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Viscoelastic Material as Energy Dissipater Viscoelastic Damper for Building Structures to Mitigate the Seismic Vibration

Araújo, CA 2015. An investigation of the self-heating phenomenon in viscoelastic materials subjected to cyclic loadings accounting for prestress. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 58-59 , 115-127. 7. Borg, T and Pääkkönen, EJ 2010. Linear viscoelastic models: Part IV. From molecular dynamics to temperature and viscoelastic relations using control theory. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 165 , 24-31. 8. Chang, KC, Soong, TT, Oh, S-T and Lai, ML 1995. Seismic Behavior of Steel Frame with Added Viscoelastic Dampers. Journal of Structural

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Economic and Social Sustainability of Real Estate Market and Problems of Economic Development – a Historical Overview

References Active Anglo Chinese Communications. (2016). Retrieved from Aizsilnieks, A. (1968). Latvian farm history, 1914-1945 (5th ed.). Latvijas saimniecības vēsture, 1914-1945 (5. sējums). Stockholm: Daugava. Akaev, A. (2010). Ciklicheskie kolebanija v ekonomike i upravlenie dinamikoj ekonomicheskogo razvitija s pomoshhju tehnologicheskih sdvigov. [Cyclical fluctuations in the economy and management of the dynamics of economic development

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Vibration Control Devices for Building Structures and Installation Approach: A Review

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Damage in Concrete and its Detection by Use of Stress-Volumetric Strain Diagram

time-development of shrinkage. Proceedings: Conference on Design of Concrete Structures and Bridges Using Eurocodes. Bratislava, Faculty of Civil Engineering, STU, 2011, 73-82. [27] JERGA, J.: Time-development of SFRC shrinkage. Proceedings: New Trends in Statics and Dynamics of Buildings. Faculty of Civil Engineering, STU, 2011, Bratislava. [28] JERGA, J.: Assessment of RC structures by long-term deformation analysis. In: Príprava, navrhovanie a realizácia inžinierskych stavieb. Proceedings: International Conference CONECO 2011, STU

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