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Effects of psychological stress on skin and hair pigmentation in Polish adolescents

References Allende MF. 1972. The enigmas of pigmentation. JAMA 220:1443-47. Andreou E, Alexopoulos EC., Lionis Ch., Varvogli L., Gnardellis C.H., Chrousos GP, et al. 2011. Preceived Stress Scale: Reliability and Validality Study in Greece. Int J Environ Res Public Health 8:3287-98. Arck PC., Handjiski B, Hagen E, Joachim R, Klapp BF, Paus R. 2001. Indications for a ‘brain-hair follicle axis (BHA)’: inhibition of keratinocyte proliferation and up-regulation of keratinocyte apoptosis in telogen hair

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Carbon Leakage in the context of increasing the EU greenhouse gas emission reduction targets – the ways the EU and global emission behave and what influences its scale

identify the main channels driving the carbon leakage. As we still observe fragmented global market, with different, or no carbon price in some regions, there still will be increased stress in regards to carbon leakage, especially on its socio-economical aspects. In this respect, it is worth emphasizing that in this analysis, we focus mainly on emission aspects. Socio-economic changes are equally important in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and often even greater in the context of political decision-making processes. Moreover, it must be kept

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Do chronological age and selected socio-demographic factors affect quality of life in females with breast cancer?

References Andrykowski M. A., S. L. Currun, J. L. Studts, L. Cunningham, J. S. Carpenter, et al., 1996, Psychosocial Adjustment and Quality of Life in Women with Breast Cancer and Benign Breast Problems: A Controlled Comparison , J. Clin. Epidemiol. , 49 , 827-34 Antoni M. H., J. M. Lehman, K. M. Kilbourn, A. E. Boyers, J. L. Culver, et al., 2001, Cognitive-behavioral stress management intervention decreases the prevalence of depression and enhances benefit finding among women under treatment for early

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The relationship between adult stature and longevity: tall men are unlikely to outlive their short peers – evidence from a study of all adult deaths in Poland in the years 2004–2008

References Allebeck P, Bergh C. 1992. Height, body mass index and mortality: do social factors explain the association? Public Health 106:375-82. Austad SN. 2006. Why women live longer than men: sex differences in longevity. Gender Medicine 3:79-92. Austad SN. 2010. Animal size, metabolic rate, and survival, among and within species. In: NS Wolf, editor. The comparative biology of aging. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag. Baradaran A, Nasri H, Rafieian-Kopaei M. 2014. Oxidative stress and hypertension

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Behaviour of tail-docked lambs tested in isolation

clearly within the first 3 h after treatment application, while afterwards, a decrease in acute pain is usually assumed (Graham et al ., 1997 ; Kent et al ., 1998 ; Molony et al ., 2002 ; Grant, 2004 ; McCracken et al ., 2010 ). Lambs may be immunologically stressed around the time of tail docking as a result of sub-clinical disease ( Roger, 2008 ). However, ischaemic necrosis around the tail-docking area was still observed at 4 wk after treatment application, with frequent reddening, swelling, inflammation and minor infection of the skin immediately proximal

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Scientific appraisal of the Irish grass-based milk production system as a sustainable source of premium quality milk and dairy products

in a cubicle house during the dry period (up to 8 wk prior to calving) and outdoors on a pasture-based diet after parturition. Results showed that the pasture-based cows were at greater risk of nutritional and metabolic stress in the first 10 d after calving than the TMR-fed indoor-housed cows. However, this was not found to be associated with any superior immune status of the indoor-based cows or the poorer health of the pasture-based cows. No differences were found between the two groups in relation to immune health indicators. In fact, the pasture-based cows

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Response of two-row and six-row barley to fertiliser N under Irish conditions

Introduction There is renewed interest in the production of winter barley in recent years in Ireland and the area used to produce winter barley has increased accordingly ( CSO, 2015 ). This can be attributed to a number of factors, including improved grain yields as a result of the introduction of new cultivars. Grain yield is also perceived as being more stable between seasons compared to other crops, particularly, winter wheat. Barley can have two ear structures. In six-row barley, the three spikelets at each node on the rachis are fertile; whereas in two

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Saliva diagnostic utility in patients with type 2 diabetes: Future standard method
Pljuvačka kao dijagnostičko sredstvo kod pacijenata sa dijabetesom tip 2: Buduća standardna metoda

triggering consequently oral health homeostasis alteration and generating oral diseases ( 4 ). Diabetic subjects are prone to caries, gingivitis and xerostomia ( 5 ). Diabetes has always been regarded as a challenge to health professionals since it always requires monitoring. Blood analysis is considered as the only conventional method to assess biologic check-up. Nevertheless, the blood draw is invasive, leading to psychological stress for some patients. Nowadays, researches are focused around setting up noninvasive techniques. Importantly, saliva offers more

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Perception of environment in farm animals – A review

ram duringatraining period for artiffical insemination. Arch. Zoot., 48: 273-284. Amory J.R., Pearce G.P. (2000). Alarm pheromones in urine modify the behaviour of weaner pigs. Anim. Welfare, 9: 167-175. Angrecka S., Herbut P. (2015). Conditions of cold stress development in dairy cattle kept in free stall barn during severe frosts. Czech J. Anim. Sci., 60: 81-87. Appleby M.C., Mench J.A., Hughes B.O. (2004). Poultry behaviour and welfare. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK, 276 pp. Arnold G.W. (1985

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Dehorning of Calves – Methods of Pain and Stress Alleviation – A Review

, adrenocorticotropic hormone, serotonin, adrenaline, and noradrenaline serum concentrations in relation to disease and stress in the horse. Vet. Sci., 93: 103-107. Ballou M.A., Sutherland M.A., Brooks T.A., Hulbert L.E., Davis B.L., Cobb C.J. (2013). Administration of anesthetic and analgesic prevent the suppression of many leukocyte responses following surgical castration and physical dehorning. Vet. Immunol. Immunop., 151: 285-293. Blessing W.W. (2003). Lower brainstem pathways regulating sympathetically mediated changes in cutaneous blood flow

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