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Away with tobacco? On the early understandings of tobacco as a problem and the associated attempts at political regulation of tobacco in Norway 1900–1930

. Personnel Reductions at the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly, 1915-1939. Holmsbergs, Lund Studies in Economic History 47. Keirle, P. (2013). Citizens and the cigarette: The civic dimensions of America’s earliest, youth-targeted, mass-mediated anticigarette campaign. Journal of Consumer Culture, 13(3), 3-24. Lund, K. E. (1996). Samfunnsskapte endringer i tobakksbruk i Norge i det 20. århundre [Community created changes in tobacco use in Norway in the 20th century]. Dr. polit-avhandling. Oslo: Universitetet i Oslo. Lukes, S. (1992

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The implication of the concept “nikotiiniriippuvuus” in the Finnish tobacco discussion

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Changes in minors’ gambling on slot machines in Finland after the raising of the minimum legal gambling age from 15 to 18 years: A repeated cross-sectional study

Collaboration Review . Retrieved from Tammi, T., Castrén, S., & Lintonen, T. (2015). Gambling in Finland: Problem gambling in the context of a national monopoly in the European Union. Addiction, 110, 746–750. Tammi, T. (2014). The form and transformation of gambling policy in Finland. In: P. Raento (Ed.), Gambling in Finland (pp. 71–85). Helsinki: Gaudeamus Helsinki University Press. Turja, T., Halme, J., Mervola, M., Järvinen-Tassopoulos, J., & Ronkainen, J

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Alcohol policy and local democracy in Sweden

. Samhällsorganisatoriska principer och organisatorisk praktik kring dryckenskapsproblemet och nykterhetssträvandena i stat och borgerlig offentlighet och associationsväsende ca 1770-1900 (State, society and alcohol problems. Organizational principles and practices in Sweden 1770-1900). Uppsala: Studia Historica Upsaliensia Cisneros Örnberg, J. & Ólafsdóttir, H. (2007): How To Sell Alcohol? Nordic Alcohol Monopolies in a Changing Epoch. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 25 (5): 129-153 Cisneros Örnberg, J. (2008): The Europeanization

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