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Filmipildi märksõnastamisest Eesti filmi andmebaasis. Rahvusfilmograafias / Meta-Description of Films in Estonian Film Database. National Filmography

-606. Stockinger, P. 2007. ‘The PCI ontology: Presentation and discussion of an ontology for the description and indexing of audiovisual resources in the field of cultural heritage of minorities and indigenous people’. - Proceeding of Specific Rargeted Research Project IST Call 4 - FP6-2004-IST-4. LOGOS: Knowledge-on- Demand for Ubiquitous Learning. Terris, O. 2000. ‘‘What you don’t see and don’t hear’: Subject indexing moving images’. - Multimedia Information and Technology, 26, 1, 57-60. The Movie Genome.

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