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Influence of seasonal factors in the earned value of construction

directly. 2 Methodology The suggested methodology is novel and is based on the scientific empirical method, which is the one that supports statistics. The main goal of this paper is to directly measure how seasonal factors influence the earned value of construction. Thus, we analyse the actual output historical records from construction works. To deal with, it becomes necessary to have working units (by time unit) available. For instance, m 3 of digging by time unit, m 2 of road surface by time unit, kg of frame steel by time unit, etc. However, observe that a

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Finite Element Analysis of Influence of Non-homogenous Temperature Field on Designed Lifetime of Spatial Structural Elements under Creep Conditions

the height of root’s cross section. Maximum and minimum values of temperature lie in ±0.5% range from temperature in section that located at a distance of 0.9345 R 0 from rotation axis of wheel rim. During analysis, the provision has been made that due to small size of the root throughout its height the influence of temperature strains on stress-strain state is insignificant. At the same time, dependence of constants in Eq. ( 15 ) on temperature leads to significant differences in the flow of creep process with consideration of non-homogenous distribution of

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Simulation analysis of resource-based city development based on system dynamics: A case study of Panzhihua

. It is also China’s first resource development special zone and the vanadium and titanium capital of China. The reserves of titanium, vanadium, and graphite are ranked first in the world, third in the world, and third in China, respectively. It has become the largest production base of vanadium titanium products and vanadium titanium steel in China. The whole area is integrated into the experimental zone for the development and innovation of strategic resources in western Panzhihua and it is speeding up the construction of a world-class vanadium and titanium

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Multigrid method for the solution of EHL line contact with bio-based oils as lubricants

1 describes the introduction. Section 2 describes governing equation of the physical problem. Discretization of the governing equation is given in Section 3 . In Section 4 , Multigrid (FAS) method is presented. In Section 5 , solution procedure is given in detail. Section 6 contains the results and discussions. Finally, the conclusion of the proposed work is given in Section 7 . 2 Governing Equations Let us consider the flow is laminar and the compressibility of the fluid is negligible. The isothermal EHL line contact problem models the lubricant

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