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Improving the Partnership between the Participants in the Vertical Chain of the Construction Market


On the construction market the participants tend to work in the short term and are limited rational using the accumulated knowledge and experience in their practice. In addition, it is characterized by a low level of inter-company connections, i.e. the same team seldom works together more than one project, resulting in a fragmentation of responsibility. The complex relationships between the firms involved in the vertical chain of value creation in construction objectively impose the need for their improvement and more efficient management. The aim of the study is the analysis the possibilities of creating a relatively stable relationship and a joint approach of clients, contractors and subcontractors by deepening the specialization and differentiation of each intermediate product, improving the quality of the final product, optimizing the costs, creating a higher additional value at each stage of the chain and ensuring economic, social and environmental performance of construction.

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Validation of Building Energy Modeling Tools for a Residential Building in Brasov Area-Romania

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Relining of pipe systems: conditions, benefits and application through case-study

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Application of thermal discomfort indices for the coastal zone of Black Sea, in Dobrogea Region

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