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Naturally Occurring Interactions and Guidance Codifications in Healthcare Communication Analysis: the Case of Praising Obese Patients

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Architectural Firms in Transylvania. Objective Positions and Field Positioning

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Health Champions and Their Circles of Influence as a Communication Mechanism for Health Promotion

lesbians and bisexual women: a cultural analysis of a community intervention.’ Social Science and Medicine 39(11): 1565-1578. Sunderland Data Annex–NHS South of Tyne and Wear and Sunderland City Council (2011) Chapter 4: Life Expectancy And Mortality And Ill Health From All Causes in Sunderland Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2011 , Data Annex. Version 4QAd, 229-260. Svenson, G.R. (1998) European guidelines for youth AIDS peer education . Sweden, European Commission. Thompson, N. (2011) Effective Communication: A Guide for the People Professions

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When “Germany” became the new “France”? Royal Dining at the Bavarian Court of Maximilian II and the Political Gastronomy of Johann Rottenhöfer in Transnational European Perspective, 1830–1870

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The Always Embedded State: Six Types of State-Society Interaction

and Development: Historical Antecedents of Stagnation and Advance (pp. 26-47). New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Evans, P. (2008). In Search of the 21st Century Developmental State. Working Paper No. 4 . Brighton: University of Sussex. Fourcade, M. (2006). The Construction of a Global Profession: The Transnationalization of Economics. American Journal of Sociology, 112 (1), 145-194. Fox, J. (1994). The Difficult Transition from Clientelism to Citizenship: Lessons from Mexico. World Politics, 46 (2), 151-184. Fung, A. & Wright, E. O. (2001

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