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A comparison of short-term therapeutic efficacy between infliximab and tacrolimus for moderate to severe ulcerative colitis

. VOIOSU T, BENGUŞ A, BĂLĂNESCU P, DINU R, VOIOSU A, BĂICUŞ C et al. Rapid fecal calprotectin testing predicts mucosal healing better than C-reactive protein and Serum tumor necrosis factor α in patients with ulcerative colitis. Rom J Intern Med. 2015; 53(3):253-60. 18. DOTAN I, RON Y, YANAI H, BECKER S, FISHMAN S, YAHAV L et al. Patient factors that increase infliximab clearance and shorten half-life in inflammatory bowel disease: a population pharmacokinetic study. Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2014; 20(12):2247-59. 19. BRANDSE JF, MATHÔT RA, VAN

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Novel Oral Anticoagulants, A Subject in Continuing Debate

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The frequency of bone fractures among patients with chronic kidney disease not on dialysis: two-year follow-up

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