi+el%C5%91k%C3%A9sz%C3%ADt%C5%91+%C3%A9vfolyam&ots=dtl_sRgQWH&sig=Ui71WKekTVBcZ6HBhj1i0gSNlOg&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=nyelvi%20el%C5%91k%C3%A9sz%C3%ADt%C5%91%20%C3%A9vfolyam&f=false . Morvai, E., Ottó, I. & Öveges, E. (2009). Idegennyelv-oktatás az általános iskolák 1–3. Évfolyamán [Language Education in Grades 1–3]. Retrieved from . Nikolov, M. (2001). Minőségi nyelvoktatás – a nyelvek európai évében [Quality Language Teaching in the European Year of Languages]. Iskolakultúra

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Thorns and Flowers of Teaching English Literary Criticism to the Speakers of Persian as a Globally Less Widely Taught Language: a Case of MA Students of Translation Studies in Iran

: Literature review and needed research. In L. Idol & B.F. Jones (Eds.), Educational values and cognitive instruction: Implications for reform (pp. 11–40). Hillsdale, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum & Associates. King, A. (1995). Designing the instructional process to enhance critical thinking across the curriculum. Teaching of Psychology , 22 (1), 13–16. Kuhn, D. (1999). A developmental model of critical thinking. Educational Researcher , 28(2), 16–26. Lewis, A., & Smith, D. (1993). Defining higher order thinking. Theory into Practice , 32(3), 131

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Critical ESP Textbook Evaluation: The Case of Visual Arts Textbook

Applied linguistics, 4(9), 175-195. Tomlinson, B. (2008). Materials development in language teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Vičič, P. (2011). Preparing materials for ESP teaching. Journal of Inter Alia, 2, 107-120. Wahab, M. A. (2013). Developing an English language textbook evaluative checklist. Journal of Research & Method in Education, 1(3), 55-70.

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Linguistic Diversity, Language Rights And Language Ecology

Education, Parts 1–3. Roskilde: Roskilde University Centre, Institute, (pp. 42–72); republished 1995 in García, O. &Baker, C. (eds.), Policy and Practice in Bilingual Education. A Reader Extending the Foundations (pp. 40–59, questions added, pp. 59–62). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. Skutnabb-Kangas, T. (2014). Linguistic Diversity. In D. Philips (ed.). Encyclopedia of Educational Theory and Philosophy , Volume 1 (pp. 484–486). London: Sage. Skutnabb-Kangas, T. (2012). Linguistic Human Rights. In P. M. Tiersma, &L. M. Solan (eds.) (2012). Oxford Handbook of

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To Be Or Not to Be: An Overview of Clil Implementation in Lithuania

, Educology, 23 (1), 1–13. Būdvytytė-Gudienė, A., Roikienė, D. (2006). Užsienio kalbos ir dalyko integruotas mokymas . Metodika. Šiauliai: Šiaulių universiteto leidykla. Būdvytytė-Gudienė, A., Toleikienė, R. Alminienė, R., Bikulčienė, R. (2010). Praktinės CLIL taikymo galimybės . Šiauliai: Šiaulių universiteto leidykla. Dalton-Puffer, C. (2011). Content-and-language integrated learning: from practice to principles ? Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 31, 182– 204. doi: 10.1017/S0267190511000092 Dalyko ir užsienio kalbos integruoto mokymo

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Medical Students’ English Language Learning: Needs and Perceptions

). Whose needs are we serving? Paper presented at the 2006 International Symposium on English for Medical Purposes, Beijing, China, 18–19 July 2006. Hutchinson, T &Waters, A. (1987). English for specific purposes: A learning centred approach. Cambridge: CUP. Hyland, K. (2006). English for academic purposes: an advanced resource book. Taylor &Francis e-Library. Jenkins, J. (2004). ELF at the gate: The position of English as a lingua franca. European Messenger, 13(2), 63–68. Joesba, M., &Ardeo, G. (2005), Student engineers, ESP courses, and

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A Plurilingual Approach to ELT in Primary School: Towards an Ecological Perspective

Teaching, 44 (3), 281–315. doi:10.1017/S0261444811000115. Jenkins, J., Modiano, M., & Seidlhofer, B. (2001). Euro-English. English Today 68 , 17(4), 13–19. doi:10.1017/S0266078401004023. Jessner, U. (2006). Linguistic Awareness in Multilinguals: English as a Third Language . Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Jones, N., & Saville, N. (2009). European Language Policy: Assessment, Learning, and the CEFR. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 29 , 51– 63. . Kachru, B. B. (1990). World Englishes and

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A Comparative Study of Form-Focused and Communicative Methods of Language Teaching in ESP Courses

from . Davoudi-Mobarakeh, S., Eslami-Rasekh, A., & Barati, H. (2014). Observation and feedback of content specialists versus general English teachers: suggestions to make optimal English for specific purpose courses. Journal of English Language Teaching and Learning , 13. Dujmovic, M. (2007). The use of Croatian in the EFL classroom. Metodicki Obzori , 2(1), 91–100. Retrieved from . Ellis, N. C. (2005). At the interface: Dynamic interactions of explicit and implicit

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