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The origin and chronology of medieval silver coins based on the analysis of chemical composition

podstawie składu chemicznego, źródeł surowców i technologii wytworzenia. (in preparation). 17. Stos-Gale, Z. A., & Gale, N. H. (2009). Metal provenancing using isotopes and the Oxford archeological lead isotope database (OXALID). Archeol. Anthropol. Sci., 1, 195-213. DOI: 10.1007/s12520-009-0011-6.

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Multifrequency EPR study on radiation induced centers in calcium carbonates labeled with 13C

References 1. Ikeya, M. (Ed.) (1993). Application of electron spin resonance – dating, dosimetry and microscopy (Chapter 5). Singapore: World Scientific. 2. Weihe, H., Piligkos, S., Barra, A. L., Laursen, I., & Johnsen, O. (2009). EPR of Mn 2+ impurities in calcite: a detailed study pertinent to marble provenance determination. Archaeometry , 51 , 43–48. 3. Callens, F., Vanhaelewyn, G., Matthys, P., & Boesman, E. (1998). EPR of carbonate derived radicals: Applications in dosimetry, dating and detection of irradiated food. Appl. Magn

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